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Global HR Strategy

Implementing a Global Human Resources Strategy

Amid the growing importance of overseas business, Tokio Marine Group considers it essential to implement a global human resources strategy to build a human resource base that supports development into a global insurance group. This strategy entails hiring and developing diverse human resources at Group companies around the world regardless of nationality, age or gender.

In July 2010, Tokio Marine Holdings established the Global Human Resources Group as a specialized unit to plan and implement a global human resources strategy.

The Company regularly holds the Global Human Resources Meeting by gathering the human resources department managers of major Group companies to discuss measures to strengthen cooperation among human resource departments of Group companies and human resource development common to the Group, personnel strategies and other matters. The Tokio Marine HR Policy, the foundation for personnel policies of the overseas insurance business, was formulated in 2011 based on discussions at this meeting.

The Company will continue to carry out a global human resources strategy by developing concrete measures such as global human resources training and rotation while actively incorporating the opinions and requests of Group companies around the world.

Developing Global Human Resources

Global Human Resources Strategy at a Glance

Since fiscal 2012, Tokio Marine Group has been implementing a global human resources strategy that revolves around the following three points in order to build a human resource base that supports development into a global insurance group.

  1. Expand the base of the global talent pool
  2. Develop Global Leaders
  3. Share the Group's Corporate Philosophy

Based on this strategy, Tokio Marine & Nichido began sending third-year employees throughout Japan to short-term overseas training programs, aiming to expand the base of the global talent pool for the Group's globalization. The Group has also upgraded programs to develop Global Leaders by providing the Senior Global Leadership Development Program and Middle Global Leadership Development Program, where leaders in senior and middle tier, who were selected from Group companies in Japan and overseas can learn and strengthen their global leadership skills.

Tokio Marine Global HR Policy

We believe that our people are the most important contributor to our company's success. We aim to attract and retain the best talent in every aspect of our business.

We value diversity and inclusion as we strive for global excellence, and we work hard to create a business environment where our people can achieve their full potential.

We have a transparent relationship with our people. For those who have both a passion and a challenging spirit, we encourage career development and personal growth.