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The Tokio Marine Group Long Term Vision

Delivering Safety and Security to Our Customers around the World

Guided by our corporate philosophy of ‘placing customer trust as the base of all of our activities and continuously working to increase the corporate value’, we have been working to realize the long term vision ‘to be a global insurance group that delivers safety and security to customers worldwide and sustains growth – our timeless endeavor to be a Good Company now and for the next 100 years’. When I talk about ‘Good Company’, I mean a company that provides value to our customers and society by being there in their times of need. It is by delivering on this commitment that we will earn the trust of stakeholders and will simultaneously, as an outcome, further develop corporate value.
As a company, it is important that we don’t simply chase short-term profits. The purpose we exist as an insurance company is to support our customers and society when they need. By doing business the right way and earning trust, profit will follow. Profit is in many ways a barometer of how well we are earning the trust of society. With this purpose in mind, our principal focus is on meeting the expectation of customers and society, therefore success is a result that follows. We consider this cycle based on building customer trust first to be of critical importance.
In ‘To Be a Good Company’ the phrase ‘To Be’ is most important as it represents an endless journey, it does not have a set goal. In a race, the finish line is where you stop, and your momentum and speed is gone. ‘Good Company’ does not have an endpoint and shows our approach to always continue to improve and strive to do more for our customers.