Vol.1 Mangrove-based Value Co-Creation 100-Year Declaration

On Oct. 8th, 2019, Tokio Marine Group held the symposium “Insurance of the Future of the Earth~Mangrove-based Value Co-creation” in commemoration of Tokio Marine & Nichido(hereinafter ’TMNF’)’s 140th anniversary of its establishment and 20th anniversary of the Mangrove Planting Project and announced as follows. Tokio Marine Group will continue to promote value creation initiatives through all-employee-participative approach in collaboration with various stakeholders, which eventually contributes to the achievement of SDGs.

  • “Mangrove Planting Project” in collaboration with NGOs*1 produces a wide range of benefits*2 including a conservation of biodiversity and wetland, and mitigation of climate change, which greatly contributes to the achievement of the SDGs
  • Participation in the United Nations “Community of Ocean Actions to Achieve Goal 14 of the SDGs” in light of the expectations of the international community
  • TMNF (President: Shinichi Hirose) refreshes its “Mangrove Planting 100-Year Declaration*3” published in 2007 with its aspiration to continue creating social values and publishes “Mangrove-based Value Co-Creation 100-Year Declaration”.

  • *1 Action for Mangrove Reforestation (ACTMANG), OISCA International, and International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)
  • *2 TMNF commissioned a survey to Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (President: Takashi Morisaki) and received a survey report that the cumulative total value of ecosystem services generated by TMNF’s mangrove planting project for 20 years (from April 1999 to March 2019) amounted to approximately US$1,206 million according to an internationally recognized methodology.
  • *3 TMNF declared that it aimed to continue its mangrove planting project for 100 years in 2007 in 120th anniversary of its establishment.

Mangrove-based Value Co-Creation 100-Year Declaration

TMNF has been providing Mangrove-based Solutions as “Insurance for the Future of the Earth” globally since 1999 and has adhered to its “Mangrove Planting 100-Year Declaration.” We hereby refresh the Declaration with our aspiration to continue creating social value with you.

TMNF recognizes a wide range of benefits generated by Mangroves, including mitigation of the threat of climate change and disaster damages, protecting the rich treasures of ocean and land, and making our lives and society safe, secure and sustainable.

We have also been providing an environmental awareness raising program “Green Lessons,” which features mangroves, and strives to continue it from now on.