Aiming to Realize Our
“Good Company” Initiatives

2019/10/18 up

“Good Company Better Society”
-Keep Trying to Be a “Good Company” for People and Society-

Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited.
Chayanit Hongskul

Realizing a “Good Company” in Thailand that “Always Acting in the Customers’ Best Interests”

Chayanit Hongskul is working to overcome social challenges in Thailand with the aim of realizing “Good Company Better Society.” We asked her thoughts and feelings about the projects she has been involved in.

Realizing a “Good Company” in Thailand

I am Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications at Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited. My roles are to spread awareness of the “Tokio Marine” brand in Thailand and to permeate the Tokio Marine Group’s determination to be a “Good Company” both within and beyond the company.
As part of our corporate value creation project, we also promote activities to increase understanding of the insurance industry in society at large as well as social contribution activities, with a slogan “Good Company Better Society” put up under our group message “To Be a Good Company”.

“Always Acting in the Customer’s Best Interests”

In 2018, numerous fraud incidents involving insurance agencies and brokers occurred in Thailand, and this became a major issue for society. The agencies and brokers involved in these fraud cases did not have any relationships with Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand). However, as a member of the insurance industry, our company sees this as a serious social problem that could affect anybody in Thailand. Accordingly, we have launched measures to encourage our customers and society at large to take an interest in this issue. We believe this is one way we can try to become a “Good Company” from the perspective of “always acting in the customers’ best interests.”

Posting an Awareness-Raising Video on Social Media

When implementing the above measures, we collected accurate information from all departments at the company, investigated the problem from a variety of perspectives, and interviewed some people who had actually suffered damages. Next, we explored the most effective way to communicate this information and found that the best media format would be social media. We then collaborated with highly influential influencers in social media in Thailand, and created a video to communicate information and facts surrounding the frauds, and to raise awareness. We posted the video widely on Facebook.
The project had an even bigger impact than we expected. In just a short time after its release, the video was watched by 700,000 people. We received numerous responses from our customers, and this helped to create links for us to new customers. I feel that the project gave us a truly tangible way of expressing our company’s desire to achieve our goal of “Good Company Better Society.”

Why We Aim for “Good Company Better Society”

We believe that “Good Company Better Society” is a continuous journey. With this in mind, we continue to carry out corporate communications activities via social media. In Thailand, traffic accidents increase every year during the Songkran holiday, which is the traditional Thai New Year holiday (April 13 to 15 every year). In 2019, we posted a “Drink Don’t Drive” video on Facebook as part of our campaign to promote traffic safety and eliminate drink driving. Again, we received a large number of responses from people who have watched the video. In the future, we plan to implement awareness-raising activities about a variety of social issues.

Keep Trying to Be a “Good Company” for People and Society

“Good Company” is a simple concept, but in addition to the internal aspects, such as ethics and morals, it also allows us to set out what specific actions we can take and what real measures we can show people. I feel that continuing to try to be a “Good Company” is an extremely meaningful thing to do.
It goes without saying that we aim to be a company that the employees have a real sense of a “Good Company,” but we should also continue trying to be a “Good Company” for people outside the company and for society at large. I believe this approach is what will help us to create a truly “Good Company.” Based on the belief that “Continuing to do good everyday”, is more meaningful than having one single perfect day”, we will continue to aim to be a “Good Company” for the future.