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Committing Ourselves to Customers with Magokoro (Sincerity)

Making claim payments at the earliest opportunity to disaster victims is one of the important responsibilities of an insurance company. While fulfilling this responsibility, we wish to convey our sincerity as well, always remaining by their side to support their lives. We have turned our aspiration into two initiatives. One is the Tokio Marine & Nichido Magokoro Package for customers who have experienced fire damage and the other is an initiative to provide peace of mind to customers by preparing them for accidents and other unfortunate events.

QWhat is your daily work concerning claims services?

Toru Fujii
Nagoya Claims Service Department 1
Tokio Marine & Nichido
Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

When responding to customers who have experienced an accident, we commit ourselves to them and work to find a way to settle each case to their satisfaction while bringing peace of mind and proceeding with claim payments. I encounter challenges on a daily basis, but it is a rewarding task.

Along with making swift claim payments, we aspire to respond to detailed requests of customers in times of difficulty, who need someone to listen to them or give specific instructions for what to do next. A preference of notification, for example, varies from customer to customer. Some customers want us to notify them of the progress frequently while others request us not to make a phone call unless absolutely necessary. To bring as much peace of mind as possible to customers, we seek to respond to each customer meticulously and endeavor to exceed their expectations.

QPlease give us an example of your most memorable interaction with a customer.

Once, one customer inquired about the possibility of a claim payment for a certain accident. The person who was originally assigned to the case told the customer that the payment is not likely, but the answer did not convince the customer. For us engaging in claims services, it was easy to see that the payment of claims is unlikely. But it was difficult to explain why in an easy-to-understand manner to the customer who was requesting a convincing account. It was then I assumed the case.

After gathering the necessary information, I scheduled a time convenient for the customer and made a phone call. I asked to have the contract brochure handy and went through the contents with the customer, explaining every detail. Ultimately, he understood and accepted our judgment.

Since he was talking about an accident that has happened already, I also offered to check the actual damage and examine the possibility of payment based on the fact. We had just experienced a strong typhoon, and the customer kindly declined my offer, saying he was fully satisfied with our sincere response and would like us to concentrate instead on many potential victims of the typhoon.

It was a valuable experience to be thanked by a customer who had been dissatisfied. This case made me recognize, once again, the importance of bringing satisfaction to customers by making a sincere response.

QCould you explain about your initiative regarding the Tokio Marine & Nichido Magokoro Package?

It is an original service. When we visit customers after a fire, we provide a set of goods that includes a towel, work gloves and other small cleaning supplies as a token of our sympathy and a guidebook that extends our sincere sympathy and provides advice on procedures after a fire depending on the damage sustained. When requested by customers, we also offer a series of assistance measures utilizing the Tokio Marine Group network, such as making referrals to a construction company and to experts providing tax and legal consultation.

A disaster is something that customers may experience only once in their lives, and they are almost always shaken by such an unexpected event. The cleaning goods and guidebook were created out of our hope to support them and be of some help in these difficult times. The cleaning goods can be of use immediately, and we provide these goods directly to customers when we visit them. By conveying our sincerity and being truly there for each and every customer, we hope as much as possible to give them peace of mind.

QWhat about your initiative for providing peace of mind to customers by preparing them for accidents and other unfortunate events?

We provide loss prevention services for retail stores, restaurants and other facilities. These are services utilizing the know-how unique to an insurance company, in which we propose specific loss prevention solutions based on an analysis of past accidents and an estimate of potential accidents.

Also, based on the experience and knowledge we have accumulated as an insurance company, we have created videos and leaflets to convey the importance of preparing for a disaster or any other unexpected event and explain the role of an insurance company. For example, in Aichi Prefecture, where many household break-ins are reported every year, we work together with the Aichi Prefectural Police and The General Insurance Association of Japan to raise citizens’ awareness of crime prevention measures. With Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Nagoya Claims Service Department 2 leading the initiative, we have created a leaflet that shows how a burglar breaks into a house. Now, our agents always provide this leaflet to a customer along with a verbal explanation at the time of making a contract.

Moreover, we have recently been experiencing hail storms, tornadoes and other natural disasters of an unprecedented scale likely due to the impact of global climate change. For this reason, we believe it is also important that we provide customers with the know-how on preventing damage that may be caused by natural disasters. We will continue to commit ourselves to customers, always acting with sincerity, and work to pursue a future free of disaster-caused damage.