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Toward a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Future

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, are attracting attention and there are rising expectations that companies will work together with governments and municipalities, nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and citizens to proactively contribute to resolving societal issues. Tokio Marine Group believes corporate social responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with the implementation of our Corporate Philosophy and that promoting efforts to solve societal issues will lead to the Group’s sustainable growth. For these reasons, under our “To Be a Good Company 2017” mid-term business plan, which we launched in fiscal 2015, we have set “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” as our core CSR themes and will promote CSR with the participation of all employees globally. As this mid-term business plan also approaches its final fiscal year, our ever more self-motivated employees will act with integrity and compassion, and as this spreads throughout organizations and the entire Group, we believe that it will create a virtuous cycle of developing innovative products and services along with contributing to local communities and society. By implementing these initiatives, we aim to become a “Good Company” that is trusted by all people and society.

Providing Safety and Security

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 was adopted in 2015 at the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction with the aim of mitigating damages from natural disasters and other causes. Moreover, amid the rise of risks other than natural disasters, including geopolitical risks, it is necessary to develop appropriate risk management solutions and build safe and secure communities. To ensure it can properly support customers and society even amid these changes, Tokio Marine Group provides safety and security throughout all its business activities. This includes carrying out industry-academia collaborative research, offering products and services to prepare for a variety of risks, participating in international initiatives, continuously supporting reconstruction of disaster-stricken regions in collaboration with partners and conducting on-site Disaster Prevention Lessons for school children.

Industry-Academia Collaborative Research

Responding to climate change and natural disasters is a high-priority issue for Tokio Marine Group from the perspective of enterprise risk management. Accordingly, Tokio Marine Group has been promoting research on climate change and natural disaster risk through industry-academia collaborative research in cooperation with world-class research institutions that include The University of Tokyo (since 2005), Nagoya University (since 2007), Tohoku University (since 2011) and Kyoto University (since 2012). In undertaking this research, we strive to ascertain details of forecasts for damage caused by any natural disasters that could possibly occur in the future and share the outcomes of this research with society.

From fiscal 2017 onward, we will continue and enhance industry-academia collaborative research and strive to utilize our research outcomes for sophisticating hazard maps in local communities and for use in evacuation plans of local governments to raise safety and security in regional communities. In March 2016, Tokio Marine & Nichido, together with Tohoku University, convened a forum in Sendai entitled Five Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, a Disaster We Will Never Forget, where we publicly presented our achievements on industry-academia collaborative earthquake and tsunami risk assessment. At the same time, we shared the thoughts of municipalities, companies, NPOs and insurance agents toward the reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas as well as disaster prevention.

Creating Value through Products and Services
Tokio Marine Group strives to quickly provide security to customers and communities through insurance and various services when disasters or accidents occur. Tokio Marine Group has begun distributing to customers personalized videos with customized information on necessary insurance in preparation for disasters. Tokio Marine Group provides its corporate customers with expert advice to expedite business resumption and assist corporate customers in designing optimal business continuity plans (BCP). Tokio Marine Group also offers the products that provide safety and security to people who had not necessarily been insured. These products include One Day Auto Insurance, which is aimed at reducing auto accidents involving uninsured drivers by encouraging young drivers who do not own vehicles to sign up for insurance, as well as weather insurance and micro-insurance targeting farmers and low-income earners in India who suffer from poverty. We are also moving ahead in offering products and services that anticipate changes in customer needs and society. These include Drive Agent Personal, “Cyber Risk Insurance,” “participation in demonstration tests on public roads for autonomous vehicles” and “a new type of overseas travel insurance for foreign tourists visiting Japan.”
Participation in International Initiatives
To raise the resilience of society as a whole to natural disasters and contribute to resolving disaster issues and mitigating damages, Tokio Marine Group participates in the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) as well as in ClimateWise and The Geneva Association Extreme Events and Climate Risk (EE+CR) working group, as we make efforts to promote global disaster prevention.
Earthquake Reconstruction Support and Disaster Prevention Awareness and Education
Tokio Marine Group is continuing to provide support to the Tohoku Region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake through a variety of activities that include support of the Ten-Year Restoration Project of the Coastal Forests of Tohoku Region, volunteer reconstruction support activities by employees and agents in affected areas and offering lunch menus from disaster-stricken regions at employee cafeterias with charitable donations. These support efforts are driven by our determination to “never forget the event at any cost and continue to do whatever we can do even in any small way.” For the Kumamoto earthquakes that struck in April 2016, the entire company worked as one to ensure swift claim payments to customers while new employees of Tokio Marine & Nichido participated in various volunteer activities. Additionally, we delivered relief funds donated by domestic and overseas Group companies and their employees and agents to affected local governments. Moreover, to ensure future generations are prepared for the next disasters and can protect themselves, we also actively hold Disaster Prevention Lessons conducted by employees who visit schools as volunteer instructors targeting mainly elementary school children.

Protecting the Earth

Tokio Marine Group undertakes the Green Gift Project*1 for protecting the earth together with its customers as it carries out a variety of environmental protection activities in Japan and overseas through its products and services. Mangrove planting commenced by Tokio Marine & Nichido in 1999 has become a project that symbolizes Tokio Marine Group’s CSR activities and now includes volunteer tree-planting tours with the participation of members of Tokio Marine & Nichido’s management and domestic and overseas Group employees. Additionally, Tokio Marine Group consumes large amounts of paper resources and energy in its own business activities and is continually aware of the environmental burden of these activities. At the same time, we have implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system and our unique Green Assist environmental management system as we continually work to reduce consumption of these resources. Tokio Marine Group also promotes a variety of other measures to protect the earth as a global insurance group that gives thought to the future of our planet and acts responsibly.

Creating Value through Products and Services

Tokio Marine & Nichido initiated the Green Gift Project in 2009 based on the concept of “implementing environmental protection activities together with customers,” and this project has been the driving force for mangrove planting. In October 2013, the scope of this project was expanded to include natural conservation activities throughout Japan. In this manner, we are protecting the natural environment in Japan and abroad as a member of society together with residents in each community.

In October 2016, we changed the name of these environmental activities in Japan to the Green Gift Planet GENKI Program. In doing so, we aim to carry out activities that are close to our customers and local communities and make further efforts to promote environmental protection. The Group’s initiatives for protecting the earth’s environment through its main businesses also extend across various nations. As one example, in 2015 U.S.-based Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) newly commenced the “PHLY 80K Trees” tree-planting program, which contributes to disaster prevention and mitigation in areas with frequent forest fires, inspired by Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Green Gift Project.

Reducing the Environmental Footprint and Becoming Carbon Neutral
Tokio Marine Group promotes such initiatives as conserving electricity and energy, raising business efficiency by using tablet devices and promoting paperless operations. At the same time, the entire Group (consolidated basis) achieved carbon neutral status*2 in fiscal 2011 as well as in the four consecutive years from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2016 by offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by its business activities with CO2 absorption and fixation through means such as the Mangrove Planting Project and acquisition of Tradable Green Certificates. In the future as well, Tokio Marine Group will continue efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and to realize carbon neutral status.
Our Passion Embodied in Mangrove Planting
This year the Mangrove Planting Project marked its 19th year following its launch in 1999, and as of the end of March 2017, a total of 10,103 hectares of mangrove forest have been planted, which has generated economic value exceeding 35 billion yen and brought positive effects to the mangrove forests and the approximately 1.25 million people living in the surrounding regions. Mangroves play a diverse range of roles. These include mitigating the advance of global warming by absorbing and fixing large volumes of CO2, preserving biodiversity and serving as a habitat for shellfish, shrimps, crabs and fish, and also functioning as green levees that protect communities from tsunamis and storms. Mangroves also provide fishery, forestry resources and other resources indispensable to the lives of residents in local communities and contribute to stabilizing and improving standards of living. Tokio Marine Group aims to continue the Mangrove Planting Project, which protects the future of the earth, for 100 years.
Environmental Awareness and Education
Tokio Marine Group promotes an array of environmental awareness and education activities that include Green Lessons that provide fun learning about global environmental protection and mangrove planting to elementary school children and that are led by employees who are dispatched to schools. We also hold the Children’s Environmental Award program that solicits essays and paintings from children across Japan and invites the winners of the contest and their parents to join the Iriomote Island Ecological Experience Tour. Other activities include holding the Marunouchi Citizens Environmental Forum, a social and environmental awareness seminar.

Supporting People

The insurance business has been called a “people’s business.” For those of us who handle the intangible product of insurance, our employees and the trust built between people are everything. Valuing and continually supporting people are essential for Tokio Marine Group to earn the trust of all people and society, achieve sustainable growth and continuously create value for society. Therefore, Tokio Marine Group will make efforts to support a diverse range of people that include youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities and athletes.

Creating Value through Products and Services
Tokio Marine Group is taking the knowledge in health management cultivated through its businesses and applying this at companies as insurance solutions and providing products to customers that support healthy and secure lives. Examples of such products include products related to “Life Insurance Revolution to Protect One’s Living” that respond to needs associated with longer lifespans accompanying the declining birth rate and aging population and Aruku Hoken that uses wearable devices with the concept of preemptively protecting customers from illness.
For Children, Who Will Lead the Future of the Earth
Tokio Marine Group is promoting youth development through a variety of programs. These include developing junior swimmers through support of the Japan Swimming Federation; helping young people grow, encouraging international cultural exchange and promoting sports in the local community through the Tokio Marine Kagami Memorial Foundation, Tokio Marine & Nichido Educational Development Fund and the Tokio Marine Sports Foundation; and providing support for the education of girls in low-income communities in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam via the non-governmental organization (NGO) Room to Read. In 2016, Tokio Marine Group developed Group Work on Managing Risks and Opportunities, a new career education program for junior high school and high school students. We also began providing them with Group Work on Managing Risks and Opportunities led by employees who are dispatched to schools and are accepting these students for company visits. In the future as well, Tokio Marine Group will promote initiatives for children, who will lead the future of the earth.
Support for the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Athletes toward the Realization of a Symbiotic Society
Tokio Marine Group supports the creation of a society where the elderly can live with a sense of security and where persons with disabilities can overcome their disabilities to play active roles. Examples of this support include conducting courses for employees to foster dementia care supporters, providing support for the Special Olympics through volunteers from Group companies in Japan and overseas and supporting the Japan Deafblind Association. Additionally, from 2016 Tokio Marine Group began supporting the Japanese Para-Sports Association and the Japan Inclusive Football Federation. Through initiatives in which employees “learn about,” “watch” and “experience” sports for persons with disabilities, we aim to contribute to the further spread and development of sports for persons with disabilities. Tokio Marine Group will foster opportunities to support people who take on challenges regardless of whether they have disabilities in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Strengthening CSR Management

Tokio Marine Group supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ILO Core Labour Standards, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as ISO 26000. Tokio Marine Group endorsed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2005 and has promoted initiatives based on the UNGC’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. We also place great importance on the social role and responsibilities that the insurance industry is expected to fulfil, while Tokio Marine & Nichido is a signatory to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) advocated by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)) and is undertaking initiatives to create a sustainable society through its insurance business. Additionally, three Group companies, beginning with Tokio Marine Asset Management, are signatories to The Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) of the UNEP FI and are also making efforts for creating a sustainable society through investments.

Tokio Marine Group will continue responding to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as well as continue to be a company that serves a useful purpose during times of need. Accordingly, we have defined our Diversity Policy as the creation of an environment that enables employees, who are working to solve social issues worldwide, to play active roles regardless of their nationality, gender, age or whether they have disabilities to further raise corporate value and realize sustainable growth. We will implement the Diversity Policy to promote diversity across the entire Tokio Marine Group. Although only at the midpoint, a variety of our initiatives have already been recognized. For example, Tokio Marine Holdings was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a Nadeshiko Brand for fiscal 2015.

To realize the philosophy that “health management is the starting point for creating a “Good Company,” Tokio Marine Group is creating mechanisms that enable customers and employees to live healthily both physically and mentally. These efforts were widely recognized and Tokio Marine Holdings was selected as a “2017 Health & Productivity Stock” (second consecutive year since 2016) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

With the aim of fostering a corporate culture in which each employee engages in CSR as his/her own issue and ensure this contributes to the community and helps create corporate value, the “Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR” was established in 2015 and commends and announces outstanding CSR initiatives by all Group companies and their employees in Japan and overseas. By promoting CSR with the participation of all employees, in fiscal 2016 the employee participation rate (total) in community social contribution activities for Tokio Marine Group (domestic) was 139%. We therefore achieved the fiscal 2016 annual target of 100%.

Tokio Marine Group also enhances CSR/ESG information disclosure, which includes the publication of its Integrated Annual Report mainly targeting investors in August 2017 as it communicates its initiatives for the Group’s sustainable value creation. I hope that the Tokio Marine Group CSR Booklet 2017 Together into the Future, which explains the Group’s CSR story in an easy-to-understand manner, along with the Sustainability Report, which provides a detailed explanation of CSR strategies together with data, are helpful in enhancing your understanding of the Tokio Marine Group’s initiatives toward ESG.

Tokio Marine Group is a global insurance group with a dedicated, energetic and proactive workforce and organization, which is the wellspring of its competitiveness in each country and region and a crucial asset for contributing to the development of a sustainable society. My mission is none other than to make Tokio Marine Group a “Good Company” that works to resolve issues facing society and earns the widespread trust of its customers and society. This can only be achieved by harnessing the comprehensive power of the Group together with its employees and interacting and cooperating with its various stakeholders.

September 2017
Tsuyoshi Nagano
President and Group CEO
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

  • *1
    Green Gift Project: This project offers customers an option to choose Web-based insurance contracts (clauses) on our website rather than paper-based contracts in brochure form to reduce paper consumption. Tokio Marine & Nichido donates a portion of the amount saved through reduced paper use to support environmental protection activities in and outside Japan.
  • *2
    Carbon neutral means that CO2 emitted in the course of a company’s business activities is equivalent to the converted volume of CO2 reduced by the use of natural energy and the acquisition of emissions credits by such a company and absorbed and fixed by way of mangrove planting.