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Tokio Marine GroupA global insurance group that delivers sustainable growth
by providing safety and security to customers worldwide
- Our timeless endeavor to be a Good Company -

Tokio Marine Group consists of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc., 249 subsidiaries and 22 affiliates, and is engaged in the domesticnon-life insurance, domestic life insurance, international insurance, and financial and general businesses.

As of March 31, 2018

Domestic Life Insurance Business

Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business

International Insulance Business

Financial and General Businesses

Domestic Life Insurance Business

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life provides highly unique, value-added products and services, focusing on the field of living protection, which is not fully covered by conventional medical insurance or death insurance.

Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business

With an extensive product lineup and a diverse array of services, Group companies provide optimal products and services that fit customer needs through a wide range of sales channels.

International Insurance Business

Tokio Marine Group provides a broad range of products and services that have a strong competitive position in developed markets, which are the core of the global insurance market. The Group is also building an extensive network in emerging markets with high growth potential, particularly in Asia and South & Central America.

Financial and General Businesses

The financial business develops businesses with high capital efficiency, primarily in the asset management business. In general businesses, Group companies provide products and services related to “safety and security” to customers, primarily in businesses that are highly compatible with the insurance business.


Since its founding, Tokio Marine Group has relied on its comprehensive strengths to weather a myriad of challenges,including the Great Kanto Earthquake and Japan’s defeat in World War II. Throughout our history, all of our activities have been based on earning customer trust. We have continued to support customers and society in times of needs, thereby helping them step forward to take on new challenges.

Further information about our history, please visit our
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Global Team of Professionals

Domestic and Overseas Networks Supporting Our Customers (As of March 31, 2018)

  • Domestic (Tokio Marine & Nichido) Number of agents
  • Claims service offices
  • Overseas Operations in
    and regions around the world

Balanced Business Portfolio Forged through Response to Change

Business Unit Profits

FY2002:Domestic non-life96%, International insurance3% FY2007:Domestic non-life69%, Domestic life11%, International insurance21% FY2018:Domestic non-life44%, Domestic life10%, International insurance45%

Talent Sharing Core Identity

Employees39,191 Japan65%, Overseas35% (As of March 31, 2018)

Spreading Recognition of Core Identity

Officers in Japan and overseas hold dozens of forums for informal discussions on serious topics each year to spread recognition of our core identity (“To Be a Good Company”).

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