Disclosure Policy of the Tokio Marine Group

1. Fundamental Views

The Tokio Marine Group strives for timely, accurate and fair disclosure of meaningful information which enhances management transparency and fairness so that customers, shareholders and investors, agents, and society at large can have an accurate understanding of the state of the Group.

2. Information Disclosure Standards

The Tokio Marine Group discloses information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of Japan and foreign countries.
We provide disclosure of information pursuant to the "Securities Listing Regulations" stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Other disclosure is made in a manner appropriate to the content of the relevant information.

3. Information Disclosure Methods

The Tokio Marine Group discloses information by issuing disclosure-related reports pursuant to relevant laws and regulations set forth in Japan and foreign countries, and posting information through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as well as the press and other appropriate means. We also post the disclosed information on the websites of Tokio Marine Group companies.

Overview of the Timely Disclosure System (Schematic Diagram)

Overview of the Timely Disclosure System (Schematic Diagram)


Information disclosure made based on this Disclosure Policy is intended to accurately, timely and fairly inform the public of the Tokio Marine Group’s activities and is not intended to constitute an investment offer or solicitation.

Revised on April 1, 2018