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Tokio Marine Group’s Approach to CSR~Continue to be Useful to Society through Our Business Activities

Aiming to Be a “Good Company” Trusted by All People and Society
Tokio Marine Group has provided “safety and security” to society and contributed to its development by making the most of its abundant knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the insurance industry. In the future as well, we will work to solve various social issues and continuously raise the Group’s corporate value while contributing to a safe, secure and sustainable future. By doing so, we aim to become a “Good Company” that is trusted by all people and society.
Focusing on Three Core CSR Themes and Promoting Initiatives in Collaboration with Stakeholders
Tokio Marine Group has set “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” as its three core CSR themes and is promoting CSR in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.
Executing our Corporate Philosophy Based on the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
For Tokio Marine Group, CSR represents the implementation of the Corporate Philosophy. In keeping with the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter, which serves as behavioral guidelines for implementing CSR, all our self-motivated employees will continually act with integrity and compassion using their unique ideas to provide stakeholders with even better value.
Respect for International Codes of Conduct and Human Rights
Tokio Marine Group supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ILO Core Labour Standards, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as ISO 26000. The ideas and contents of the ten principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption advocated by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) coincide with Tokio Marine Group’s own approach to CSR as well as its CSR Charter. Therefore, Tokio Marine Holdings has been participating in the UNGC since 2005.

Tokio Marine Group’s Approach to CSR

Tokio Marine Group Corporate Philosophy

With customer trust as the foundation of all its activities, Tokyo Marine Group continuously strives to raise its corporate value.

Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter

Tokio Marine Group is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by implementing its Corporate Philosophy to achieve sustainable growth together with the development of society in accordance with the following principles:

Products and Services

We aim to provide society with products and services to meet its needs for safety and security.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity

  • We respect and actively promote the recognition of human rights.
  • We strive to ensure an energetic working environment that is both safe and healthy and to promote training and education of our employees.
  • We respect the right to privacy and strive to enforce sound information management and control.

Protection of the Global Environment

Acknowledging that the protection of the global environment is an important responsibility for all corporate entities, we respect the harmonization with and the improvement of the global environment in all of our activities.

Contribution to Local Communities and Societies

As a member of various communities and societies, we respect the diversity of cultures and customs and we aim to contribute actively to the needs of the current era.


While striving to maintain high ethical standards at all times, we will pursue strict compliance in all aspects of our business activities.


We intend to disclose information timely and appropriately and to promote dialogue with all our stakeholders to ensure effective corporate management.

Aiming to Be a “Good Company”

Initiatives in Japan

Our basic approach to being a “Good Company” is to be “a company trusted by all people and society by supporting customers and society in times of need.”

The driving force of Tokio Marine Group’s value creation is the strength of its people, those who embody the Group’s spirit and hold the power to create value. Within our corporate culture that encourages ongoing self-improvement, all employees earnestly consider what we should do to become a “Good Company” as their own matter and then implement a variety of initiatives throughout Japan. The starting point of these efforts is the principle of openness and dynamism.

  1. Permeation among employees

    We encouraged in-house Majikira discussions (a venue for discussing serious topics in an open, frank and creative manner) to consider what we should do to become a “Good Company” and we formulated the Group message “Continually Aim to Be a ‘Good Company’” as watchwords shared by all Group employees to express externally our determination to continually aim to be a “Good Company.”
    Also, as tools for encouraging discussion, we created the “To Be a Good Company” card and the “To Be a Good Company” booklet. The card contains the intent and feelings behind the formulation of the Group message, explanatory notes and group graphic. The booklet contains the path walked by Tokio Marine Group since our establishment and these will be used as tools allowing each employee to feel the “Tokio Marine Group Spirit” and to proactively think about what should be done so that we become a “Good Company” and for deepening discussions on this topic with surrounding members.

    “To Be a Good Company” card

    “To Be a Good Company” booklet

  2. Dialogue with Management
    In addition to Majikira discussions convened in regions across Japan, management staff of Group companies directly visited each region to participate in dialogue. Tokio Marine & Nichido holds these dialogues in the form of “President’s visits to departments and branches” and “Dialogue with executives.” During fiscal 2016, “President’s visits to departments and branches” were implemented 8 times. Meanwhile, “Dialogue with executives” was held 14 times, with the participation of 442 employees. Tokio Marine & Nichido also implements “Dialogue with executives” for its group company employees once per year and in fiscal 2016 this dialogue was held at 20 companies with the participation of 37 employees. In fiscal 2017, group company visits by executives are scheduled to be implemented four times.
    These dialogues provided employees with an opportunity for direct dialogue with management, with whom they ordinarily have little contact in their daily business duties. This interaction helped employees raise motivation toward their work, promoted an understanding of company policies and measures and spurred the creative initiative of each employee, which also led to opportunities for drawing out the self-initiative of employees. On the other hand, this dialogue enables management to better understand the opinions of employees and helps with management decisions and therefore serves as a useful venue for both management and employees.
  3. Initiatives of the Challenge Promotion Campaign
    In August 2015, Tokio Marine & Nichido commenced the Challenge Promotion Campaign, a project for promoting and supporting each and every challenge toward becoming a “Good Company.” Under this campaign, Tokio Marine & Nichido is proactively promoting initiatives such as the following to create a corporate culture in which the entire Group works as one and continually takes on challenges through efforts by every person to meet challenges, share excellent initiatives that transcend organizations and departments, and mutually praise each other.

    Initiatives toward customers

    • Develop “Challenge Series” advertisements and implement various types of campaigns.

    Initiatives for promoting and supporting challenges undertaken by employees and agents

    • Share good examples through the internal portal site “Everyone’s Challenge” and public relations magazines.
    • Implement the Challenge Promotion Competition that commends initiatives for three reforms (reform of working styles, reform of method of being selected, continual reforms of good corporate culture) at all branches.
    • Develop various goods and tools that liven up the Challenge Promotion Campaign and support customers’ challenges.
    • Foster a culture for taking on the challenge of reform without fear of failure as well as learning from past failures through case studies.

    As a part of the Challenge Promotion Campaign, the company implements initiatives for supporting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and regional revitalization.

    Tokio Marine & Nichido Life, in collaboration with TMNF, is also carrying out the Challenge Promotion Campaign with the aim of becoming a Good Company that is trusted by all people and society.

Overseas Initiatives

  1. Communicate the Tokio Marine Group’s shared vision “To be a ‘Good Company’” in each region.
    We are creating videos and booklets (multilingual) as support tools for deepening the understanding of and promoting discussions about “To be a Good Company”, the shared vision of Tokio Marine Group, throughout the world. The videos and booklets explain the Good Company vision and provide examples from across the Group. Beginning in 2015, the CEOs of some Group Companies each talked about their own respective thoughts about a Good Company, and their messages were distributed across the entire Group. Additionally, we established the Good Company Awards in fiscal 2016, which recognize superior achievement pursuing the values of a Good Company and the employees who promote these. These were recognized in the three categories that together form the Good Company concept: “Look Beyond Profit,” “Empower Our People” and “Deliver on Commitments.” At the commendation ceremony, award winners from Japan and overseas mutually share knowledge and initiatives and this interchange among people helps foster a sense of Group unity that leads to the permeation of the Group Vision at each Group Company.



    Good Company Award

  2. Convening Global Leadership Development Programs Targeting Human Resources in Countries Worldwide
    At Tokio Marine Holdings, Global Leadership Development programs are convened with the aim of developing managers who will be responsible for management in each region. Within these programs, we have set up opportunities for participants to visit areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake and listen to first-hand accounts by persons who actually experienced the disaster. This initiative strives to promote a deeper understanding of the type of value we have provided to customers, agents and society and to share the feeling of “wishing to be useful for ‘society and people’ through insurance” as well as the pride we take in being members of Tokio Marine Group. Based on their own understanding, training participants consider how they will exemplify what they have learned and apply this at their respective Group companies and departments in their own countries and then move into action.

Through these initiatives, we strive to share our values globally and are taking on challenges with the aim of being an insurance group that is trusted by all people and society and continues to achieve growth.