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Consistent and Evolving Elements of Tokio Marine Group

As can be seen in these initiatives, our mission of supporting customers and society in their times of need is a fundamental element of Tokio Marine Group that will remain consistent, no matter how times may change.
We aim to be an indispensable partner to customers around the world by making greater contributions to society and continuously providing value to customers and markets. At the same time, we hope to lend our full support to people and companies that, believing in their potential, are undertaking new challenges to shape the future, working alongside them as they craft tomorrow.
Tokio Marine Group holds the vision of becoming a "Good Company." This vision is to be realized by having all Group employees around the world share this commitment as they earnestly and faithfully carry out their duties to contribute to the accomplishment of our purpose.
There is no end for our efforts to become a "Good Company," and we will continue to pursue this vision, never becoming complacent with our current state. This never-ending quest is encapsulated in the "To Be" part of our core identity of "To Be a Good Company," which is our globally shared Group value.
Going forward, Tokio Marine Group will continue to heighten its corporate value by resolving social issues through its business.

Currently, we also recognize that our operating environment is transforming rapidly.
As global warming triggers further climate change, it is possible that we will see even larger natural disasters.
Meanwhile, demographic changes are expected to add a new dimension of complexity to social issues related to medicine, health, and nursing care. At the same time, the growth of the young digital native generation is changing the needs of the market. We can also anticipate that progress in autonomous driving and other technologies will necessitate that insurance business models be adapted in response to these technologies.
As indicated by these changes, society is evolving. We recognize that changes in the operating environment will result in changes in the needs of and risks faced by customers and society. It is therefore crucial for us to pursue swift and ongoing self-transformation in order to boldly evolve our methods of resolving customer and social issues, staying a step ahead of such change whenever possible.

Guided by our core identity of "To Be a Good Company," we will concentrate the passion and wisdom of employees around the world toward the resolution of social issues while simultaneously transforming Tokio Marine Group in conjunction with changes in the times and in our operating environment.
Through these efforts, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and, as a result, achieve profits and growth for Tokio Marine Group. This cycle constitutes our value creation story.