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Aiming to Create a Symbiotic Society

Tokio Marine Group aims to create a symbiotic society for everyone both socially and economically, irrespective of age, gender or disability. To this end, employees around the world are proactively working on activities that support the elderly, the deaf and blind, athletes and expectant mothers in conjunction with NGOs.

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Building a Society in Which the Elderly Can Live with Peace of Mind

Tokio Marine Group undertakes social activities for the elderly and persons suffering from dementia as part of volunteer activities supporting the safety and security of the local community and families.

Contributing to the Creation of Communities That Understand Dementia ~ Courses to Foster Support for Dementia Care ~

Tokio Marine Group provides support for the Million-Supporter Caravan for Dementia, which is promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the nationwide Caravan Mate Liaison Council, and conducts courses to foster support for dementia care as a volunteer activity to support the safety and security of local communities and families. With the ultimate goal of creating neighborhoods where people with dementia and their families can live with peace of mind, the program is designed so that employees who take the course have the correct knowledge about dementia to share with friends and families as well as support and give compassionate consideration to people with dementia and their families in work and private life.

During the one-and-a-half-hour program conducted in each work department, mainly in Tokyo, attendees watched a DVD, listened to a lecture given by an employee (called a “caravan mate”) who has received special training on this subject and participated in a role-playing session. As of March 2017, a total of around 4,400 Group company employees have participated in this educational program and become supporters for dementia care. We intend to promote this program further, as it gives us a good opportunity to deepen our understanding of the aging population and dementia and think about how we accordingly deal with our customers and our own families.

Holding a Seminar on Caregiving Skills

Tokio Marine & Nichido invited employees of Tokio Marine Nichido Better Life Service as lecturers and held a Seminar on Caregiving Skills at its head office. It is a basic seminar on caregiving skills, which aims to make participants “persons who can provide a little bit of help” when dealing with the elderly and people with disabilities.

About 31 employees from Tokio Marine & Nichido and Group companies participated in the seminar. In addition to an elderly simulation program to experience elderly people’s vision, hearing and other physical functions, the seminar provided tips on caregiving and points to be noted when giving assistance and taught participants simple sign language and Braille. Many participants felt ready and eager to help the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Elderly simulation program

Learning Braille

Activities Associated with an Elderly Watch Support Network Project

Tokio Marine Assistance concluded an agreement related to an elderly watch support network project in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, in November 2015 with the Shinagawa Ward Council on Social Welfare and activities continue to this day. The project aims to ensure the early discovery of abnormal changes in elderly persons living alone to prevent unattended deaths.

The company utilizes its excellent phone response skills amassed in the course of its core call center business and employees serve as volunteers for making regular calls to the elderly as part of a service confirming their safety being implemented by Shinagawa Ward’s “Sasaeai Hotto Station”*. Employees make regular phone calls to the homes of elderly persons living in Shinagawa Ward, and if there is no answer or they detect an abnormal change during the conversation, they immediately report it to “Sasaeai Hotto Station” so that the situation can be handled as smoothly as possible. In fiscal 2016, the volunteer service was implemented 96 times following expansion of the service area and the yearly rise in the number of elderly persons to whom they make phone calls. This project will continue to be carried out as a means of contributing to the local community.

  • *
    A consultation service established by Shinagawa Ward to ease the anxieties of elderly persons living alone so that they can continue living in a familiar environment

Building a Society That Transcends Disabilities

Tokio Marine & Nichido supports deaf and blind persons in conjunction with the Japan Deafblind Association and supports sports for disabled persons through the Japanese Para-Sports Association and Special Olympics Nippon Foundation.

Collaboration with the Japan Deafblind Association

The Japan Deafblind Association is engaged in activities to support people with hearing and vision impairments across the country. Their activities include dispatching sign language interpreters and helpers, training interpreters and publishing a biannual magazine for the hearing and visually impaired. Tokio Marine & Nichido has become a supporting member of the association since 2008. At the association’s annual national conference, which is held for the purpose of promoting exchange among people with these impairments and improving the skills of sign language interpreters and helpers, employees working in offices and branches in respective areas serve as volunteer staff to cooperate in running the event. In fiscal 2016, about 37 employees from the Fukuoka region provided support for the organization’s 25th national conference in Kitakyusu City.

Building a Society That Transcends Disabilities ~ Learn About, Watch and Experience Sports by Disabled Persons

Tokio Marine & Nichido supports the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner (non-life insurance). As for the Paralympic Games, the company supports athletes striving to overcome the challenge of disability and is enhancing opportunities for employees to provide support and volunteer at sports events for the disabled. We started sponsoring the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA) in May 2016 and Japan Inclusive Football Federation (JIFF) in October 2016 to this end. Employees from around Japan conduct volunteer activities and go to cheer on athletes at the 2016 Japan Para Championships, which are sports events for disabled persons held regionally.

Building a Society in Which Anyone Can Take on Active Roles with the Special Olympics

In support of the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation’s vision of creating a society where people with and without disabilities understand and respect each other’s differences and live and grow together, Tokio Marine & Nichido became an official sponsor of the foundation in fiscal 2005 and has been supporting its activities by providing funds and volunteers. Additionally, Tokio Marine Group undertakes a year-round volunteer activity to create good luck bracelets to show our support to athletes of the foundation. In 2016, a total of about 1,950 employees joined this activity.


Tokio Marine Group supports the NPOs Himawari no Kai and Sawayaka Welfare Foundation.

Building a Society in Which Expectant Mothers Can Live with Peace of Mind ~ Supporting Himawari no Kai

Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life have been supporting the NPO Himawari no Kai since 2011. Himawari no Kai is an NPO approved by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan that was established in 1997 with the aim of assisting expectant mothers and their families. The organization’s most notable activity is increasing public recognition of its Maternity Mark. Moreover, it hands out traffic safety stickers bearing this mark to protect new mothers from traffic accidents. By supporting the organization, we will further contribute to the creation of local communities and society where expecting mothers and their families can live with peace of mind.

Contributing to Building a New Society in Which All People Have a Close Rapport ~ Tie-up with the Sawayaka Welfare Foundation

The Sawayaka Welfare Foundation forms a network with a number of volunteer organizations across the country and works to build a system of mutual assistance in each local community with the ultimate goal of “building a new society in which all people can develop a close rapport with each other.” Tokio Marine & Nichido empathizes with this organizational philosophy and partners with the foundation.

Gold Partner (Non-life Insurance) of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Tokio Marine & Nichido was appointed as a Gold Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (the “Tokyo 2020 Games”). We support the Tokyo 2020 Games and Japan Olympic and Paralympic teams as a non-life insurance company. We are a “Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner,” the highest tier of the Tokyo 2020 domestic sponsorship program.

Tokio Marine Group sets customer trust as the foundation of all its activities and upholds a corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of an affluent and comfortable society as well as a prosperous economy by providing “safety and security” to our customers. Based on the desire to contribute to the healthy development of young people and of sports in Japan, we have supported sports in various ways. Examples of such initiatives are Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Gold Partnership for the Tokyo 2020 Games since 2013 and official sponsorship of the Japan Swimming Federation or support of the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation. We will support the challenges of athletes, people and society as a Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner together with other partner companies not only for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games but also for making the hosting and success of these games a glorious cornerstone for Japan’s future 100 years from now.

Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner (Non-life Insurance)