Tokio Marine Group Sustainability/Wellness Charter

Tokio Marine Group Sustainability Charter

Tokio Marine Group is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by implementing its Corporate Philosophy to achieve sustainable growth together with the development of society in accordance with the following principles:

Products and Services

  • We aim to provide society with products and services to meet its needs for safety and security.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity

  • We respect and actively promote the recognition of human rights.
  • We strive to ensure an energetic working environment that is both safe and healthy and to promote training and education of our employees.
  • We respect the right to privacy and strive to enforce sound information management and control.

Protection of the Global Environment

  • Acknowledging that the protection of the global environment is an important responsibility for all corporate entities, we respect the harmonization with and the improvement of the global environment in all of our activities.

Contribution to Local Communities and Societies

  • As a member of various communities and societies, we respect the diversity of cultures and customs and we aim to contribute actively to the needs of the current era.


  • While striving to maintain high ethical standards at all times, we will pursue strict compliance in all aspects of our business activities.


  • We intend to disclose information timely and appropriately and to promote dialogue with all our stakeholders to ensure effective corporate management.

Tokio Marine Group Wellness Charter

The mental and physical well-being of our employees and their families is essential in order to increase employee engagement, live up to our corporate philosophy and therefore enhance our corporate value. With these principles in mind Tokio Marine Group (hereafter “Tokio Marine”) commits to promote the following for its staff and their families:

  • Tokio Marine will promote a culture in which each employee thinks about how they can incorporate well-being into their lifestyle.
  • Tokio Marine will invest in wellness initiatives, establish an environment and a corporate culture that will continuously encourage the promotion of wellness.
  • Tokio Marine will contribute to the realization of a healthier and more prosperous future by supporting the wellness of our customers, communities, and society as a whole.

President and Group CEO