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Tokio Marine Group A global insurance group that delivers sustainable growth
by providing safety and security to customers worldwide
- Our timeless endeavor to be a Good Company -

Tokio Marine Group consists of Tokio Marine Holdings and 245 subsidiaries and 32 affiliates located worldwide, operating extensively in the non-life insurance business, life insurance business, and financial and general businesses.

As of March 31, 2017

Domestic Life Insurance Business

Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business

International Insulance Business

Financial and General Businesses

Japan's first non-life insurance company

Since its establishment in 1879 as the Japan's first non-life insurance company, Tokio Marine Group has been expanding its business globally from the domestic non-life insurance business to the life insurance business and the international insurance business.

Established in

Global business development

Tokio Marine Group operates a worldwide network that spans 38 countries and regions to provide safety and security to customers.

Overseas offices
38 countries and regions

Well-Balanced Business Portfolio

Composition of Business Unit Profits*

* For the Domestic Life Insurance Business, TEV is used in FY2002, and MCEV is used in FY2017 (Projection)

Tokio Marine Group has been working to build a business portfolio with diversifi ed risk in terms of geography and business domains, to stabilize profi ts in the insurance business and enhance capital effi ciency of the Group. As a result, the business composition centered on the domestic non-life insurance business has changed signifi cantly and the Group’s business portfolio has become more balanced.

The people of Tokio Marine Group

With more than 30,000 group employees serving as the driving force of our value creation, we are providing safety and security globally.

Tokio Marine Group employees