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CSR & ESG Highlights

In striving to be a “Good Company,” Tokio Marine Group undertakes CSR focused on the core CSR themes of “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” with the aim of contributing to solving a variety of issues, mainly in fields closely related to the business activities of an insurance group, and ensuring these efforts lead to an increase in corporate value. In fiscal 2017, Tokio Marine Group undertook the following initiatives and promoted local community and social contribution activities with the participation of all employees. In fiscal 2017, the employee participation rate (total) in local community and social contribution activities for Tokio Marine Group was 139.4%, exceeding our annual target of 100% for the fourth consecutive year.

1. Providing Safety and Security

1 Making Society Resilient to Natural Disasters

  • Efforts were made to promote industry-academia collaborative research in response to climate change and natural disasters, and the industry-academia collaborative initiative with Tohoku University for building a disaster-resilient community won the Excellent Resilience Award at the Japan Resilience Award 2018.
  • At the World Disaster Risk Reduction (Bosai) Forum held in Sendai in November 2017, a panel discussion entitled “Building a disaster-resilient community in the Asia-Pacific – The power of science and insurance” was held to disseminate the relevant information, including recommendations for promoting disaster prevention through industry-academia-government collaboration, broadly to society.
  • The Disaster Prevention Lessons were held at schools about 390 times to approximately 30,100 children (cumulative total as of March 31, 2018) to raise their disaster awareness.

2Building a Secure Society by Leveraging Traffic Technology Innovation

  • A Rider for Expenses for Saving Victims for auto insurance and Super Insurance, and Drive Agent Personal for auto insurance were released in response to technology innovation and the latest customer needs.

3Building a Secure Society by Responding to Varying Lifestyles and Changes in Society

  • We continued to distribute disaster-related “personalized” videos that factor in regional characteristics to promote the raising of disaster prevention awareness of customers.
  • Inbound business support services were provided to business operators in Japan with the aim of promoting revitalization of regional economies by making the most of the expanding inbound market.

4Eliminating Poverty in Society

  • We promoted our efforts to make society resilient to natural disasters and contributed to the promotion of disaster prevention in the world through participation in international initiatives.

2. Protecting the Earth

1Promoting Environmental Management

  • Efforts to reduce the environmental footprint and implement environmental protection activities resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions by 3.5% (Scope 1+2+3, YoY) and carbon neutral status (sixth time in fifth consecutive years).

2Preserving Biodiversity through Products and Services

  • Promotion of the Mangrove Planting Project (since 1999) and the Green Gift Planet GENKI Program (since October 2016) through the Green Gift Project has strengthened ties with NPOs and local communities.

3Preventing Global Warming by Promoting the Development of Clean Energy

  • The Mega-Solar Package Program and Impairment Liability Coverage for Geothermal Power Generation Operators were provided to customers.
  • The Tokio Marine Low Carbon Japanese Equity Fund, a fund to invest in Japanese companies working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, was launched in November 2017.

4Building Communities for People to Live with Peace of Mind through Environmental Protection Activities

  • “Green Lessons” were carried out at schools about 790 times for approximately 53,460 children (cumulative total as of March 31, 2018) to raise their awareness.

3. Supporting People

1Promoting Health and Productivity Management

  • In addition to working to maintain and promote the health of employees, we promoted health and productivity management initiatives such as strengthening support for health and productivity management of client companies through the establishment of the Health and Productivity Management Task Force. These efforts resulted in selection as a Health & Productivity Stock for the third consecutive year.

2Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

  • Diversity and inclusion efforts and an employment rate of 2.2% for persons with disabilities resulted in selection as a “Nadeshiko Brand” in fiscal 2017.

3Building a Society Based on Health and Longevity to Ensure Peace of Mind

  • A new medical insurance product, Aruku Hoken, was released. It is based on a novel concept of protecting customers from lifestyle-related and other serious diseases.

4Nurturing Generations Responsible for the Future

  • A career education program “Group Work on Managing Risks and Opportunities” was provided at junior high and high schools across Japan. Support for education and childcare was also continued for children whose parents died by disease through a foundation.

5Aiming to Create a Symbiotic Society

  • We continued to provide support for the Japan Para-Sports Association and Japan Inclusive Football Federation and for sports for persons with disabilities by providing opportunities for people to learn about, watch and experience these sports. Our support has impacted 67 sports organizations and approximately 59,000 people.