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Building a Secure Society by Utilizing Traffic Technology Innovation

Tokio Marine Group is participating in demonstration tests of autonomous vehicles on public roads, and by offering insurance products and services that quickly capture the latest innovation in traffic technology, is contributing to increasing society’s preparedness against traffic risk and the prevention of traffic accidents. We also provide smartphone apps that promote traffic safety and allow quick response to traffic accidents, and with the intent of helping to build a safe society, employee volunteers are engaging in activities to raise awareness of traffic safety across the world. Through these endeavors, Tokio Marine Group will support local communities and society and contribute to traffic safety in local communities.

Relation between written content and SDGs
Relevant goal Relevant target Description of related content
3. Good health and well-being 3.6 Halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents Providing Information and Awareness-Raising Activities
Supporting Safety and Security via Smartphone
Local Community and Social Contribution Activities
Traffic Safety Initiatives in Taiwan
Nurturing Human Resources and R&D
Contributing to Safety and Security in Local Communities
11. Sustainable cities and communities 11.2 Provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all, improving road safety, notably by expanding public transport All content in general
12. Responsible consumption and production 12.2 Achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources Providing Information and Awareness-Raising Activities
Drive Agent Personal

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Products and Services

Tokio Marine & Nichido offers insurance for autonomous vehicles, which meet new needs arising from traffic technology innovation, as well as accident support services and services to assist safe driving utilizing telematics and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company also promotes insurance product and service offerings that facilitate traffic safety and respond to traffic technology innovation, including One Day Auto Insurance for individual customers, e-Cycle Insurance to cover bicycle accidents, an Auto Insurance Fleet Accident Reduction Assist Rider for corporate customers and Drone Insurance, the use of which is rapidly expanding.

Ensuring Continued and Prompt Relief for Accident Victims – Development of a Rider for Expenses for Saving Victims for Auto Insurance and Super Insurance

The evolution of autonomous driving systems is expected to provide significant additional value to the entire society as it could serve to reduce traffic accidents and congestion as well as environmental impact. However, with expanding use, an accident involving an autonomous vehicle may cause the complicated issue of who should be held responsible for the accident. Besides the driver (victimizer) and the victim, there will be many potentially liable parties such as manufacturers and software companies, and this will make it difficult to immediately determine what has caused the accident and who is responsible for it. In such a case, investigation into a cause and determining responsible parties and their percentages of liability could be a slow process.

Even with the evolution of driving systems, saving victims is still important. In order to ensure continued and prompt relief for victims in accidents involving autonomous vehicles, Tokio Marine & Nichido developed a Rider for Expenses for Saving Victims for auto insurance and started offering the rider on April 1, 2017.

Sale of Automobile Insurance That Responds to the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, a new economic system formed through the sharing and exchange of idle assets and skills of individuals, is witnessing growth in the size of markets in Japan. Although traffic accidents occurring within the sharing economy are generally covered by personal auto insurance, there could also be instances in which these cannot be adequately indemnified with personal insurance depending on the circumstances. In response, Tokio Marine & Nichido began providing an automobile insurance responding to the “Sharing Economy” to business operators to offer coverage for such instances and with the aim of facilitating relief for victims.

Sale of One Day Auto Insurance

Tokio Marine & Nichido provides One Day Auto Insurance (driver insurance available in the unit of days), which can be purchased anytime and anywhere via smartphone and mobile phone. It is the first of its kind in the insurance industry in Japan, allowing infrequent drivers using cars owned by their parents or friends to purchase insurance at the cost of 500 yen a day (24 hours) for just the number of days needed. The product was launched in January 2012, and the cumulative number of subscriptions exceeded 4.1 million (as of June 30, 2018).

Our One Day Auto Insurance received the Nikkei Veritas Award for Superiority at the Nikkei Excellent Products & Services Award 2011, an annual award organized by Nikkei Inc. to recognize exceptional new products and services. In addition to the novelty of enabling customers to buy the auto insurance at a reasonable price, with greater ease and when and where needed, the product was highly acclaimed for its ability to help resolve one social issue of increasing traffic accidents involving uninsured drivers.

Currently, the number of traffic accidents by uninsured drivers is estimated to exceed 100,000 a year. Through this product, Tokio Marine & Nichido will continue to contribute to the reduction of uninsured drivers involved in traffic accidents and ensure safety and security by providing products and services that are useful in people’s daily lives and business activities.

Sale of Drive Agent Personal

For the first time as a major insurance company in Japan, Tokio Marine & Nichido started providing Drive Agent Personal, an advanced service for individual customers utilizing its original driving recorder, as a rider for auto insurance in April 2017.

The company lends its driving recorder to each policyholder and provides a set of leading-edge services as follows.

  1. The recorder automatically sends a video of an accident to Tokio Marine & Nichido and releases, when appropriate, the customer from the burden of explaining how the accident has occurred. This video is also used for resolution of the accident case. In addition, upon detecting a serious collision, the recorder also reports the incident automatically to a partner company, allowing the customer to have a voice call with an operator and eliminating his or her anxieties immediately following the accident. The operator also calls an ambulance depending on the situation.
  2. The recorder provides safe driving diagnosis reports, which are created by using Tokio Marine & Nichido’s original algorithm, based on each customer’s tendency toward reckless driving (sudden acceleration, braking and steering).
  3. Using Pioneer Corporation’s map-based accident prediction platform, a voice or other form of warning is issued in real time to the customer when he or she approaches an accident-prone area, which is estimated based on the external conditions (weather and time of day) and driving status (traveling speed and reckless driving tendency).

We will continue to bring greater safety and security to customers’ car life through the provision of this telematics-based service.

1.Detecting an impact (Detecting a serious collision) 2.Automatic reporting(Providing a voice message to notify the driver of the detection of the impact and at the same time automatically sending a real-time report) 3.Making a voice call with the customer and receiving an insurance claims report (Receiving an insurance claims report through the recorder and calling an ambulance, etc., as necessary) *When a certain, more minor impact is detected, the customer can manually make a voice call to Tokio Marine & Nichido’s toll-free telephone service “Anshin 110” by pressing a button on the recorder.

Sale of e-Cycle Insurance

There has been a rapidly growing need for subscribing to bicycle insurance, as many bicycle accidents continue to occur, sometimes involving heavy compensation, and as local governments have begun to implement an ordinance concerning safe bicycle riding to counter the situation.

With the aim of contributing to the resolution of the social issue of reducing bicycle accidents by uninsured riders and providing relief to victims, Tokio Marine & Nichido initiated sales of e-Cycle Insurance in October 2015. The product offers distinctive features of allowing easy purchase over the Internet anytime and anywhere and providing automatic renewal, requiring no renewal procedures. In 2016, we responded to the implementation of a safe bicycle riding ordinance by starting sales of an insurance package specifically designed to meet the needs of each local government as part of efforts to raise awareness among bicycle riders to subscribe to bicycle insurance in collaboration with local governments.

We will continue to offer our e-Cycle Insurance in order to reduce as many accidents as possible and eliminate concerns in unfortunate accident cases.

Auto Insurance Fleet Accident Reduction Assist Rider

We receive requests from corporate customers using automobiles in their business activities who want to keep the occurrence of car accidents to a minimum, if not avoidable, and to obtain steady and long-term savings on auto insurance premiums. To respond to these needs by way of insurance as a professional in auto accident prevention, Tokio Marine & Nichido provides a Fleet Accident Reduction Assist Rider that combines auto insurance and a risk-specific consultation service called the High Accident Rate Response Program. This optional rider assists companies in reducing car accidents and related social costs (lower corporate credibility, loss of business opportunities and costs for accident response) and aims to help them make a greater contribution to the preservation of the environment by means of eco-safe driving.

Tokio Marine & Nichido promotes safety and security for customers through this optional rider and contributes to the development of an enriched and comfortable social life and economic growth of society by reducing accident-related social costs and eliminating wasteful fuel use caused by reckless driving.

Initiated Sales of Comprehensive Insurance for Industrial Unmanned Helicopters (Drone Insurance)

In July 2015, Tokio Marine & Nichido initiated sales of Comprehensive Insurance for Industrial Unmanned Helicopters (Drone Insurance) for business operators using drones in their businesses.

Recently, innovation in drone technology in and outside Japan has been accelerating an expansion of drone use for such purposes as crop-spraying, aerial photography, land surveys, disaster response and transportation.

Use of drones involves various risks, ranging from legal liability for damages caused by drones, including injury to a third party, to substantial costs required to repair their expensive bodies and costs for searching for missing drones. Formulation of required laws and industrial guidelines is also proceeding rapidly in this field. In the future, appropriate risk management will be increasingly important for business operators using and managing drones.

We will continue our efforts to support safer use of drones by providing comprehensive coverage to risks associated with industrial drones.

Providing Information and Awareness-Raising Activities

Tokio Marine & Nichido and E. design Insurance work to support the safety and security of customers by utilizing smartphones and provide smartphone apps with a variety of features, including displaying insurance-related points of contact, making such a contact, viewing insurance policy details and reporting an accident using positioning information through GPS.

Supporting Safety and Security via Smartphone

Smartphones accounted for about 80% of mobile phones sold domestically in fiscal 2016 and have been rapidly gaining popularity among users.

Tokio Marine & Nichido provides the free smartphone app Mobile Agent to customers. Policyholders use this app to check insurance-related points of contact (including our agents) or make contact with them and view details of their policies anytime, anywhere. It also has several features that ensure smooth response upon a traffic accident or vehicle failure. These include an accident reporting feature that identifies the location of an accident via GPS, a simple procedure to request a tow truck in a minimum of three taps, a function to easily send photographs of a damaged vehicle or accident site taken by a policyholder to Tokio Marine & Nichido and a function to enable the real-time monitoring of accident response status via push notifications. In January 2016, we launched a smartphone service, B-Contact, which is based on the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, to support automatic notification of a traffic accident to an insurance agent. The service automatically detects the possible occurrence of an accident and allows the customer to report the accident in one tap. In December 2016, we rolled out a service to provide disaster information in real time through push notifications to allow customers to prepare for natural disasters. Additionally, we are offering another free smartphone app for use while driving, Motto, Motto Hashiro Nippon!, which performs safe and eco driving diagnoses and offers an emergency incident video recording feature.

E. design Insurance has been providing various services for automobile insurance using smartphones since April 2011. After accessing the Internet via their smartphones, policyholders can use them for reporting accidents, verifying accident response status, making changes to contract details and renewal procedures. Additionally, customers who are considering applying for auto insurance can complete overall procedures, from requesting an estimate to final application, via smartphone.

Tokio Marine Group will work further to support the safety and security of customers by utilizing smartphones.

Local Community and Social Contribution Activities

Tokio Marine Newa Insurance of Taiwan has been conducting various initiatives, including those geared toward reduction of drinking and driving, since 2012. In 2014, the company started holding its Traffic Safety Seminar for corporate customers as part of its local community and social contribution activities to convey to local communities the social issue caused by driving under the influence.

Various Initiatives to Raise Awareness of Young People for Traffic Safety

According to a report by Taiwanese police, more than 50% of traffic accidents are caused by motorcycles, and nearly 30% of the persons involved in traffic accidents are under the age of 30. In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Tokio Marine New Insurance of Taiwan continues to take the safety issue of motorcycles seriously and has been promoting relevant communication with various groups of young people. In 2017, the company held a 3x3 basketball tournament for the fifth consecutive year. The company hopes to raise traffic safety awareness by holding this sport event, along with utilizing traffic safety mass media campaigns. Also, through creative dialogue and works, including two videos posted on the Internet, the company is supporting traffic safety activities of students while stressing the importance of learning about the safety of motorcycles and the happiness that insurance could bring.

Nurturing Human Resources and R&D

Tokio Marine & Nichido has been cosponsoring the “Daijoubu Campaign,” a movement to promote disaster and crime prevention and traffic safety, to protect children from disasters and crimes. In addition, the company is participating, for the first time as a non-life insurance company, in demonstration tests of autonomous vehicles on public roads and has developed a specialized insurance package for these tests. These activities are geared toward facilitating human resources development and R&D in the area of traffic safety and in relation to traffic technology innovation.

Participating in Demonstration Tests on Public Roads for Autonomous Vehicles

In April 2016, in keeping with advances in autonomous driving technology and the launch of full-scale demonstration tests of autonomous vehicles on public roads, Tokio Marine & Nichido started participating, for the first time as a non-life insurance company*1, in demonstration tests led by university research institutes and local governments. The aim is to conduct research into various issues that may arise as autonomous driving systems continue to evolve and become popular and to contribute to the continued advancement of the technology by providing solutions to these issues. Also, the company has developed a specialized insurance package to support the smooth and sustainable execution of these tests on public roads.

Our Insurance for Demonstration Tests of Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roads won a Silver prize in an award program*2 to recognize innovative initiatives of insurance companies on a global scale. The product was recognized for its capabilities to back up public road demonstration tests and contribute to the further advancement of the technology.

Responding to new risks associated with technological advancements is at the core of the non-life insurance business. Through forward-thinking research that anticipates advances in autonomous driving technology and by participating in these demonstration tests and providing insurance, Tokio Marine & Nichido will continue to help accelerate the advancement of the technology.

  • *1
    Among the demonstration tests of autonomous vehicles on public roads led by universities in Japan (Survey by Tokio Marine & Nichido)
  • *2
    Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards 2016 – The product won a silver prize (second place) in the Best Disruptive Product or Service category.

Contributing to Safety and Security in Local Communities

Since September 2007, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been cosponsoring the “Daijoubu Campaign,” a movement led by The Mainichi Newspapers, and supporting activities to protect children and local residents from disasters and crimes.

As part of this campaign, Tokio Marine & Nichido began holding the Workshop to Create Local Community Safety Maps* in fiscal 2011 in collaboration with The Mainichi Newspapers and the 38 radio stations of the Japan FM Network Association (JFN). It is a crime prevention event involving the engagement of employees and agents. The event starts with a morning training seminar by Professor Nobuo Komiya of Rissho University, an expert in criminal sociology, to cultivate trainers for the creation of local community safety maps. After participating in the seminar, employees and agents of Tokio Marine & Nichido become trainers themselves and hold the workshop in the afternoon for children in local elementary schools. In fiscal 2017, the event was held at four locations nationwide, and a total of 158 children and their parents as well as 62 employees and agents of Tokio Marine & Nichido participated.

  • *
    A local community safety map, developed by Professor Nobuo Komiya of Rissho University, is a map to show “dangerous,” crime-prone areas, which have been picked based on the keywords of “easily accessible” and “not openly visible.” The event encourages children to identify dangerous areas by learning what easily accessible, not openly visible areas mean.
Daijoubu campaign
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