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Corporate Philosophy

Tokio Marine Group Corporate Philosophy With customer trust as the foundation for all its activities, Tokio Marine Group continually strives to raise corporate value.
  • Through the provision of the highest quality products and services, Tokio Marine Group aims to deliver safety and security to all our customers.
  • By developing sound, profitable and growing businesses throughout the world, Tokio Marine Group will fulfill its mandate to shareholders.
  • Tokio Marine Group will continue to build an open and dynamic corporate culture that enables each and every employee to demonstrate his or her creative potential.
  • Acting as a good corporate citizen through fair and responsible management, Tokio Marine Group will broadly contribute to the development of society.

The dynamic helicoid-shaped figure represents innovation and creativity to anticipate the future, while gently embracing and supporting our customers and the earth.
This logo expresses our wish to prosper and grow on a global scale together with our customers.
To the logo, we applied a gold color, which symbolizes the preciousness of humankind and the earth.
We also applied blue to the helicoid-shaped figure, the color conveying such meanings as intelligence, cleverness, affinity, and the future.