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Core Theme 2: Protecting the Earth

CSR Materiality (Material Issues). Climate change and natural disasters. Technological innovation. Protection of the global environment. Local community and social contribution activities. Promoting ESG in the provision of products and services.

Global environmental issues are both old and new issues and thus continuous global environmental and biodiversity protection initiatives are paramount. In addition, our social life is being threatened by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as typhoons, droughts and torrential rains around the world due to climate change.

The global issues of “climate change and natural disasters” and “depletion of biodiversity” pose serious risks for the children not only of today but also of the future and at the same time have a significant impact on the business of Tokio Marine Group.

Having set “Protecting the Earth” as a core CSR theme, Tokio Marine Group is taking steps to reduce environmental footprint in business activities in which all employees participate, reduce environmental footprint in the supply chain and tackle initiatives related to environmental management aimed at becoming carbon neutral based on efforts to deploy our environmental management system. Moreover, we continuously work to provide products and services that are designed to mitigate or adapt to climate change and protect biodiversity, and to implement environmental protection activities as well as regional and social contribution activities that include environmental awareness raising and education. Through these initiatives, we actively contribute to preservation of the global environment, protection of biodiversity and the creation of environmental value.

Promoting Environmental Management

Tokio Marine Group implements environmental management. We have rolled out the ISO 14001 environmental management system at Tokio Marine & Nichido headquarters and our proprietary Green Assist environmental management system at other sites, and are striving to reduce environmental impact through full employee participation that includes increasing efficiency in energy usage and executing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). By realizing carbon neutral status (net zero emissions) through CO2 absorption, fixation and reduction based on mangrove planting and Green Power Certificate purchasing, we are contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society focused on energy and resource conservation.

Preserving Biodiversity through Products and Services

The Green Gift Project, which involves mangrove planting and environmental protection activities worldwide, is supported by NGOs and NPOs, as well as central and local governments, agents and employee volunteers, and contributes to not only the alleviation of and adaptation to climate change and protection of biodiversity but also the reduction in disaster damage and stability in the lives of people in or near forested areas.

Preventing Global Warming by Promoting the Development of Clean Energy

In order to prevent damage due to climate change from spreading, Tokio Marine Group is examining the possibility of installing and operating renewable energy facilities in Group companies while also providing products and services such as non-life insurance for businesses related to carbon credits, liability insurance for environmental pollution and environmental consulting.

Building Communities for People to Live with Peace of Mind through Environmental Protection Activities

Based on the theme “Protecting the Earth,” Tokio Marine Group is implementing local and social contribution activities around the world that help protect the environment and biodiversity. These activities emphasize voluntary engagement by employees and tie-ups with NPOs and other groups.

Tokio Marine Group will implement a variety of initiatives to protect the environment as a global insurance group with responsibility for the future of the earth.

Value CreationContributing to a Sustainable Global Environment

“To Be a Good Company” Resolve social issues. Enhance corporate value. Each Employee:Each employee acts with integrity and compassion to help us to be a “Good Company”. (Tree-planting, volunteers to protect the environment, Green Lessons.) Organizations/The Group:Spread of employees' actions with integrity and compassion changes our organizations and the entire Group. (Reduction of environmental burden, carbon neutral, environmental management.) Customers:Be chosen and trusted by customers by providing innovative products and services (Green Gift Project, Mega-Solar Package Program) Local Communities and Societies:Be appreciated and trusted by local communities and society by providing safety and security, protecting the Earth and supporting people. (Global environmental protection, preservation of biodiversity.) The Future:Create value for a safe, secure and sustainable future. (Children's Environmental Award.)

Examples of CSR approach (Protecting the Earth)