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Tokio Marine Group, which places customer trust as the foundation of all its activities, is implementing various compliance-related initiatives based on its belief that it is important to thoroughly implement compliance through its day-to-day business, with employees and agents maintaining high ethical standards.

Tokio Marine Group Compliance System

Tokio Marine Group defines compliance as “observing applicable laws, rules and regulations and internal regulations and conducting fair and equitable business activities within social norms” and thoroughly implements compliance in this manner.

Response to Anti-Social Forces

Tokio Marine Group has formulated the “Tokio Marine Group Basic Policies Concerning Responses to Anti-social Forces” so that Group companies can resist anti-social forces and make concerted and uniform responses. Initiatives are being promoted based on the following basic concepts.

  1. To ensure it consistently undertakes fair management and widely contributes to the development of society as a good corporate citizen, Tokio Marine Group shall sever all relationships with anti-social forces and forcefully repudiate any illicit demands made by them as a basic matter in the application of its Corporate Philosophy. In association with lawyers, police and other professionals, it will respond to anti-social forces in an uncompromising and organized manner.
  2. Tokio Marine Group shall respond to anti-social forces based on the following measures.
    1. Take action as a unified organization while ensuring the safety of directors, officers and employees;
    2. Contact relevant external institutions that specialize in such matters;
    3. Sever all known relationships, including transactions, and repudiate any illicit demands;
    4. Take legal action at either the civil or criminal level for any contingency; and
    5. Prohibit backroom deals and funding.

Taking into consideration the “Tokio Marine Group Basic Policies Concerning Responses to Anti-social Forces,” Tokio Marine Group shall promote initiatives that include setting up controlling departments, establishing reporting and consultation rules and systems for when a problem occurs and implementing training activities.

Initiatives Concerning the Assurance of Appropriate Financial Reporting and Tax Reporting

Tokio Marine Group has formulated the Basic Policies for Accounting and is establishing a structure for ascertaining the Company’s consolidated financial condition and the financial condition of Group companies and for appropriately undertaking approval and reporting procedures directed at shareholders and supervisory agencies as well as for tax reporting.