International Women's Day 2024

Tokio Marine Group is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

This year we are celebrating International Women's Day and the diverse contributions of women across our Group Companies by sharing various stories of women and their allies within our group.

Our International Women's Day 2024 celebration opens the door into the authentic stories, where we aim to explore the contributions and challenges shaping these women's professional journeys. These inspiring stories extend beyond the workplace, touching on personal moments, and significant experiences within Tokio Marine Group.
This is an opportunity for us to listen to and celebrate unique stories.
It's not about highlighting our achievements but acknowledging the diverse experiences that contribute to a more inclusive and supportive community at Tokio Marine Group. We invite you to engage with these stories.

Akiko from Japan Shares Her Story - Insurance Career and Calligraphy

Examples of Allyship from Shigeo Kuwabara (Charlie)

A Day in the Life with Rachel Peh

The Importance of a Diverse Workforce Feat. Wariya, TMSTH

Kelly McCullough of PHLY Shares Her Story

About International Women's Day Initiative