Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Fundamental Policy

The Company will strive to enhance the trust of the capital markets by providing information about the Company in a timely, fair and continuous manner while ensuring transparency and accountability in its disclosures, and to promote understanding of its efforts to increase corporate value and a correct assessment of the Company. Furthermore, through constructive dialogue between management and shareholders and investors, the Company will gain an appropriate understanding of how it is viewed and the state of the capital markets, and provide that understanding and feedback to management and within the Company to further enhance its corporate value.

Dialogue with Investors

Dialogue with Institutional Investors

Special meeting in New York

In order to engage in dialogue with a wide range of shareholders and investors, the Company will not only hold financial results conference calls and IR conferences, but will also hold individual meetings in Japan and overseas IR meetings, and in fiscal 2019, the Company held dialogues with a total of 723 companies.
In New York, a special meeting was held with the participation of the heads of major overseas Group companies, where thorough and constructive dialogues were held on topics of interest to investors. Participating investors commented on the meeting, saying, “I gained confidence in Tokio Marine Holdings after hearing about the Company’s approach and efforts in M&A and PMI from top overseas executives,” and “I could feel that the integrated group management is progressing smoothly with excellent relationships among top management.”

Dialogue with Individual Investors

Individual Investor Information
Session by Group CEO Komiya

In fiscal 2019, the Company held a total of eight information sessions conducted by the Group CFO, Deputy CFO and the Investor Relations Department, in addition to the information sessions with the Group CEO. The Company also provides easy-to-understand explanations of the “Group’s management strategy” and “shareholder return,” which are of great interest to individual investors.


The Company is also making efforts to report the opinions obtained through dialogue with shareholders and investors widely to management and other members of the Company, and to reflect them in improvement of management. Through these efforts, employees feel more familiar with IR activities, which leads to improvements in their day-to-day work.

Role playing a meeting with investors by IR Group members