Questions about Tokio Marine Holdings

Q1When was Tokio Marine Holdings founded?

Tokio Marine Holdings was founded on April 2, 2002. Please refer to
"Company Information" for more information.

Q2Where can I find a map to the company?

The address of our headquarter and a map to the building can be found here.

Q3What kinds of companies form the Tokio Marine Group?

Please refer to "List of Group Companies."

Q4How do I find the names of executive officers?
Q5Is there an organizational chart of Tokio Marine Holdings?

Please refer to "Organizational Chart."

Q6What are the Sustainability activities of Tokio Marine Holdings?

Information on Sustainability activities can be found here.
Information on Sustainability Report can be found here.

Questions about Corporate Finances and Investor Relations

Q1How can I obtain an annual report?

An annual report in PDF format can be downloaded from here.

Q2When does the fiscal year end?

The fiscal year ends on March 31.

Q3How can I review the financial highlights for the most recent fiscal year?

Please refer to "Financial Highlights."

Q4Does Tokio Marine Holdings submit reports to the Securities Exchange Commission of the United States?

The filing of Form 20-F has been stopped providing from FY07 due to the termination of the registration with the SEC.
Back numbers can be downloaded from here.

Q5Where can I find the financial statement (yuka shoken hokokusho) or the half-year financial statement?

PDF files of these reports can be downloaded here. (in Japanese)

Q6What is the price of Tokio Marine Holdings' stock?

The price of Tokio Marine Holdings' stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is displayed here.

Q7What is the Tokio Marine Group's rating?

Please refer to "Rating Information."

Q8Can I attend IR Conference or Results Conference Call as an individual investor?

We apologize but the attendees are limited to institutional investors and securities analysts, even through broadcast lives. Please refer to the materials and videos/audio data at "IR Presentation"

Q9Where can I find IR presentations and videos?

Previous presentations are available at "IR Presentation."

Q10Who are the securities analysts covering Tokio Marine Holdings?

Please refer to "Analysts Coverage."

Questions about Tokio Marine Holdings Stock

Q1Where is Tokio Marine Holdings listed?

Tokio Marine Holdings is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section).

Q2What is the securities code of Tokio Marine Holdings and its ticker symbol of U.S. over-the-counter market?

The securities code is 8766,
and the ticker symbol is TKOMY.

Q3Where can I find figures for past dividend payments?

Please refer to "Return to Shareholders."

Q4Where can I inquire about procedural matters related to Tokio Marine Holdings stock?

Please refer to "Stock Information."

Other Questions

Q1Where can I inquire about the products and services of Tokio Marine Group companies?

Please contact each company listed here.