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Training & Development

Our Commitment to Employee Development

The Tokio Marine Group believes that its employees are the most important contributor to its success. Therefore, for those with a passionate spirit that welcomes challenge, we encourage career development and personal growth through our extensive training programs, worldwide. Training programs vary across Group Companies depending on the business needs.

Leadership Development and Management Training

In 2012, Tokio Marine Group launched the Senior Global Leadership Development Program (SGL), a training program for overseas local employee managers aimed at nurturing various human resources in respective countries worldwide regardless of nationality, age or gender. For this program, top executives gather from respective countries around the world to participate in programs that are conducted over a five-month period, including group training held on three occasions.

Through the SGL, participants aim to achieve the following two objectives necessary for Global Leaders:

  1. Understand and internalize the vision, mission, and values of the Tokio Marine Group, as embodied by the Good Company concept
  2. Build the mindset and skills of Global Leaders

Participants are divided into teams to work on action learning. At the first group training in 2013, participants visited the Tohoku disaster area and talked with agents and employees there to deepen their understanding of the Tokio Marine Group's Corporate Philosophy, values and vision. At the second group training, they visited New York and Philadelphia, where they engaged in discussions with the managers of Group companies, and deepened their understanding of business strategies and built their mindset and skills as Global Leaders through participation in a joint development program with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Going forward, the participants will continue action learning as they interact with other diverse group members and experience interactive sessions on leadership skills. At the third group training, each team will make proposals to management and engage in active discussions.

Tokio Marine Group also launched the Middle Global Leadership Development Program (MGL) in 2013. Leaders in middle tier gathered from group companies around the world to participate in this five days long program. Similar to SGL, the participants had opportunity to visit Tohoku disaster site and had discussion with the local agency and local employees to deepen their understanding of Tokio Marine Group's vision, Good Company. They were divided into teams based on their functional discipline to work on an action learning project about how Good Company concept could actually be applied in their function. Each team delivered final presentations to management and had discussion with them.

Career Growth and Development Planning

Tokio Marine Group started the Global Job Rotation Program from fiscal 2011 as part of its global human resources strategy in order to actively utilize overseas local employees with enthusiasm and ability. The four main objectives of the Global Job Rotation Program are as follows.

  1. Support effective implementation of global strategies through assignment of the right people to the right jobs.
  2. Utilize employees who have knowledge and experience in Tokio Marine Group to raise the level of the know-how and ability of the Group as a whole.
  3. Provide overseas local employees with opportunities to advance their careers to boost their motivation.
  4. Create richly diverse workplace environments with people of different racial backgrounds, nationalities, ages and genders to transform the corporate culture and promote globalization.

Since the program was launched in fiscal 2011, the Head Office in Japan has been accepting approximately 30 local employees from countries overseas over periods from a few weeks to several months, in which they work together with Japanese employees in various departments, including the human resources, IT and reinsurance departments. In 2013, the Head Office started the first long term assignment, accepting an employee for one year. The program is expected to expand in 2014, and we aim to achieve the objectives listed above through this program.