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Tokio Marine Group's Approach to CSR~Continue to be Useful to Society through Our Business Activities

Aiming to Be a “Good Company” Trusted by All People and Society
Tokio Marine Group has provided “safety and security” to society and contributed to its development by making the most of its abundant knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the insurance industry. In the future as well, we will work to solve various social issues and continuously raise the Group’s corporate value while contributing to a safe, secure and sustainable future. By doing so, we aim to become a “Good Company” that is trusted by all people and society.
[Strengths of Tokio Marine Group]Power of diverse human resources/Ability to connect to the world and local community/High level of expertise/Balanced business portfolio/Sound financial base [Providing Safety and Security][Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business]Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance/Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance/ Insurance/Tokio Marine Millea SAST Insurance/Tokio Marine West SAST Insurance [Domestic Life Insurance Business]Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Insurance [Protecting the Earth][InternationalInsurance Business]Philadelphia Consolidated Holding/Delphi Financial Group/Tokio Marine HCC/Tokio Marine Kiln Group/Tokio Marine Asia Pte., etc. [Supporting People][Financial and General Businesses]Tokio Marine Asset Management/Tokio Marine & Nichido Facilities/Tokio Marine Nichido/Better Life Service, etc.

(As of March 31, 2018)

Focusing on Three Core CSR Themes and Promoting Initiatives in Collaboration with Stakeholders
Tokio Marine Group has set “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” as its three core CSR themes and is promoting CSR in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.
Executing Our Corporate Philosophy Based on the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
For Tokio Marine Group, CSR represents the implementation of the Corporate Philosophy. In keeping with the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter, which serves as behavioral guidelines for implementing CSR, all our self-motivated employees will continually act with integrity and compassion using their unique ideas to provide stakeholders with even better value.
Respect for International Codes of Conduct and Human Rights
Tokio Marine Group supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ILO Core Labour Standards, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as ISO 26000. The ideas and contents of the ten principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption advocated by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) coincide with Tokio Marine Group’s own approach to CSR as well as its CSR Charter. Therefore, Tokio Marine Holdings has been participating in the UNGC since 2005.

Tokio Marine Group’s Approach to CSR

Tokio Marine Group Corporate Philosophy

With customer trust as the foundation of all its activities, Tokio Marine Group continuously strives to raise its corporate value.

Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter

Tokio Marine Group is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by implementing its Corporate Philosophy to achieve sustainable growth together with the development of society in accordance with the following principles:

Products and Services

We aim to provide society with products and services to meet its needs for safety and security.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity

  • We respect and actively promote the recognition of human rights.
  • We strive to ensure an energetic working environment that is both safe and healthy and to promote training and education of our employees.
  • We respect the right to privacy and strive to enforce sound information management and control.

Protection of the Global Environment

Acknowledging that the protection of the global environment is an important responsibility for all corporate entities, we respect the harmonization with and the improvement of the global environment in all of our activities.

Contribution to Local Communities and Societies

As a member of various communities and societies, we respect the diversity of cultures and customs and we aim to contribute actively to the needs of the current era.


While striving to maintain high ethical standards at all times, we will pursue strict compliance in all aspects of our business activities.


We intend to disclose information timely and appropriately and to promote dialogue with all our stakeholders to ensure effective corporate management.

Three Core CSR Themes

Tokio Marine Group has set the three core CSR Themes of “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” under its new Mid-Term Business Plan—“To Be a Good Company 2020” (FY2018 – FY2020).

From fiscal 2018 onward, while recognizing that the three core CSR themes will be integrated into business activities, we will implement CSR activities with the participation of all employees based on the above CSR approach across a wide range extending from the provision of products and services to corporate citizenship activities. Accordingly, we will communicate our principal CSR initiatives to society through this Sustainability Report and the media while also promoting easily understandable measures to permeate these initiatives within the Group.

Core Theme 1:Providing Safety and Security

The world is now facing various social issues, inflicted by frequent large-scale natural disasters, demographic shifts, income disparities and poverty. In Japan as well, issues are becoming prevalent also in relation with technological innovation as well as community resilience (disaster prevention and mitigation) and the country’s declining birth rate and aging population. These issues may induce drastic changes in risks surrounding the insurance business. To protect customers and society from these risks, Tokio Marine Group has selected “Providing Safety and Security” as one of its three CSR core themes and is making efforts toward a safe, secure and sustainable future throughout its entire business operations.

Making Society Resilient to Natural Disasters

Tokio Marine Group utilizes outcomes of research on natural disaster risk in the provision of products and services and seeks to help society become resilient to and prepare for natural disasters by offering total responses before and after disasters.

Building a Secure Society by Leveraging Traffic Technology Innovation

Tokio Marine Group promotes traffic safety and responds to traffic technology innovation by providing insurance products and services that quickly capture the latest innovation in traffic technology and by offering traffic safety and accident response smartphone apps.

Building a Secure Society by Responding to Varying Lifestyles and Changes in Society

Tokio Marine Group offers products and services that increase safety in all aspects of people’s living, and at the same time, is working to provide comprehensive coverage matched to the most current needs by starting to provide services to respond to corporate governance and cyber risks facing companies.

Eliminating Poverty in Society

Tokio Marine Group aims to provide low-income earners with greater access to insurance by developing and selling weather insurance and microinsurance and to contribute to the resolution of poverty issues in the world through financing to and investment in financial institutions providing microfinancing services.

Value CreationProviding safety and security to customers, local communities and society worldwide through the insurance business

Core Theme 2:Protecting the Earth

The global issues of “climate change and natural disasters” and “depletion of biodiversity” pose serious risks for the children not only of today but also of the future and at the same time have a significant impact on the business of Tokio Marine Group.

Having set “Protecting the Earth” as a core CSR theme, Tokio Marine Group works to provide products and services that are designed to mitigate or adapt to climate change and protect biodiversity, reduce environmental footprint in business activities, become carbon neutral, conduct environmental protection activities in Japan and overseas, and promote environmental awareness raising and education. Our aim is to contribute to preservation of the global environment and the creation of environmental value.

Preserving Biodiversity through Products and Services

The “Green Gift” project, which involves mangrove planting and environmental protection activities, contributes to the alleviation of and adaptation to climate change and preservation of biodiversity as well as a reduction in disaster damage and the stabilization of the planted areas and the lives of people living in the surrounding regions. It therefore contributes to the attainment of various SDGs.

Preventing Global Warming by Promoting the Development of Clean Energy

Tokio Marine Group is examining the possibility of installing and operating renewable energy facilities while also providing products and services such as non-life insurance for businesses related to carbon credits, liability insurance concerning environmental pollution and environmental consulting.

Building Communities for People to Live with Peace of Mind through Environmental Protection Activities

Based on the theme “Protecting the Earth,” Tokio Marine Group is working to build environmental communities by implementing local and social contribution activities around the world that help protect the environment and biodiversity.

Through these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group is contributing to the creation of a sustainable global environment.

Value CreationContributing to a Sustainable Global Environment

Core Theme 3:Supporting People

In Japan, the importance of responding to the nursing and health needs of the elderly is increasing due to the low birth rate and aging society. There is also growing demand to create societies in which people in underprivileged circumstances and those with disabilities can live with peace of mind in the community as economies and societies become more sophisticated and globalization progresses. In addition, there are calls for the acceptance, promotion and utilization of diversity in such areas as gender, age and nationality. On a global scale, the reality is that there is growing income disparity, increasing unemployment among youth, poverty and unequal opportunities for education based on gender.

Tokio Marine Group has set “Supporting People” as a core CSR theme in order to take up the challenge of resolving these issues. To this end, we will promote local community and social contribution activities supporting people through the growth of young people and support the elderly, persons with disabilities and athletes as well as contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society in which everyone can live with peace of mind by promoting diversity and inclusion.

Building a Society Based on Health and Longevity to Ensure Peace of Mind

Tokio Marine Group will contribute to a society based on good health and longevity through activities to raise awareness about cancer and increase knowledge of nursing care and offering advice through medical professionals, etc.

Nurturing Generations Responsible for the Future

Tokio Marine Group is promoting social contribution through the establishment of a foundation to nurture generations responsible for the future with the aim of developing youth and promoting sport. In addition, we implement local social contribution activities in conjunction with employees worldwide who volunteer to deliver lesson programs and environmental education as well as with local and social action volunteers and NGOs.

Aiming to Create a Symbiotic Society

Tokio Marine Group employees around the world are proactively working on activities that support the elderly, the deaf and blind, athletes and expectant mothers in conjunction with NGOs, with the aim of creating a symbiotic society.

By promoting these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will contribute to developing partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society.

Value CreationSupporting Local Communities and Society and Creating an Inclusive Society

Governance~A Resilient, Highly Sound and Transparent Management Structure~

Tokio Marine Group is implementing initiatives throughout its entire business activities that are focused on its three core CSR themes. To earn the trust of all people and society and achieve sustainable growth, Tokio Marine Group must raise the quality of initiatives for “business strategies,” “governance” and “social responsibility” and build a structure for resilient, highly sound and transparent management as a global insurance group.

Accordingly, as initiatives serving as the basis of such a management structure, Tokio Marine Group is making efforts for compliance, fraud prevention, information security, privacy, respect for human rights, CSR in the value chain and sustainable investment.

Through these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will meet the expectations of stakeholders, beginning with continuously enhancing shareholder value.


Tokio Marine Group, which places customer trust as the foundation of all its activities, is implementing various compliance-related initiatives based on its belief that it is important to thoroughly implement compliance through its day-to-day business, with employees and agents maintaining high ethical standards.

Information Security

The Internal Control Department of Tokio Marine Holdings supervises information security for the entire Group as the controlling department while sections in charge of information security have been established at each Group company. In this manner, the Group is working to build an effective management structure for information security.

Respect for Human Rights

In implementing our Corporate Philosophy, we have formulated the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter as principles of conduct required from the perspective of social responsibility and we strive to respect and promote the recognition of human rights for stakeholders.

CSR in the Value Chain

Primarily through Tokio Marine & Nichido, the Tokio Marine Group is executing environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives that are integrated into the value chain. In terms of respect for human rights, in particular, we strive to respect and promote the recognition of human rights within the value chain based on the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter.

Creating a Society Where People Can Live with Security through Sustainable Investments and Financing

Tokio Marine Group gives consideration to the environment, including climate change, as well as to society and governance in its investment and financing operations. We join study and research activities such as UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UNEP FI-PSI), UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century and the Japan Sustainable Investment Forum to solve to various environmental, social and governance issues. We leverage the findings of these activities as one means to execute sustainable investment and financing. Tokio Marine & Nichido, Tokio Marine Asset Management and Tokio Marine Capital lead efforts toward sustainable investment and financing.

Value CreationContinuously Enhancing Shareholder Value

CSR Management

Tokio Marine Group is implementing initiatives throughout its entire business activities that are focused on its three core CSR themes and to earn the trust of all people and society and achieve sustainable growth it must strengthen CSR management with the aim of becoming a “Good Company.” Tokio Marine Group is promoting CSR management from the four perspectives of customers, the environment, health and human resources.

Improving Quality from the Customer’s Perspective

Aiming to become “a company that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers and by always remaining their first choice,” we value feedback from customers while working with agents to improve operational quality on a constant basis.

Promoting Environmental Management

Tokio Marine Group will contribute to the creation of a sustainable future by constantly implementing activities that minimize the environmental footprint in business activities, such as reducing the consumption of paper resources and saving energy.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental health of our employees, the driving force enabling us to continue as a company that is trusted and chosen by customers, is a critical theme of the greatest priority. Each Tokio Marine Group company has been making efforts to create an environment in which employees can work with enthusiasm by providing both physical and mental health care for employees.

Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

In order to maximize the potential of our human resources in supporting global business expansion, Tokio Marine Group is working to develop human resources who bring forth a virtuous cycle of growth and performance/work and life with a focus on expertise, diversity and a global perspective.

Value CreationDeveloping Employees and Partners Who Bring a Virtuous Cycle