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Building a Society Based on Health and Longevity to Ensure Peace of Mind

Tokio Marine Group provides products and services that anticipate the changing social environment and customer needs by utilizing the solutions offered by respective Group companies, including insurance. The Group will contribute to a society based on good health and longevity through activities to raise awareness about cancer undertaken by employee volunteers in Japan and around the world, activities to spread knowledge about nursing care and offering advice through medical professionals.

By promoting these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will contribute to developing partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society.

Relation between SDGs and content
Relevant goal Relevant target Description of related content
3. Good health and well-being 3.3 End the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases and combat hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases
3.4 Reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being
3.d Strengthen the capacity of all countries for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks
Products and Services
Information Disclosure/Awareness-Raising Activities
Local Community and Social Contribution Activities
4. Quality education 4.3 Ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university N Program to Support Young Physicians to Gain Clinical Experience in the United States

Section composition

Products and Services

Tokio Marine Group uses the health and productivity management know-how it has gained for insurance solutions and strives to expand related knowledge and provide insurance services so as to offer a comprehensive insurance service menu that covers customers’ treatment, household expenses, longevity and health.

Pandemic Derivatives for the World Bank

In July 2017, Tokio Marine & Nichido participated in the “Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF)” launched by the World Bank as an international initiative to manage crises caused by infectious diseases. Through the underwriting of pandemic derivatives, we will support efforts by public-private partnerships to contain internationally threatening infectious diseases and contribute to the creation of a safe, secure and sustainable future.

Background to the Establishment of the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility

The Japanese government brought up the issue of international health when it was host country for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit in May 2016. With the cooperation of the World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO), PEF was launched by the World Bank as a new financial mechanism for responding to public health crises that drew on lessons learned with the Ebola virus. The Japanese government was the first in the world to declare that it would provide financial assistance to PEF and called for the cooperation of other countries.

Overview of the Program

The PEF is the world’s first financing mechanism for swiftly and smoothly providing financial assistance in the event that a pandemic occurs or expands in developing countries, and is funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) of the World Bank Group through derivatives transactions between IBRD and insurance companies and the issuance of pandemic bonds to investors. In the case where data released by WHO, such as the number of deaths, rate of increase in the number of deaths and the number of affected countries, reach predetermined levels that have been established as criteria for funding assistance, Tokio Marine & Nichido will pay a preset amount to IBRD.

  • *
    The Japanese government announced that it would contribute USD50 million over three years prior to the meeting of G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in May 2016.

Aruku Hoken

In 2017, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life developed Aruku Hoken with the concept of preemptively protecting customers from serious illnesses such as lifestyle-related diseases by supporting initiatives to improve customers’ health and quality of life. The product, the first of its kind in the industry, provides policyholders with a wearable device and returns a portion of insurance premiums in accordance with their health improvement activities, which are recorded using a special app.

In Support of Customers’ Health and Productivity Management

As Japan’s labor force shrinks, managing employee health and creating a good working environment have become important management issues in order to ensure sustainable corporate growth. Tokio Marine Group has formulated a philosophy and policy with employee health positioned as a core theme for management, and related issues are being addressed. We were selected as a “2018 Health & Productivity Stock” for the third consecutive year in recognition of these efforts. We leverage the know-how we have gained from these initiatives to support corporate health and productivity initiatives through a range of services and group insurance supporting employee benefit programs. As an example, we support the formulation of highly effective health promotion measures as well as the reduction of health-related risk and improvement of productivity by analyzing medical exams and prescriptions held by companies and health insurance associations, and quantifying the correlation between medical expenses and productivity*1.

  • *1
    We are systemizing indices for the quantitative evaluation of the effects of each measure based on knowledge gained in joint research with the Health and Productivity Management (HPM) Policy Research Unit (currently Healthcare Data Science Research Unit*2) of The University of Tokyo Policy Alternatives Research Institute.
  • *2
    In the Government’s Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2016 (“Big-Boned Policy”), two policy agendas were set: to improve the nation’s Quality of Life by analyzing Data Health introduced in the National Health Insurance and to enhance productivity by closely cooperating with businesses’ health and productivity management. The research aims to improve the feasibility and quality of health policies by visualizing health issues through Data Health and by understanding the trend of its effective solutions.

Proactive Dissemination of Information

Tokio Marine Group has been holding various seminars and participating in health-related events in order to convey to a broad audience the importance of corporate health and productivity management. In March 2017, the Nikkei BP Healthy Company Forum, which is run by DENTSU INC., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. and the Japan Productivity Center, held special symposiums in Tokyo and Osaka. The symposiums drew around 200 participants, mainly human resources personnel, reflecting companies’ high level of interest in this topic. Along with experts from various organizations, including The University of Tokyo, companies promoting health and productivity management and the Japanese government’s Cabinet Secretariat, Tokio Marine & Nichido’s President Toshifumi Kitazawa made a presentation on specific initiatives of Tokio Marine Group’s health and productivity management. In addition, at the Human Capital 2016, an event for corporate human resources personnel held in June 2016, we ran a booth and gave a seminar to convey the importance of health and productivity management to these human resources personnel.

In the future as well, Tokio Marine Group will proactively disseminate relevant information as a corporate group supporting companies’ implementation of health and productivity management.

Support for Mental Health Management

Depression is considered a modern-day illness, and a number of companies have implemented various measures to counter a growing patient population after the figure exceeded one million in 2008. Nevertheless, the number of claims filed and approved for workers’ compensation insurance for mental disorders has continued to rise. Consequently, mental health care of employees is rising in importance as an aspect of corporate risk management and management issues to be addressed in addition to being an integral part of corporate health and welfare. In particular, mental health measures are now required in order to be certified as a Health & Productivity Management Organization, a move that is growing rapidly.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to support the mental health management of companies. Besides conducting stress tests as required under the Industrial Safety and Health Law (revised in December 2015), EAP provides a comprehensive menu of services by a team of experts including psychiatrists, clinical psychotherapists and personnel and labor consultants. These services range from individual follow-up for employees based on the results of employee stress checks to providing supportive care during a leave of absence or when returning to work, preventing recurrence, analyzing stress level tendencies in organizations and consulting on how to create a mental health framework.

As one mental health measure following implementation of a stress test, popular courses such as “giving greetings at work” and “how to praise oneself” within a “health challenge campaign” aimed at promoting the health of an entire well-established company are helpful in alleviating employee stress and enhancing the working environment.

EAP is being used by more than 700,000 employees at present. We will continue to offer this program to everyone needing this type of support to assist them in maintaining better mental health.

Initiatives for Living Benefits

Life Insurance Revolution to Protect One’s Living

With the aging of society, advances in medical technology and shorter hospital stays, a blank area of coverage has arisen that cannot be covered by conventional medical insurance or death coverage, such as the need for outpatient treatment and nursing care after a discharge or a decline in income due to after effects that make the insured unable to work as before hospitalization.

To provide coverage that securely fills this gap and support customers’ treatment, household expenses, longevity and health, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life will continue to undertake its ongoing initiative called the Life Insurance Revolution to Protect One’s Living. In 2017, we further enhanced the initiative and started the Life Insurance Revolution to Protect One’s Living Nextage, which includes the sickness prevention and health support domain.

Living Benefit Products Including Household Income Term Insurance (as of March 31, 2018)

Long-Life Support Whole Life Insurance Along with severe disability and death benefits, this product features nursing care coverage for one’s entire life in case a policyholder is judged as being in need of second degree nursing care under the public nursing care insurance system or determined as requiring nursing care according to the conditions set out by Tokio Marine & Nichido Life.
Household Income Term Insurance NEO with Inability to Work Benefit Insurance Plan In addition to severe disability and death benefits, this product offers monthly benefits in the event of the inability to work due to one of five diseases (malignant neoplasm (cancer), acute myocardial infarction, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic renal failure) or the need for nursing care due to illness or injury.
Medical Kit NEO A medical insurance product, which covers hospitalization due to illness or injury, surgery and radiation therapy through the policyholder’s lifetime
Medical Kit R Medical Kit R is a medical insurance product, which in addition to Medical Kit NEO insurance, refunds the excess of premiums paid up to the specified age over total benefits received for hospitalization and other coverage in the form of a health refund benefit.
Received a Nikkei Veritas Award
Medical Kit Love R A medical insurance product based on Medical Kit R, with relaxed underwriting standards for customers with health concerns

Medical Assist: Providing 24/7 Telephone Support for Customers Seeking Advice on Illness or Injury

Medical Assist is a free health and healthcare consultation service that supports the health of policyholders and insurees of Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life, including their families. Assistance is provided via telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including advice on everyday physical accidents, methods for handling emergencies such as sudden illnesses or injuries, information about hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities that examine patients on holidays or late at night, consultation with specialists in a range of more than 30 medical examination fields (by appointment only), and arrangements for transfer to other hospitals on behalf of patients. Such concerns are addressed by experienced and knowledgeable healthcare professionals including emergency medical specialists who take leading roles in emergency medical institutions, medical specialists qualified as university professors or assistant professors, and nurses with a wealth of clinical experience. Nurses make the initial response to customer inquiries, and depending on the case, emergency medical specialists and other medical staff address the issue thereafter as necessary.

Medical Assist Service Overview

Emergency medical consultation Emergency medical specialists who play a first-line role at emergency medical institutions and nurses with a wealth of clinical experience respond to urgent medical consultation requests and consult on everyday physical concerns 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Consultation with medical specialists by appointment Medical specialists (qualified as university professors or assistant professors) in various diagnostic fields (more than 30 medical examination fields) provide consultation via telephone regarding medical care and health by appointment.
Information of medical institutions Information from a database of 450,000 facilities nationwide is provided about emergency care hospitals that accept patients at night and on holidays, the closest medical institutions while traveling, etc.
Transfers/Arranging patient transfers A series of services are carried out for customers who become hospitalized at a leisure or business travel destination, including arrangements for a private ambulance, special procedures for boarding aircraft and arrangements for a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional as a companion, when transferring such customers from emergency care hospitals to hospitals near their homes.
(Expenses incurred in the course of transportation shall be paid by customers.)
Cancer consultation hotline Highly specialized doctors, nurses and other medical staff respond to various concerns about cancer. They also attend to the concerns of patients who are fighting against cancer and their families.

For example, in the case of providing consultation about a child stung by a bee, an inquiry is first made to the caller about symptoms the child is showing. Then, the caller will be advised whether to seek emergency medical care, while receiving instructions on first aid best suited for the symptoms.

Insurance Products to Facilitate the Advancement of Regenerative Medicine

At the timing of the enforcement of a new act to ensure the security of regenerative medicine in 2014, Tokio Marine & Nichido has developed and released new insurance products related to regenerative medicine, namely, insurance for clinical research on regenerative medicine and liability insurance for cell-cultivating companies.

Regenerative medicine, causing less side effects and burden on patients as compared with other conventional treatment methods, is expected to improve the quality of life (QOL) of elderly people and ensure a longer healthy life. In Japan, however, regenerative medicine is still in the process of developing into an industry and practical applications.

To accelerate the process, many players must enter the field. One drawback is the cost and risk involved in regenerative medicine. The solution, we believe, is insurance.

If new players and researchers can leverage insurance as a means to provide compensation for negative effects in patients undergoing regenerative medicine treatments, and thus reduce the said cost and risk, there will be a better chance that more players would take on the challenge of developing regenerative medicine into an industry and practical applications. By providing such insurance products, Tokio Marine & Nichido will contribute to the advancement of regenerative medicine in Japan.

Information Disclosure/Awareness-Raising Activities

Amid a rapidly aging society, Tokio Marine Group has built up knowledge concerning nursing care and the risk of infectious diseases through health-related insurance and services. In order to fully utilize this knowledge in society, the Group provides support that covers nursing care for the elderly, care-related personnel, prevention of infectious diseases and countermeasures for companies.

Initiatives for Longevity Risk: Academy of Health and Long Life

In February 2012, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life established the Academy of Health and Long Life section of its website to convey to the broadest possible audience the importance of disease prevention and health management in leading a healthy life long into the future. Tokio Marine & Nichido Life guides visitors through the academy and explains what is available at the Health Promotion Center, Infirmary, Retirement Preparations Center and Library. Each “facility” provides information on lifestyle-related diseases, nursing care and other relevant topics.

We provide various information maintained by Tokio Marine & Nichido Life and other companies in Tokio Marine Group, including Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service and Tokio Marine Nichido Better Life Service, and business partners.

Main Contents

Health Promotion Center
  • Lifestyle-related disease self-check
  • Understanding and preventing lifestyle-related diseases
  • Case studies of five diseases*
  • Dr. Negoro’s health and longevity lifestyle course
Retirement Preparations Center
  • Preparing retirement funds
  • Current state of nursing care
  • Case studies of nursing care
  • Questionnaire on cancer
  • Survey of attitudes about longevity
  • How to “read” your health checkup results
  • Tips on selecting medical institutions and seeing doctors
  • *
    Malignant neoplasm (cancer), acute myocardial infarction, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic renal failure

Publication of a Book, Protecting Families and Companies – Guidebook on Combating Infectious Diseases

In April 2015, Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting wrote and published a book, Protecting Families and Companies – Guidebook on Combating Infectious Diseases (supervised by Koji Wada, a doctor at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine).

The book uses many charts, tables and illustrations to explain in an easy-to-understand manner the risk of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, new strains of influenza and other infectious diseases and necessary measures to be taken by companies and individuals. Chapter 4 (Protecting Companies) of the book, in particular, describes in detail the characteristics of infectious diseases as risk to companies, minimum required measures, points to be noted when building a structure to ensure business continuity and other important points when implementing measures at overseas bases.

Seminar on Balancing Work with Elder Care ~ Aiming to Eliminate the Need to Leave Employment for Elder Care ~

Amid the rapidly aging society, many workers are now forced to leave their jobs to take care of their elderly parents, and “leaving full-time employment for elder care” has become a social issue of increasing prevalence. According to the government’s statistics, about 100,000 workers leave their job every year for the reason of elder care, while about 3.46 million people work while taking care of their elderly parents or relatives. For companies, it is an issue of losing the core group of their workforce since people leaving their job are mainly in their 40s and 50s. These caregivers, on the other hand, also bear a significant burden both economically and mentally because they have no idea for how long their days of caregiving will continue.

To respond to this social issue, Tokio Marine Nichido Better Life Service provides a seminar on balancing work with elder care for employees of companies and corporations. The seminar is based on Tokio Marine Nichido Better Life Service’s expertise as a provider of nursing care services and is designed to convey useful information that will help caregivers reduce the burden imposed on them and continue their work while utilizing various nursing care services. The company holds this seminar nationwide, with the aim of providing support as society as a whole to people in need of nursing care.

Local Community and Social Contribution Activities

Tokio Marine Group teams up with local public organizations to take steps aimed at limiting the incidence of diseases such as cancer among customers and in society. The movement also includes efforts by employee volunteers. Overseas, we conduct cancer awareness-raising activities and provide support for cancer sufferers through employee volunteers as well.

Movement to Protect Customers from Cancer

Background of the Initiative
As part of efforts to fulfill its social mission as an insurance company providing cancer insurance, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life has been supporting the Pink Ribbon Movement since March 2005. Extending these activities, we have decided to steadily offer comprehensive solutions for customers’ concerns. As a first step, upon the release of an insurance product to support cancer treatment in September 2007, we rolled out a company-wide, ongoing and perpetual initiative called the Movement to Protect Customers from Cancer.
Basic Policy
In Japan, cancer is considered a national disease and is a source of much grief. The fact has fueled our desire to protect our customers from cancer to help ease the suffering of cancer patients and to assist their families going through the ordeal. For us, the social role of an insurance company now extends beyond delivering financial reassurance in terms of insurance payments to working to prevent cancer and providing mental support. Accordingly, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life has launched the Movement to Protect Customers from Cancer, which consists of the following three steps.
Step1. Learning about cancer:Enable employees, agents and consignees to sufficiently understand various information about cancer, including the current state of cancer (number of deaths, death rate, number of affected individuals, incidence rate, survival rate, data by prefecture, Japan’s Cancer Control Act, etc.), types of cancer, preventative measures and examinations, treatment methods, and actual conditions of patients and their families. / Study cancer treatment conditions and examination information by region. Step2. Spreading information about cancer:Convey the information gained from “Learning about cancer” to all and raise awareness of cancer. / Disseminate the 12 tips for preventing cancer. / Recommend workplace and municipal cancer examinations, general health checkups and cancer PET examinations for the early detection of cancer. / Introduce information about the public medical insurance system and other social insurance and cancer insurance to prepare financially for cancer. Step3. Providing support against cancer:Support prevention and early detection of cancer. / For people who are anxious about symptoms or have cancer, provide telephone and home consultation with Medical Assist, home consultation services for cancer patients and other services. / Provide financial and psychological support for people with cancer through cancer insurance. / Provide relevant information on an ongoing basis to people after they are diagnosed with cancer.

Leading Causes of Death in Japan

In Japan, the annual cancer-caused death toll exceeds 370,000 (27.8%).

Malignant growth <tumor> 27.8% Heart disease (excluding hypertension) 15.2% Cerebrovascular disease 8.2% Senility 7.6% Pneumonia 7.2% Unexpected accident 3.0% Aspiration pneumonia 2.7% Renal failure 1.9% Suicide 1.5% Cerebrovascular and unspecified dementia 1.5% Others 23.4%

Collaboration with Local Authorities

An urgent task is to improve cancer examination rates in order to detect the disease at an early stage. However, the checkup rate is as low as approximately 20% on a national average, being far lower than 50% targeted by the government and local authorities. Based on the belief that joint action with as many people as possible is indispensable for improving the situation, Tokio Marine Group has signed agreements with 44 prefectural bodies and 17 cities (as of March 31, 2018) and has been actively promoting collaboration with them to call more attention to cancer and raise examination rates.

In October 2009, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life and Tokio Marine & Nichido became promoting partners for Corporate Actions for Cancer Checkups, a national project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to raise the cancer examination rate to more than 50% through joint efforts by the government and companies. By taking part in this public-private partnership, we intend to contribute to the improvement of the cancer examination rate in Japan.

Nationwide Regional Activities

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life encourages cancer education activities in its daily sales operations with the aim of disseminating cancer knowledge and increasing cancer examination rates. In addition to periodic cancer-related study sessions, exchange meetings and seminars for agents/consignees at branch offices across the country, we hold a national conference of employees and agent/consignee representatives who are actively and responsibly engaged in these cancer awareness efforts. More than 800 representatives participated in the 11th conference held in October 2017. This national conference served to extend knowledge and foster a strong sense of mission concerning cancer awareness through lectures by cancer patients and healthcare professionals as well as a panel discussion titled “The mission of insurers ~ My philosophy.”

Agreement with the Shizuoka Cancer Center

Shizuoka Cancer Center

In 2007, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life and Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service (TMS), both of which provide insurance products and medical services from patients’ viewpoints, concluded a comprehensive agreement on joint research into the best ways to provide consultation, support and information regarding the treatment of cancer with the Shizuoka Cancer Center, one of the top-level facilities in Japan for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and support services for cancer patients and their families. This joint research program has been promoting initiatives to protect customers against risks, worries and anxieties by jointly developing tools to communicate to them in plain language the importance of preventive medicine and medical checkups, as well as knowledge on cancer; carrying out drives for education through Tokio Marine & Nichido Life’s nationwide sales network; and opening a cancer consultation hotline at TMS’s 24-hour Call Center.

Promoting the Pink Ribbon Movement

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life has been promoting the Pink Ribbon Campaign in support of J.POSH, an NPO engaged in pink ribbon movements for breast cancer awareness in Japan, to convey the importance of medical exams and early detection of breast cancer. Tokio Marine Group employees, led by Tokio Marine & Nichido Life employees, have continued to hold street campaigns nationwide and hand out awareness leaflets* since 2005.

  • *
    The certified NPO J.POSH collaborates with medical institutions nationwide on the Japan Mammography Sunday (J.M.S) initiative to create an environment enabling women who are busy on weekdays to have mammograms on the third Sunday in October. Tokio Marine & Nichido Life also supports this initiative and hands out a list of available medical institutions.

Providing Encouragement to Cancer Patients by Making Terry Cloth Caps

Since 2009, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life has joined initiatives undertaken by the Iwate Hospice Association, a citizens’ group in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, to support cancer patients and their families and help them gain courage to fight against the disease. The company has been making terry cloth caps for patients undergoing anticancer drug treatment. Every year, participants from Tokio Marine & Nichido Life and other Tokio Marine Group companies and their families stitch the caps together and donate more than 1,000 caps as Christmas presents to cancer hospitals nationwide through the Iwate Hospice Association.

Education and Childcare Support for Orphans
Tokio Marine & Nichido Life established a fund in 2016 to financially support children who have lost one or both parents due to illness, including cancer, and offers benefit-type scholarships to university students and others and educational materials to children preschool age and under with the cooperation of the Japan Philanthropic Association. Benefit-type scholarships of 300,000 yen per year are provided to high school students wishing to go to university or an equivalent educational institute. The Kodomo Challenge series of educational materials developed by Benesse Corporation is sent free of charge every month to children in kindergarten and 30,000 yen is granted every year to celebrate advancing to the next level. School bags are given as commemorative gifts when the children start elementary school. Applications for both of these benefits are accepted regardless of applicants’ being policyholders of Tokio Marine & Nichido Life.
Donation to Organizations Helping Children with Incurable Diseases and Elderly People
Donations from Tokio Marine & Nichido Life’s employees and agents will be used to support activities of organizations helping children with incurable diseases and elderly people. Donations have been made to the following organizations since fiscal 2016.
  • NPO CliniClowns Association
  • The Support Network for NANBYO Children of Japan
  • NPO Dementia Friendship Club

Supporting and Collaborating with the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University

In January 2015, Tokio Marine & Nichido donated a total of 100 million yen to Kyoto University’s iPS Cell Research Fund, covering a five-year period. In addition, the company called for donations to the fund from employees of Tokio Marine Group companies and other individuals and made an additional donation exceeding 1.5 million yen in fiscal 2018.

Currently, the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) has been undertaking a project called the iPS Cell Stock for Regenerative Medicine to stockpile induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for medical use. It involves collecting blood from donors having a special type of human leukocyte antigens (HLAs), which is thought to cause less immune rejection. In August 2016, CiRA started collaborating with the medical corporate foundation Kaijo Building Clinic, a tie-up medical institution of Tokio Marine Group, to expand a donor base. Collection of blood, which had only been performed by Kyoto University Hospital, is now also conducted by the clinic. In April 2017, the flying doctors of Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service also started cooperating in order to collect blood from willing donors who live in remote areas.
CiRA started providing iPS Cell Stock for Regenerative Medicine in August 2015 and plans to have enough iPS cell stock to cover 40% of the people in Japan by the end of fiscal 2018.

CiRA is working on research every day to enable the practical application of iPS cell technology. Through our donations to the research fund, we hope to ease the suffering of people with intractable diseases and injuries and contribute to the establishment of a research environment that can stably obtain a pool of excellent researchers and research supporters and to the further advancement of research in this area. At the same time, we will continue to provide support to health, medical and other related fields to deliver safety and security in the form of risk management, including insurance, and through collaboration among Group companies.

AED & Basic Life-Saving Workshop to Build a Society That Can Practice Life-Saving Skills

Tokio Marine Group provides a workshop to practice using Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Around 4,650 employees from Tokio Marine Group attended the workshop by the end of fiscal 2017. Through the workshop, participants have realized that they do not have to be an expert to perform CPR and gained enough confidence to take action rather than just standing by in case of an emergency.

In cooperation with the Marunouchi Fire Station of the Tokyo Fire Department (TFD), Tokio Marine & Nichido provided a workshop to learn standard first aid at its head office. Over the course of two training courses, lecturers from the fire station taught about 20 employees from Tokio Marine & Nichido and Group companies how to use AEDs, perform CPR, prevent suffocation and stop bleeding. At the completion of these courses, participants received a first aid skills certificate issued by the TFD Fire Chief.

Supporting the Provision of Japanese-Language Medical Services in the United States

The Japanese Medical Practice outpatient clinic operated by Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City with donations from Tokio Marine & Nichido has been providing medical services in Japanese since 1990. At the event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Japanese American Association of New York held in fiscal 2009, the Japanese Medical Practice outpatient clinic offered medical consultation services and held medical seminars for elderly Japanese-American people living in New York. This clinic plays a major role in providing medical services to the local Japanese community and is highly regarded by the Japanese Consulate General in New York as a medical institution providing services to Japanese people.

Nurturing Human Resources and R&D

Tokio Marine Group plays a role in the R&D of health and productivity management apps using ICT. We also contribute to the development of young doctors responsible for providing medical care in the future.

N Program to Support Young Physicians to Gain Clinical Experience in the United States

In collaboration with Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been offering the N Program since 1991. This is a medical residency program to promote exchange between the two countries in the medical field by dispatching every year young Japanese doctors with the desire to gain clinical experience in the United States.

In general, people wishing to experience clinical training in the United States are selected by way of a nationwide recruitment system. The N Program is handled differently, however, and has become an invaluable program for young Japanese doctors who want to undergo clinical training at an educational hospital in the United States. The N Program has made remarkable progress thanks to the cooperation of teachers at U.S. medical institutions and the efforts of residents who participated as trainee physicians. To date, the total number of trainees and graduates of this program has grown to over 180.

Joint Planning and Development Support for docomo Healthcare’s Karada no Kimochi

Tokio Marine & Nichido conducted joint planning and development support for the cash benefit for the medical treatment portion of Karada no Kimochi (“How my body feels”) service provided by docomo Healthcare, Inc. from June 2013. Specifically, when the input data uncovers a change in body condition, the customer is encouraged to see a doctor and receives a cash benefit when medical advice and treatment are received from a qualified medical professional. In this way, it provides support that ensures a sense of security. The service has a high level of social significance because of its link to prevention and early detection of breast cancer and uterine cancer, two serious illnesses affecting women for which early detection efforts are lagging behind in Japan. This service was recognized by the Celent Model Insurer Asia Awards 2014*1 by Celent, a U.S. research and consulting firm specialized in the financial field. It also received an excellent award in the Nihon Service Award Fiscal 2015*2 hosted by the Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth Council.

  • *1
    The Celent Model Insurer Asia Awards are the Asia category of the Celent Model Insurer Awards, an internationally high profile award program in the insurance industry. Every year, it recognizes insurers for their effective use of information technology in insurance.
  • *2
    The Nihon Service Award is the first award program in Japan to evaluate diverse services across different industries by using common evaluation criteria and recognize excellent services.