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Tokio Marine Group Value Creation Model

Realizing the Long Term Vision

The Tokio Marine Group Value Creation Model was created to allow us to achieve the long-term vision of our organization.
Since it was founded in 1879 the Tokio Marine Group has always placed customers trust at the center of all its activities. From the Great Kanto Earthquake to the more recent Great East Japan Earthquake or any of the other challenging events that affect our customers, we have always stood by their side through the bad times and been there to support their new challenges through innovation.
Since our foundation we have worked internationally to support our clients. When there were under a thousand cars in Japan, we launched the first car insurance. When deregulation in 1996 allowed Non-life companies to enter the Life Insurance market, we did. In 2002 to protect our clients with both Life and Non-Life coverage, we developed the first integrated insurance product: ‘super insurance’.
It is through new initiatives and innovations like these that we have been able to earn customer trust. And it is this trust that has enabled us to deliver sustainable growth, a balanced global portfolio and a strong financial base. All of this has been built on the fact that our employees have the mindset, as well as the will, to be there for our customers in their time of need.
In recent years we have seen increasingly volatility in terms of climate, natural disasters, demographic and socioeconomic changes. To work on these changes the UN developed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To be able to handle and respond to all of these challenges our business will also need to become increasingly agile.
Insurance is a people’s business. In these volatile times, to ensure they are there for our customers, we need to empower all of our diverse employees around the world to work with passion and feel the importance of the work that they do. While embracing this diversity and working as a global team we need a common thread that can bring us all together. For us, that is our core identity; To Be a Good Company.
Working under the core identity of ‘To Be a Good Company’ we can have an engaged and united workforce, that will help us advance our corporate strategy and aligned group management and have a high level of transparency over the group. With these things we will be better placed to serve customers, earn trust and deliver the results to our shareholders. This positive cycle is the driver of our success so we need to ensure we provide our employees with an environment where they can perform and prosper. I feel creating this environment is one of my most important jobs. If we can continue to turn value created into strength we will be able to raise our corporate value and continue the positive cycle. This is our ‘Value Creation Model’.