E-mail Alerts

We offer e-mail alert service that delivers e-mail to the registrants when the Company upload the following information on the Tokio Marine Holdings' website ("the Website").

  • News releases and Topics
  • Updates to the Website

If you wish to receive e-mail alerts, please register your e-mail address on the following website.

Important Notice

  • We will make reasonable efforts to appropriately protect the privacy of data registered under this service. Please refer to Tokio Marine Holdings Privacy Policy for details.
  • We will use the data only for the purposes of providing this service.
  • We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or make a change to this service without prior notice.
  • The registered information will be protected via encrypted transmission (SSL) and will be managed securely by Spiral (TM), an on demand database management software service provided by PIPED BITS Co.,Ltd.