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Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental health of our employees, the driving force enabling us to continue as a company that provides safety and security to customers and is trusted and chosen by customers, is a critical theme of the utmost priority.Each Tokio Marine Group company has been making efforts to create an environment in which employees can work with enthusiasm by providing both physical and mental health care for its employees.

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Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Desired Stance in Health and Productivity Management: Philosophy and Policy

The physical and mental health of our employees, the driving force enabling us to continue as a company that provides safety and security to customers and is trusted and chosen by customers, is a critical theme. Based on a philosophy that health and productivity management is the starting point for creating a “Good Company” that Tokio Marine Group aims to be, each Group company is working to maintain and improve the health of employees. Tokio Marine & Nichido, a major Tokio Marine Group company, is promoting an array of initiatives under its Declaration of Health and Productivity Management, which states that employees represent the most important driving force in becoming and continuing to grow as a “Good Company” chosen by customers, and that Tokio Marine & Nichido proactively seeks to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of employees and their families.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Structure

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Tokio Marine Group companies appoint an industrial physician and health officer and set up a health committee at each domestic business site with more than 50 employees. The committee, composed of an industrial physician, health officer, persons in charge of health management and persons selected from the employee labor union, meets once per month to deliberate on measures for physical and mental health maintenance and enhancement and improving the workplace environment as well as measures for preventing health disorders, including those resulting from overwork.

Health and Productivity Management / Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives and External Evaluation

Health Issues and Measures

Each Tokio Marine Group company has devised a framework based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act in order to ensure the appropriate consideration of safety. Each company takes both a high-risk approach and a population approach.

In particular, Tokio Marine & Nichido promotes employee health based on “Data Health” plans, and as priority measures, undertakes anti-obesity measures and the prevention of disease aggravation, provides health support matched to diverse work styles, takes steps to stop smoking and addresses mental health issues. Leaders at each site work with industrial health staff stationed at 46 locations nationwide to steadily implement these measures while going through the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle.

Specifically, efforts are made to get an idea of conditions company-wide, which includes the rate of anomalies in medical examinations, incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, the rate of obesity, rate of people doing regular exercise, consultation rate for cancer screening, smoking rate and the results of stress checks, and to review and analyze these data and reflect them in future efforts. The aim is to further improve the health of employees by responding meticulously to their health issues, including health-related issues specific to women. Issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes are ranked based on data analysis, and we have clearly specified the criteria for and method of making intervention and have done so accordingly. In fiscal 2018, we set up an online system for employees to view the results of their health checkups over the Internet as an effort to further increase their health awareness.

As one measure to promote health, we have been implementing an initiative called “Get Healthier Every Day” to encourage health promotion efforts all year round. We have also designated key persons in each workplace to establish a system to support our health promotion measures. These efforts have led to an increase in the rate of participation in actions promoting better health at work such as radio exercise and walking as well as increased communication and enhanced health literacy. Furthermore, we cooperate with external fitness facilities to provide preferential treatment services and support the promotion of employee health.

Moreover, as health support matched to diverse work styles, we provide health assistance to women and help employees balance work with medical treatment. In the future, changes in the social environment will entail changes both in the workplace environment and health issues. Anticipating the possible health impact of these environmental changes, we intend to prevent health issues from becoming prevalent and support highly productive work styles from a health standpoint. We will work to improve the health of all employees so as to ultimately enable employees to work with vitality and with a higher level of work engagement and lead a fulfilling life.

(Reference) Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Fiscal 2018 Health and Productivity Management and Health Maintenance Policy and Core Measures

‘Good Company’ / Employees’ efforts x company’s health measures / Improve the health literacy of employees / Compliance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act (Hold meetings of the Health Committee, Encourage acquisition of health officer qualification, Achieve 100% health checkup rate), Measures to promote health: Individual and organizational efforts against health issues (“Get Healthier” initiative, Measures to promote self-care, Create a better workplace environment), Anti-obesity measures: Avoid future health risks and reduce rate of people with tendency toward obesity (Maintain a healthy body weight, Measures for obesity among youth, Specific health guidance), Measures to prevent disease aggravation, Response to people with mental health issues, Stop-smoking measures, Provide health support matched to diverse work styles

Mental Health Care

Each Tokio Marine Group company has established the Basic Policy on Mental Health Measures and actively promotes mental health measures as we recognize the importance of pursuing the maintenance and improvement of employees’ mental health in terms of corporate management.

As measures to maintain good mental health, Tokio Marine & Nichido has been conducting stress checks every year since 2010 before they became mandatory and has been analyzing the results on an individual basis to promote self-care and at an organizational level to maintain a good workplace environment. Since 2012, the company has been making efforts to spread the concept of work engagement, which is considered a primordial prevention measure for mental illnesses, to help employees work with enthusiasm. As a measure for mental health issues, we have set up a mental health counseling desk operated by nursing staff and counselors. For employees taking a leave of absence, we have been assisting their return to work by collaborating with the employees themselves, their primary doctors, supervisors and industrial physicians (nursing staff).

Creating a Comfortable Workplace Environment

Tokio Marine Group is not only satisfying various standards stipulated under laws and regulations related to the workplace environment but also promoting the creation of a comfortable workplace environment that takes into consideration lighting, noise, ventilation, temperature, humidity and other ergonomic aspects.

Provision of a Healthy and Nutritionally Balanced Lunch Menus at Company Cafeterias

Tokio Marine & Nichido offers healthy and nutritionally balanced lunch menus at its company cafeterias at its head office and Osaka Branch. These include: a TABLE FOR TWO menu to donate a part of its price to school meal programs in developing countries; a Menu for Supporting Disaster-affected Areas to also donate a part of its sales to areas affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake; and a Sustainable Menu (planned to start in fiscal 2018) using safe and quality food that have the Global Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) certification.

External Evaluation

As a result of the above initiatives, Tokio Marine Holdings was selected as a “2018 Health & Productivity Stock” co-sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for its outstanding health and productivity management. Only one company from each industry is selected for the honor as a general rule. Tokio Marine Holdings was selected for the third consecutive year following 2016 and 2017.

At the same time, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life, Tokio Marine & Nichido Systems and Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service in addition to Tokio Marine Holdings have been recognized by METI as outstanding enterprises engaged in efforts to advance health and productivity management. Additionally, Tokio Marine & Nichido has become the first excellent enterprise in the Tokyo metropolitan area to be certified under the Disclosure System of Excellent Enterprises in Occupational Safety and Health by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for maintaining and improving high standards of health and safety.

Efforts to ensure the physical and mental health of employees and their families, enhance health literacy and maintain health are becoming increasingly important as they form the foundation of employee productivity and make the company’s products and services an attractive option for customers. We will use this selection as motivation to work to enhance the health of employees and strengthen our support to client companies as well as further expand and develop health and productivity management.