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Core Theme 3: Supporting People

CSR Materiality (Material Issues) : Technological innovation / Low birth rates and aging societies, and population demographics / Human resources development / Diversity and inclusion / Local community and social contribution activities / Promoting ESG in the provision of products and services

In Japan, the importance of responding to the nursing and health needs of the elderly is increasing due to the low birth rate and aging society. There is also growing demand to create societies in which people in underprivileged circumstances and those with disabilities can live with peace of mind in the community as economies and societies become more sophisticated and globalization progresses. In addition, there are calls for the acceptance, promotion and utilization of diversity in such areas as gender, age and nationality. On a global scale, the reality is that there is growing income disparity, increasing unemployment among youth, poverty and unequal opportunities for education based on gender.

Tokio Marine Group has set “Supporting People” as a core CSR theme in order to take up the challenge of resolving these issues. To this end, we will promote local community and social contribution activities supporting people through the growth of young people and support the elderly, persons with disabilities and athletes as well as the development and utilization of a wide range of human resources through diversity and inclusion.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental health of our employees, the driving force enabling us to continue as a company that is trusted and chosen by customers, is a critical theme of the utmost priority. Each Tokio Marine Group company has been making efforts to create an environment in which employees can work with enthusiasm by providing both physical and mental health care for its employees.

Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

In order to maximize the potential of our human resources in supporting global business expansion, we are working to develop human resources who bring forth a positive cycle of growth and performance, as well as work and life, with a focus on expertise, diversity and a global perspective. Management relating to the development and utilization of human resources is controlled by respective personnel departments at Group companies and at the Group level by executive officers in charge of personnel at Tokio Marine Holdings. The implementation status is monitored via the Board of Directors and Management Meetings of respective Group companies.

Building a Society Based on Health and Longevity to Ensure Peace of Mind

Tokio Marine Group provides products and services that anticipate the changing social environment and customer needs by utilizing the solutions offered by respective Group companies, including insurance. The Group will contribute to a society based on good health and longevity through activities to raise awareness about cancer undertaken by employee volunteers in Japan and around the world, activities to spread knowledge about nursing care and offering advice through medical professionals. By promoting these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will contribute to developing partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society.

Nurturing Generations Responsible for the Future

Tokio Marine Group is promoting social contribution through the establishment of a foundation to nurture generations responsible for the future with the aim of developing youth and promoting sport. In addition, we implement local social contribution activities in conjunction with employees worldwide who volunteer to deliver lesson programs and environmental education as well as with local and social action volunteers and NGOs. We also provide support to charity organizations.

Aiming to Create a Symbiotic Society

Tokio Marine Group aims to create a symbiotic society for everyone both socially and economically, irrespective of age, gender or disability. To this end, employees around the world are proactively working on activities that support the elderly, the deaf and blind, athletes and expectant mothers in conjunction with NGOs.

By promoting these initiatives, Tokio Marine Group will contribute to developing partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society.

Value Creation Developing employees and partners who support and bring a virtuous cycle to local communities and society

To Be a Good Company” Resolve social issues. Enhance corporate value. Each Employee:Each employee acts with integrity and compassion to help us to be a “Good Company”. (Educational support, volunteers for nursing care and persons with dementia) Organizations/The Group:Spread of employees' actions with integrity and compassion changes our organizations and the entire Group. (Human resources development, diversity, work/life balance Occupational health and safety, health management) Customers:Be chosen and trusted by customers by providing innovative products and services (Living benefit products, health and nursing related services) Local Communities and Societies:Be appreciated and trusted by local communities and society by providing safety and security, protecting the Earth and supporting people. (Support of the elderly,  persons with disabilities and athletes) The Future:Create value for a safe, secure and sustainable future. (Growth of young people)

Example of CSR approach (Supporting People)