Promoting D&I / Human Resources Development

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Tokio Marine Group believes that for us to further improve the quality of our products and services worldwide, we must develop all of our motivated and talented employees to the maximum of their potential regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability or any other attributes. Specific initiatives pertaining to the group-wide promotion of diversity and inclusion (D&I) include eliminating gender gap, creating a workplace in which older employees and persons with disabilities can take active roles as well as promoting employment regardless of nationality or race and facilitating mid-career recruitment and training of employees with diverse experience.

Tokio Marine Group’s D&I

Definition of D&I

Tokio Marine Group defines diversity and inclusion (D&I) as below. This definition serves as the basis of various initiatives toward D&I.

What is diversity?

The elements, qualities and experiences that make each of us unique.

What is inclusion?

An environment where all aspects of diversity are welcomed, where all staff feel safe and respected, where every individual is given the opportunity to develop in order to create the most value for our customers, our business partners and society.

D&I Vision

Tokio Marine Group has formulated the D&I Vision based on four important elements consisting of Attract, Empower, Develop/Promote and Retain, which we will strive to realize through our D&I initiatives. In conjunction with “Our People,” which expresses Tokio Marine Group’s philosophy on human resources, we will make a group-wide commitment to D&I and evolve our initiatives toward the attainment of D&I. Through the realization of Attract, Empower, Develop/Promote and Retain, we aim to become a truly inclusive global insurance group.

D&I Promotion Structure

Tokio Marine Group established the position of Group Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) and Diversity Council in April 2021 to accelerate D&I-related initiatives and create an environment that enables all Group employees to leverage their diverse backgrounds and fully exercise their capabilities. The Diversity Council is an advisory body chaired by the Group CEO and placed under his direct control. Under the leadership of the CDIO, the council discusses important D&I themes with members representing Group companies in and outside Japan and promoting D&I while forming a consensus across the Group.

At the first session convened in August 2021, we confirmed the role of the Diversity Council and discussed the formulation of the D&I Vision and future action plans. The D&I Vision was devised based on these discussions.

Furthermore, we distributed the D&I Booklet to all Group employees in Japan and overseas to promote a deeper understanding of the significance and purpose of D&I and to encourage changes in the awareness and behavior of each employee. Tokio Marine Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by promoting D&I across the entire Group. Additionally, we held D&I sessions for management members from across Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States. The goal is to vigorously promote D&I; facilitate a deeper understanding of the role of Group management members, who are expected to lead our transformation; and connect such understanding to specific initiatives at each Group company.

Tokio Marine Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by promoting D&I across the entire Group.

D&I Initiatives

Fostering a D&I Culture

Changing the awareness and behavior of each employee is essential in fostering a culture of D&I, and the entire Group has been undertaking various initiatives in this regard. As part of these initiatives, we have introduced a group-wide initiative to understand, recognize and change the unconscious biases that would impede the spread of D&I. Commenced in fiscal 2017, the initiatives originally targeted management members and have subsequently been expanded to include all employees in fiscal 2021.

Since fiscal 2020, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been implementing a series of measures called “Boost Diversity” under the slogan “Let’s change ourselves and let’s create change.” As a part of such efforts, the company has been holding not only lectures on the theme of working together with diverse people to learn about the promotion of the employment of persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ issues but also seminars for male employees to encourage their participation in domestic and child-rearing duties. These measures have become an opportunity for individual employees to think about their own awareness and behavior.

Tokio Marine Group will continue to promote group-wide initiatives for fostering an inclusive environment.

Eliminating Gender Gap

Tokio Marine Group regards the promotion of D&I is synonymous with its growth strategy. As such, the Group CEO has been stressing the importance of such efforts at various meetings and seminars in the form of a top management message. Among matters related to D&I, we place particular emphasis on elimination of gender gap and have been tackling this as a universal issue for the entire Group. We have been making proactive efforts over time to create an appropriate environment and promote human resources development so that every female employee at each Group company can autonomously build their careers and thrive in an even wider range of fields.

①Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Initiatives

Rooted in its belief that employees with diverse value sets participating in the decision-making process increases the quality of its decisions, Tokio Marine & Nichido continues its work toward eliminating gender gap to achieve a state in which women commonly participate in every decision-making process. Based on a policy for initiatives toward eliminating the gender gap via a dual approach of having women participate in every decision-making process and increasing the engagement of each and every female employee, the company aims to realize this state by introducing initiatives that create an environment where each female employee can continue to grow while feeling motivated to work.

Tokio Marine & Nichido has set a quantitative target of increasing the ratio of women in management- and higher-level positions to 30% by fiscal 2030. Accordingly, the company has been stepping up its efforts to create an environment where they can take up a new challenge based on their willingness and capabilities. These include role assignment and year-long on-the-job training (OJT) based on individual career visions, job transfers across departments and various training.

②Group Initiatives and Results

Aside from initiatives undertaken individually by Group companies, Tokio Marine Group as a whole is providing a variety of opportunities for female employees. In fiscal 2019, we launched Tokio Marine Group Women’s Career College (TWCC), an internal program for female employees of Tokio Marine Group companies in Japan. It provides the opportunity for willing participants to think about and increase awareness of their own careers as they motivate each other and gain an insight into diverse values and philosophies.

As a result of these initiatives, more than 500 women are currently holding management-level positions and playing active roles at Group companies in Japan. Tokio Marine Holdings has two female directors, one Audit & Supervisory Board Member and two executive officers, while Tokio Marine & Nichido has one female director, two Audit & Supervisory Board Members and five executive officers. Both companies are integrating diverse views into their corporate management.

In recognition of such group-wide efforts and performance in terms of results, Tokio Marine Holdings was selected four times as a “Nadeshiko Brand” in fiscal 2013, fiscal 2015, fiscal 2017 and fiscal 2018. Further, the Group CEO announced his advocacy of a declaration of action stating that a group of male leaders dedicated to empowering women would accelerate the active participation of women who shine as well as the vision of the 30% Club Japan established in May 2019.

Tokio Marine & Nichido has earned the Diversity Management Selection 100, an award sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). For this award, METI selects and commends “companies that have raised corporate value through diversity-oriented management.” Tokio Marine & Nichido was recognized for its efforts such as enabling numerous women to continually take active roles by helping protect motherhood, enhancing systems for supporting child rearing and transforming the overall roles of employees, and for promoting the employment of persons with disabilities while raising consciousness of the principle of normalization.

In addition, six other Group companies, including Tokio Marine & Nichido Career Service and Tokio Marine dR, were granted “Eruboshi” certification by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as outstanding companies in terms of conditions related to promoting the active participation of women. The certification has three stages depending on the number of assessment items fulfilled and five companies received the top certification.

Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

Empowering an Age-Inclusive Workforce

Tokio Marine Group considers actively promoting the continued employment of older members to be an important management issue in maintaining the sustainable growth of the Group as a whole. In addition to encouraging continuous self-advancement and changes in consciousness and behavior on the part of employees themselves, the Group intends to provide fields of activity in which employees can utilize their past experience and strengths to generate new added value while maintaining high levels of motivation.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Aiming to “resolve social issues by promoting employment of persons with disabilities and creating supportive working environments to contribute to the realization of an inclusive society where everyone can live with a sense of security,” Tokio Marine Group is promoting the employment of persons with disabilities at Group companies and working to raise consciousness of normalization. Of particular note, Tokio Marine Business Support Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary based on the Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Law, is contributing to the Group by providing services that include administrative support, printing, logistics and commodity sales.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities through a Special Subsidiary

In January 2010, we established Tokio Marine Business Support with the aim of promoting the employment of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and in March 2010, the company was the first in the non-life insurance industry to be approved as a special subsidiary under the Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Law (employs 357 people as of June 1, 2022).

A total of 216 employees with disabilities (as of June 1, 2022), mainly persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are considered to have fewer employment opportunities among persons with disabilities, are working at the Tokyo head office and at the Nagoya, Osaka and Kyushu branch offices. These employees are supporting Group companies by performing operations such as data input and processing, document enclosure and shipping and printing. Further, employees with disabilities started selling coffee as part of a welfare program to Tokio Marine & Nichido employees in 2017. In this way, the company has broadened the field of activities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Based on its corporate philosophy to 1) be an organization that provides support instead of being a support recipient, 2) be a company in which employees can have their dreams and take pride in and 3) expand opportunities for taking active roles, the company is focusing on creating an environment in which employees can work enthusiastically with a sense of satisfaction. It also intends to become a company in which everyone can grow through work while keeping a sense of gratitude and remaining considerate to others.

Promoting Normalization

Tokio Marine & Nichido Systems has actively been seeking to promote normalization for persons with disabilities by making offices barrier free, hiring physically challenged persons as IT engineers and having visually impaired persons provide in-house massage services.

From September 2009, the company has been running an internal café, Smile Café, and Smile Office Service, which provides general administrative services such as producing name cards, making printouts and digitalizing paper documents through members with disabilities. Smile Café is a food store and providing a place where employees can relax. It also sells bread and sweets made at a nearby welfare facility. Smile Office Service is expanding the types of work it handles every year and has gained the trust of employees. It also sells bread and sweets made at a nearby welfare facility. Smile Office Service is expanding the types of work it handles every year and has gained the trust of employees.

By having general employees and persons with disabilities work together, synergetic effects are being created in terms of cheering up each other and enhancing work satisfaction.

Promoting Development and Empowerment of Human Resources

Our Stance on Human Resources

Tokio Marine Group’s philosophy on human resources has been positioned as “Tokio Marine Group – Our People.” Based on this philosophy, we are working on the strategic development of diverse human resources, both in Japan and overseas, toward the realization of a global insurance group. The Group’s overall human resources development and utilization are managed by the Group Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), while the Board of Directors and Management Meeting of each Group company monitor the individual implementation status.

Proactively Accelerating Investment in People

The power of our people is the driving force for protecting customers and local communities in times of need as a “Good Company.” The Tokio Marine Group Spirit has been built up by overcoming numerous adversities and constantly taking on challenges since our earliest days that focus on the five areas of taking on challenges, openness and dynamism, customer orientation, social contribution (contribute to society and people) and a global perspective. This spirit has been passed down over the generations and even now is the starting point for individual ideas and the source of human resources with a high sense of purpose who boldly take on challenges.

In addition, based on the Tokio Marine Group Spirit, we have fostered over many years a nurturing culture in which both “individual employees” and “companies and organizations” grow and develop. We are working to spread and pass down this nurturing culture to the entire Group with the aim of having our Group companies around the world work together on the development of human resources. At the same time, to enable more than 40,000 Group employees worldwide to constantly hone and fully demonstrate their individual capabilities, we are making efforts to recruit and systematically develop diverse human resources both in and outside Japan and create systems to support these efforts. With the business environment undergoing drastic changes, we are taking a more proactive approach in accelerating our investment in people.

Various Initiatives to Promote Human Resources Development

Efforts toward Human Resources Development with a Focus on Dialogue

For Tokio Marine Group, our people and the trust built up by our people are the source of our competitiveness, and thus human resources development is an extremely important theme. Each Group company is building skill development programs and personnel systems appropriate for the characteristics of their respective businesses based on the Tokio Marine Group Spirit.

As an example, Tokio Marine & Nichido aims to be a company where all employees continue to grow and has accordingly been making efforts to develop human resources. The goal is to become a company which provides customers with a sense of security, is selected by customers and constantly grows, as stated in its mid-term business plan.

Specifically, Tokio Marine & Nichido thoroughly aligns the career visions of individual employees, what they want to become and their strengths and weaknesses. This is done based on the human resources development cycle that uses regular interviews throughout the year between supervisors and their subordinates as milestones. While assigning challenging roles that lead to the growth of respective subordinates, the company provides continuous support for their growth and follows up on their progress.

Tokio Marine & Nichido also creates and provides an extensive range of programs related to human resources development, including broad training opportunities and e-learning and other learning tools, both of which respond to employees’ diverse needs and career visions. The company has also established a variety of systems, such as the Project Request System and Job Request System, to support employees’ aspirations. From the viewpoint of offering diverse growth opportunities, the company mainly sends young employees to short-term overseas training programs and to business schools in Japan and abroad, universities in non-English-speaking countries and other institutions on an ongoing basis.

In addition, Tokio Marine & Nichido operates a multifaceted observation system as a 360-degree evaluation tool for Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers as well as leader class and semi-leader class employees. The system lets them reflect back on their actions by understanding how they are evaluated by others and provides an opportunity to raise awareness and transform themselves.

Human Resources Development Cycle (Tokio Marine & Nichido) :Realization of a Positive Cycle of Human Resources Development

Framework for Year-Round Human Resources Development : OJT Off-JT・Self-development / March-April Human resources development meeting / April-May Share organizational vision First interview of fiscal year/ June Self-assessments / August-December Human resources development meeting / October Evaluation of competencies / October-November Interim interviews / As required Revision of goals subsequent to interim interviews / December-January Feedback on results of multifaceted observations / February- April Promotion Appointment of leader class / February- April Review interviews / March-April Evaluation of competencies and results / June Competencies and results Feedback

Example Case of Human Resources Development Program: “Cafeteria for Learning”

Tokio Marine & Nichido provides various rank-based training programs, including introductory training for new employees, introductory training for mid-career employees, global training and management-level training. Additionally, given changes in the working environment and working styles and the diversification of knowledge and skills that employees should attain, the company has adjusted its approach toward human resources development. With the aim of realizing further personal growth of employees under their individual initiative, the company revamped its human resources development system to allow employees themselves to choose what they need to learn from among various themes.

More specifically, since April 2021 Tokio Marine & Nichido operates “Cafeteria for Learning,” a new training system for all its employees, comprising of about 50 programs. Through the system, the company has enhanced a lineup of voluntary participation training programs for employees to choose from based on their career visions and strengths. In this way, the system is designed as a scheme to encourage autonomous career development and self-motivated growth.

In response to the promotion of working from home and telecommuting practices, the system offers more online programs to eliminate location and time constraints and ensure greater ease of learning for employees. Based on changes in the business environment, the company has also planned and organized the system mainly with training programs on digital transformation (DX), diversity & inclusion (D&I), management and other themes that will be of particular importance in coming years, and seeks the growth of employees together with the company. With the system serving as a venue for diverse employees across Japan to connect to and learn from each other, Tokio Marine & Nichido also intends to further foster an open and free-spirited culture where they mutually support the pursuit of a challenge and growth.

Specific Examples of the “Cafeteria for Learning” Programs

Name Target Overview
The New Ship All employees A seminar-style program by an external expert serving as a lecturer for the development of DX personnel. Designed to operate in conjunction with a separate platform (economic news app) implemented internally to promote learning and communication, it nurtures human resources who can drive DX within Tokio Marine & Nichido.
Co-Creation Program All employees A program to work jointly with external members to solve issues facing NPOs. It cultivates employees' leadership through contribution to local communities and society while also encouraging them to practice our Corporate Philosophy in an environment that differs from their day-to-day operations.
Tokio Marine 2100 Young employees of overseas Group companies across the world A program in which young employees working for Group companies across the world get connected online, beyond national borders, to talk about the Group's vision and other topics. It aims to further advance D&I throughout the Group on a global scale.
Leader-Style Management Training Session Leader class and semi-leader class A program for supervisors to reflect on their own management and improve their leader-style management capability that inspires subordinates. It aims to enable supervisors to guide subordinates to think, express opinions and act on their own for maximizing organizational strengths and seeks to strengthen management and leadership.
dX CAMP for Leaders Leader class A seminar-style DX learning program for leader-class employees, operated in collaboration with GLOBIS Corporation. The aim is to develop leaders who guide an organization, which needs to be changed, with a sense of ownership by cultivating knowledge on corporate strategies and business models matched to the era of digitalization.

Project Request System

Tokio Marine & Nichido has introduced Project Request System, which provides motivated employees across Japan opportunities to take part in various projects of corporate departments at the head office and other departments, while maintaining their original jobs. There are 78 such projects in the first half of fiscal 2022, in which about 500 employees are participating. By introducing and expanding the use of this system, the company aims to achieve human resources development and other objectives shown below.

  • Realize the challenging aspirations of employees on their own initiatives
  • Accelerate the speed of growth of employees and provide broader options for their future career visions
  • Help employees expand their network of people and improve their expertise and skills through the promotion of projects
  • Spur innovation and improve the quality of output by encouraging employees with diverse capabilities to take part in projects

External Side Jobs

External side jobs have certain benefits, such as allowing employees to engage in different work, build new personal connections and gain diverse experiences, which may drive their individual growth. As such, Tokio Marine & Nichido has created an environment that enables employees to take up a side job more easily by revising its operational rules and simplifying the approval process in January 2021.

As a general rule, the company places a limit on the total number of hours allowed for side jobs to 30 hours or less per month from the viewpoint of ensuring the health of employees and only approves a side job if: 1) it does not interfere with employees’ work at Tokio Marine & Nichido; and 2) it is not discreditable to the company.

Tokio Marine & Nichido will support employees who aspire to take up a side job outside the company so that they can utilize such side jobs as an option to achieve their own personal growth.

Job Request System

Tokio Marine & Nichido provides employees with opportunities to choose their jobs to realize their own career vision. The company has introduced the Job Request System to support employees in building their careers and to help strengthen the independence of employees based on choice and self-responsibility. It is a key HR development program for maintaining and expanding the energy of employees by allowing them to apply for jobs they want to try. In particular, locally based employees in jobs not subject to relocation can take on the challenge of a new job in a different location, or continue working after changing localities due to reasons such as marriage or a spouse’s relocation, by applying through the Job Request System (U-turn and I-turn transfers*).

Additionally, when soliciting applicants for fiscal 2021 (for a transfer in April 2022) under the system, the company added the Remote Job Request option for employees who had not been able to apply to the Job Request System because relocation was not possible for family reasons. The option provides those employees an opportunity to take on the challenge of a new job by fully utilizing the system of remote working without relocation.

In addition to the Job Request System, the company offers employees the opportunity to declare their wishes regarding job transfers and future career visions from the perspective of putting the right people in the right jobs based on their career visions and transfer wishes.

*U-turn and I-turn
U-turn transfers An application type transfer in which employees in jobs not subject to relocation can take on the challenge of new jobs outside the traditional framework with a temporary relocation on the condition that they must return to their original localities.
I-turn transfers An application type transfer in which employees in jobs not subject to relocation can continue working after changing localities due to reasons such as marriage or a parent’s or spouse’s relocation.
  • *Not all employee relocation requests are approved.

Dialogue with Employees

Tokio Marine Group values dialogue with employees about overall management, personnel measures and workplace environments and leverages the feedback to improve its management.

Raising Employee Satisfaction Levels

Tokio Marine Group conducts a culture and value survey of employees around the world every year. In fiscal 2021, approximately 34,000 employees from 42 Group companies participated in the survey. Conducting an across-the-board survey makes it possible to understand the entire Group’s inclination toward Group culture as well as each Group company’s culture and values and enables us to promote various initiatives to realize the “Good Company” vision.

Group companies in Japan have created a group-wide platform for the implementation of a Group employee awareness survey once each year. In fiscal 2021, the survey was given to 6,610 employees in 16 individual companies such as Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life conducting a similar initiative independently.

In place of its previous employee awareness survey, in fiscal 2020 Tokio Marine & Nichido started using the Motivation Cloud service provided by Link and Motivation Inc. The service is designed to accurately capture employees’ job satisfaction and motivation, in other words the status of employee engagement, and support timely implementation of effective measures. It also has a feature to identify the status through a comparison with other companies. In the Best Motivation Company Award 2022 hosted by Link and Motivation, in consecutive years Tokio Marine & Nichido was ranked second in the Large Companies category.

Although employee satisfaction levels are high on the whole throughout the Group, we are aiming to further boost employee satisfaction by reflecting opinions of employees regularly gathered by each company in overall management and personnel measures and by providing feedback related to organizational management.

Sound Labor-Management Relations

In Tokio Marine Group, Tokio Marine & Nichido and other Group companies conduct good-faith negotiations and discussions with labor unions on a wide range of topics, from payroll, personnel systems and occupational health and safety to management policies, to achieve sound corporate growth and maintain and improve various working conditions of union members.

Developing and Securing Human Resources Capable of Engaging in Global Business

Promotion of Global Human Resources Strategy

Amid the increasing importance of overseas business, Tokio Marine Group considers it essential to build a human resources base that supports development into a global insurance group through the hiring and developing of diverse human resources at Group companies around the world. To achieve this goal, we formulated a global human resources strategy and have been promoting various measures on an ongoing basis since 2012.

Pillars of Tokio Marine Group Global Human Resources Strategy
  • 1.Develop Global Leaders
  • 2.Develop highly professional human resources for each function in line with expertise
  • 3.Expand the base of the global talent pool
  • 4.Establish systems and infrastructure to spread the Company’s Corporate Philosophy

For “Develop Global Leaders,” we are implementing a number of measures aimed at development that include training for Global Leader candidates selected from Group companies worldwide. In addition, Tokio Marine Group started the Global Job Rotation Program in fiscal 2011 from the perspective of actively utilizing motivated and capable overseas local talent. These and other initiatives are being undertaken to develop and utilize highly professional human resources for each function in line with expertise.

The Group also provides a variety of development opportunities with the aim of broadening the horizons of this group of global human resources. This includes short-term overseas training programs for Global Course third-year employees of Tokio Marine & Nichido, which started in fiscal 2012, and the dispatch of overseas trainees.

A specialized department in charge of global human resources was established at Tokio Marine Holdings to steadily promote these measures. At the same time, the company regularly holds the Global Human Resources Conference by gathering human resources department managers of major Group companies to discuss measures to strengthen cooperation among human resources departments, human resources development common to the Group, personnel strategies and other matters. Going forward, the company will continue to promote the global human resources strategy while actively incorporating the opinions and requests of Group companies around the world.

Stably Securing Global Management Personnel and Personnel with Specialized Knowledge

The environment surrounding Tokio Marine Group has been undergoing rapid changes, including technological advancements, globalization and demographic shifts. Consequently, it has become increasingly important to accurately capture these highly uncertain changes in the external environment and reflect them in corporate management. As a system to stably develop management personnel with high levels of expertise and management capability to respond to such significant changes on a global scale and drive the Group’s management, Tokio Marine Holdings introduced a new personnel system in April 2019. Under the system, we have been promoting group-wide talent management of such personnel and continually providing a variety of transnational training programs.

  • Data Science Hill Climb
    This is Tokio Marine Holdings‘s original program for developing data scientists truly talented to lead the digital transformation of Tokio Marine Group. Under the supervision of Professor Yutaka Matsuo at the graduate school of The University of Tokyo, this long-term development curriculum of more than 200 hours is designed to cultivate skills to utilize data in business in a systematic manner.
  • Domestic and Overseas Trainee System (MBA/LLM Course)
    Tokio Marine & Nichido operates a trainee system that solicits participants from employees and provides them opportunities to apply for Master of Business (MBA) or Master of Laws (LLM) program offered by Japanese and overseas graduate schools on corporate sponsorship, with an aim to gain specialized knowledge in management, financial affairs and legal fields and form a network with people outside the company.
  • Support for Acquisition of Actuary Qualification
    Tokio Marine & Nichido encourages its employees to acquire actuary qualification of The Institute of Actuaries of Japan and provides relevant support in order to develop mathematical professionals, who engage in product development and risk assessment (calculation of insurance premium rate, policy reserve, etc.) necessary for operating insurance business.

Securing Human Resources Who Will Lead the Future

Tokio Marine & Nichido endeavors to secure diverse and capable human resources that can play active roles globally regardless of gender, nationality or whether being new graduates or mid-career employees.

As a new initiative in fiscal 2021, the company conducted fall recruitment of new graduates for the first time in almost 10 years and successfully recruited students who were not accessible in spring recruitment as well as young persons with a few years of business experience. In addition, the company has further strengthened the hiring of human resources who can plan new services and spur innovation from the customer’s perspective through its SPEC Innovation Course and the hiring of those who are potential candidates for global management personnel through its SPEC Global Business Course. This has helped the company to secure diverse human resources.

Tokio Marine & Nichido also provides internships for participants to experience its various businesses in the actual workplace. The company creates an internship program for each workplace accepting students. Each program offers a menu of activities, such as participating in a meeting with outside parties, an office tour, roundtable discussions with diverse employees of different backgrounds, web conferences with employees working overseas and case studies through group work. In fiscal 2021, the company offered, mainly online, a three-day premium internship in seven cities across Japan and a two-day internship at branch offices nationwide, and accepted a total of more than 1,000 students. Tokio Marine & Nichido’s internship programs are highly appraised by students, job placement media and other parties as an “internship that encourages the growth of participants,” as it requires high levels of input and output.

Moreover, as part of its career education, Tokio Marine & Nichido has launched “Tokio Marine Career Academy,” an online seminar in which any employee can participate easily at any time, to provide programs that facilitate a deeper understanding of non-life insurance industry and support for career paths. Covering a wide range of topics, including tips for job-seeking activities and lectures by former employees of Tokio Marine & Nichido, the seminar was held 12 times during fiscal 2021.

Tokio Marine & Nichido will continue to engage in a broad range of recruitment activities as an effort to secure excellent and competent human resources, and at the same time provide opportunities for participants to explore social issues and new solutions through workplace experiences and exchange with employees, and contribute to the development of future generations.

Reform of Working Styles

Tokio Marine Group has been striving to reform working styles with the aim of driving sustainable growth of the company and employees by having diverse human resources work with high productivity.

Initiatives in Pursuit of Highly Productive Working Styles

Tokio Marine Group is pushing ahead with various initiatives in pursuit of highly productive working styles in order to provide even higher added value to customers.

As examples, Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life initiated Go Go Challenge Day (employees finish work at 5:30 p.m. once per week) and Season Challenge (all lights off and employees finish work at 8:00 p.m. for one month four times a year) so as to establish the custom of each employee controlling his or her own work hours independently. In doing so, the company aims for all employees to carry out these working practices.

In addition, we allow the use of a dedicated app that enables the confirmation, sending and receiving of company email from the individual’s mobile handset when on the move or with a client. From an infrastructure perspective, we provide company mobile handsets, and from a system perspective, home and mobile working are given as options to all employees. We aim to ensure that diverse personnel can work at high productivity levels by establishing an environment in which people are free to choose work location and work times.

By encouraging each employee to effectively utilize the extra time created through these initiatives for personal growth (higher motivation to work, better health and enriched life) and linking their personal growth to higher added value we provide to customers, we aim to achieve sustainable growth of both the Group and employees.

Personnel Systems Enabling Diverse Employees to Work with Independence

To support the realization of diverse working styles for each employee, Tokio Marine Group companies have established a range of systems including the introduction of a system enabling employees to flexibly change daily working hours (working hours free choice system) as well as childcare and nursing care leave, volunteer work leave and special consecutive paid holidays. In particular, Tokio Marine & Nichido aims for 100% of employees to take special consecutive paid holidays, which allows them to take five consecutive days off for any reasons.

Through these systems, each employee has the ability to choose the best working style to fit the circumstances he or she has been placed in. This has enabled us to create an environment in which employees with diverse values and a variety of experiences, including childcare and nursing care, can continue to make a meaningful contribution. In addition, we give consideration to flexible working arrangements through I-turn transfers*, Tokio Marine & Nichido’s job request system.

  • *I-turn transfers: An application type transfer in which employees in jobs not subject to relocation can continue working after changing localities due to reasons such as marriage or a parent’s or spouse’s relocation.

Support for Balancing Work and Childcare

Tokio Marine Group supports the balance between work and childcare at each Group company. In recognition of proactive initiatives for employees’ childcare support, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life, Tokio Marine Millea SAST, Tokio Marine dR, Tokio Marine & Nichido Systems and Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service, Tokio Marine & Nichido ANSHIN 110 and Tokio Marine Asset Management were granted the Next Generation Certification (Kurumin) subsequent to accomplishing the General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Next Generation Nurturing Support Measures Promotion Law by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. Of these companies, Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life, Tokio Marine & Nichido Systems and Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service have been accredited with the Platinum Kurumin for introducing and utilizing systems that support both work and childcare and maintaining these efforts at a high standard.

Tokio Marine & Nichido has established the “mama & papa career advancement support system” as a system supporting the growth of employees wanting to work and advance their careers while raising children. Specifically, we have set up systems that go above and beyond what is mandated by law and support measures realizing a smooth return to work as well as a good balance between work and childcare. The number of people using these systems is increasing every year.

2018年認定 くるみん 子育てサポートしています
プラチナくるみん 子育てサポートしています
  • A special paid leave system up to 2 weeks before maternity leave in excess of legally required minimum
  • A childcare leave system up until the child turns one year and two months, as a general rule, that may be extended up to two years depending on circumstances
  • A shortened work hours system that can be used from pregnancy to the end of the fiscal year when the child is in the third year of elementary school
  • A paid parental leave for 5 days from the start of parental leave in excess of legally required minimum
  • A paid paternal leave up to 7 days before the spouse gives birth in excess of legally required minimum
  • Introducing a system allowing the viewing of company information from home during childcare leave
  • Implementing a telecommuting system for all employees
  • Holding seminars and opinion exchange meetings for system users and their superiors and partners

We are celebrating International Women's Day and the diverse contributions of women across our Group Companies by sharing various stories of women and their allies within our group.