Group Core CSR Themes

With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015, there are rising expectations that companies will work toward resolving a variety of societal issues. In collaboration with stakeholders, Tokio Marine Group is leveraging its expertise and know-how in insurance and risk management to contribute to the resolving of various societal issues that include the frequent occurrence of large-scale natural disasters, shifting demographics, the changing environment resulting from technological innovation and poverty.

To fulfil our social responsibility as a global insurance group, meet the expectations of society and raise the trust of our stakeholders, Tokio Marine Group has set “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” as the Group’s core CSR themes within our “To Be a Good Company 2020(FY2018-FY2020)” Tokio Marine Group will strengthen initiatives focused on these three CSR themes as well as CSR management that serves as the foundation for these initiatives. With the aim of raising the centripetal force of stakeholders in CSR initiatives, we are establishing the Tokio Marine Group’s CSR Approach. As a result, our self-motivated employees will act with integrity and compassion, and as this spreads throughout organizations and the Group, we believe that it will create a virtuous cycle of developing innovative products and services along with contributing to local communities and society. Moreover, this cycle will lead to the sustainable growth of the Group. These efforts will serve as a bridge to our children and to future generations as we seek to transform risks into opportunities and create value for a safe, secure and sustainable future.

From fiscal 2015 onward, while recognizing that the three core CSR themes will be integrated into business activities, we will implement CSR activities with the participation of all employees based on the above CSR approach across a wide range extending from the provision of products and services to corporate citizenship activities. Accordingly, we will communicate our principal CSR initiatives to society through our Sustainability Report and the media while also promoting easily understandable measures to permeate these initiatives within the Group.

Core CSR Themes and CSR Approach of Tokio Marine Group

Core CSR Themes of Tokio Marine Group

CSR Approach of Tokio Marine Group

Core Theme 1Providing Safety and Security

The world is now facing various social issues, inflicted by frequent large-scale natural disasters, demographic shifts, income disparities, poverty and technological innovation. In Japan as well, issues are becoming prevalent also in relation with technological innovation as well as community resiliency (disaster prevention and mitigation) and the country’s declining birth rate and aging population. These issues may induce drastic changes in risks surrounding the insurance business.
Tokio Marine Group regards these changing risks also as opportunities. Accordingly, we have selected “Providing Safety and Security” as one of our three CSR core themes and are making efforts toward a safe, secure and sustainable future throughout our entire business operations, from providing products and services to undertaking corporate citizenship activities.

Research on Climate Change and Natural Disaster

Through industry-academia collaboration with Tohoku University, we engage in research on climate change and natural disaster risk in an effort to gain deeper scientific insight into disaster prevention and mitigation. By leveraging the research outcomes and promoting the sharing of the resulting benefits with society, we contribute to raising disaster preparedness and mitigation around the world.

Providing Safety and Security through Products and Services

We provide various products and services that are beneficial for safety and security. Besides insurance covering disaster risk, these products include One Day Auto Insurance, which is aimed at reducing auto accidents involving uninsured drivers; living benefit-related products; and products that respond to technology innovation.

Improving Quality from the Customer’s Perspective

Aiming to become “a company that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers and by always remaining their first choice,” we value feedback from customers while working with agents to improve operational quality on a constant basis.

Local Community and Social Contribution Activities Leading to Safety and Security

Tokio Marine Group contributes to the security and safety of local communities by carrying out community and social contribution activities that realize security and safety. Ever mindful of earthquake disasters, employee volunteers from Tokio Marine Group, including its agents, visit elementary schools to conduct Disaster Prevention Lessons to convey knowledge on disaster prevention to children and help them prepare for the next disaster. Other efforts include collaboration with stakeholders to provide recommendations and raise awareness for disaster prevention and mitigation, continued support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and engagement in the Pink Ribbon Movement.

Through these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group is enhancing its provision of security and safety to customers around the world and to local communities and societies.

Value Creation Providing Safety and Security to Customers, Local Communities and Societies Worldwide through the Insurance Business

Core Theme 2Protecting the Earth

The global issues of climate change and natural disasters and depletion of biodiversity pose serious risks for the children not only of today but also of the future, and at the same time, have a significant impact on the business of Tokio Marine Group.

Tokio Marine Group has set “Protecting the Earth” as a core CSR theme and is helping to protect the global environment and create environmental value by offering products and services that are designed to mitigate or adapt to climate change while reducing the environmental footprint of its business activities, attaining carbon neutral status, undertaking environmental protection activities in Japan and overseas, and promoting environmental awareness and education.

Promotion of Environmental Management

We have implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system at Tokio Marine & Nichido head office and the unique Green Assist environmental management system at other sites, and are striving to enhance the efficiency of energy usage and are implementing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities. By achieving carbon neutral status through CO2 fixation and reduction based on mangrove planting and Tradable Green Certificates, we are promoting efforts to create a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society focused on energy and resource conservation.

Global Environmental Protection through Products and Services

The Green Gift Project, which involves mangrove planting and environmental protection activities worldwide, is supported by NGOs and NPOs as well as local governments, agents and employee volunteers, and contributes to the alleviation of and adaptation to climate change and the preservation of biodiversity. The project also contributes to a reduction in disaster damage and the stabilization of the planted areas and the lives of people living in the surrounding regions as well.

Local Community and Social Contribution Activities Leading to Global Environmental Protection

Tokio Marine Group holds Green Lessons, an environmental education program based on the theme The Mangrove Story, that targets children in elementary schools and special needs schools, with employee and agent volunteers serving as instructors. We also hold the Children’s Environmental Award program, an illustration and essay contest to raise environmental awareness among children.

Through these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group is contributing to the creation of a sustainable global environment.

Value Creation Contributing to a Sustainable Global Environment

Core Theme 3Supporting People

In Japan, the importance of responding to the nursing and health needs of the elderly is increasing due to the low birth rate and aging society. There is also growing demand to create societies in which people in underprivileged circumstances and those with disabilities can live with peace of mind in the community as economies and societies become more sophisticated and globalization progresses. In addition, there are calls for the acceptance, promotion and utilization of diversity in such areas as gender, age and nationality. On a global scale, the reality is that there is growing income disparity, increasing unemployment among youth, poverty and unequal opportunities for education based on gender.

Tokio Marine Group has set “Supporting People” as a material CSR theme in order to take up the challenge of resolving these issues. To this end, we will promote local community and social contribution activities as well as diversity and inclusion, notably through the growth of young people and support of persons with disabilities and athletes. Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the realization of a harmonious society where every person can live with a sense of security.

Local Community and Social Contribution Activities Supporting People

As initiatives for supporting people, in terms of youth development, we support orphans of car accidents through foundations, participate in an educational support program for girls in developing countries called Room to Read and provide scholarship support and make visits to various social welfare institutions in different countries around the world. Group employees also proactively participate in activities that include taking courses that foster dementia care supporters, providing support for the Special Olympics Nippon National Games and serving as volunteers for the Japan Deafblind Association national conferences.

Developing and Utilization of Diverse Human Resources

We conduct honest and fair personnel affairs for Group employees irrespective of gender, age, nationality or any other factor, strive to develop human resources and make use of diverse personnel that includes employing persons with disabilities. We also support changes in work styles and implement health management as well as occupational health and safety measures and actively undertake efforts to fully encourage vigorous communication with employees.

Supporting Health and Longevity Society

Tokio Marine Group contributes to the realization of health and a longevity society through the provision of products and services tailored to changes in the social environment and customer needs and through cancer awareness activities and consultation services by healthcare specialists. By promoting these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will contribute to developing partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society.

Value Creation Developing Employees and Partners Who Support and Bring a Virtuous Cycle to Local Communities and Society

Governance~Strengthening CSR Management~

Tokio Marine Group is implementing initiatives throughout its entire business activities that are focused on its three core CSR themes of “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People.” To earn the trust of all people and society and achieve sustainable growth, Tokio Marine Group must raise the quality of initiatives for “business strategies,” “governance” and “social responsibility” and build a structure for resilient, highly sound and transparent management as a global insurance group.

Accordingly, Tokio Marine Group is “strengthening CSR management” as the basis for CSR implementation. While responding appropriately to changes in the global economy and financial environment and the strengthening of international supervisory regulations, Tokio Marine Group will raise the level of stakeholder trust and work to create a safe, secure and sustainable future by making qualitative improvements to risk-based management (ERM: enterprise risk management), corporate governance and its internal control system from the perspective of strengthening global-based business management as well as by generating and distributing economic value. Through these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will meet the expectations of stakeholders, beginning with continuously enhancing shareholder value.

Value Creation Continuously Enhancing Shareholder Value