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To earn the trust of all people and society and achieve sustained growth, Tokio Marine Group must raise the quality of initiatives for addressing governance issues based on “governance,” “internal control” and “risk management” and build a resilient structure for highly sound and transparent management as a global insurance group.

CSR Materiality (Material Issues) : Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) / Corporate governance/Internal control / Strengthening of international supervisory regulations / Changes in the global economy and financial environment Generate and distribute economic value

Tokio Marine Group is “strengthening CSR management” as the basis for implementing CSR. Tokio Marine Group will strive to make qualitative improvements to corporate governance, compliance and risk-based management (ERM: enterprise risk management) from the perspective of strengthening global-based operations and management while responding appropriately to changes in the global economy and financial environment and the strengthening of international supervisory regulations, as well as make efforts to generate and distribute economic value. By doing so, Tokio Marine Group aims to raise the level of stakeholder trust and contribute to the creation of a secure, safe and sustainable future.

Tokio Marine Holdings has formulated the “Fundamental Corporate Governance Policy” and appropriately exercises control over its Group companies. To achieve further development as a corporate group possessing profitability, growth potential and soundness, in accordance with the “Basic Policies for Internal Controls,” Tokio Marine Holdings has appropriately established and operates an internal control system for management control of Group companies as well as for compliance and risk management.

Through the application of its Corporate Philosophy, Tokio Marine Group strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society while perpetually enhancing the Group’s corporate value. Based on this thinking, we formulated the “Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter” as action guidelines for all employees and are working to respect and promote the recognition of human rights among stakeholders and in our value chain. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through sustainable investment and financing that gives consideration to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

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