Response to Customer Feedback

Based on the Group’s common standards related to customer feedback, each company of Tokio Marine Group has formulated a response policy in order to develop a structure to utilize this feedback for improving products and services.

Customer Feedback Response Policy

Critical opinions and demands as well as compliments from customers are valuable assets for us to provide more quality services to customers. Based on the Group’s basic policy related to customer feedback, each company of Tokio Marine Group has formulated a response policy in order to develop a structure to utilize customer opinions for improving products and services.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Customer Feedback Response Policy
  • Basic Philosophy
    • Tokio Marine & Nichido sincerely accepts and actively applies customer feedback to its corporate activities with customer trust as the basis of all of its business activities.
  • Basic Policy
    1. We will proactively accept and appreciate customer feedback.
    2. We will undertake company-wide initiatives to responsibly address customer feedback through to the end.
    3. We will utilize customer feedback to enhance the quality of our operations, including products and services.
    4. We will deliver greater safety and security based on customer feedback.

Structure to Make Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

Improvement cycle (Originating from customer feedback) Survey to enhance quality / Analysis to enhance quality / Implementation to enhance quality quality

Customer surveys and feedback received directly from customers by employees and agents lead to improvements in products and services. For example, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Nisshin Fire and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life enter such feedback into a central management system that is set up on their respective intranets for later analysis. This feedback is then utilized to improve products and services. Additionally, Tokio Marine & Nichido conducts regular meetings with external advisors and consumer monitors in order to receive advice from the perspective of consumers. These activities have translated into various improvements, including easier-to-understand notices and documents.

Initiatives in Compliance with ISO 10002

As a means of standardizing the response to customer feedback companywide, Tokio Marine & Nichido and Tokio Marine & Nichido Life have established operation systems in conformity with ISO 10002, the international standard for management of the complaints handling process. Additionally, these two companies were the first in the domestic financial industry to verify compliance with the ISO 10002 standard in June 2007 and subsequently made an external announcement in July. Under these operation systems, we will continuously strive to enhance the quality of operations in terms of products, services and other relevant aspects based on customer feedback. Nisshin Fire also made a self-declaration of compliance with the ISO 10002 standard in July 2008.

Listening to Customer Feedback

Each Tokio Marine Group company actively listens to customer feedback through various means such as customer surveys, telephone calls from customers, company websites and information gathering via agents and sales personnel. From the perspective of enhancing the transparency of initiatives regarding customer feedback, the number of feedback comments received, details of these comments and examples of products and services developed or improved based on such feedback are made public via company websites in greater detail.

Tokio Marine & Nichido is conducting customer surveys regarding auto insurance, fire insurance and Super Insurance at the time of contract. The aim is to confirm whether the company is providing easy-to-understand explanations of details of coverage, premiums payments, rider services and important terms. Tokio Marine & Nichido also asks for cooperation in surveys after paying insurance claims to customers in order to obtain a wide range of opinions regarding responses to accidents. The company constantly makes efforts to improve quality based on this customer feedback.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life is obtaining customer feedback by enclosing surveys along with notices regarding contract details, insurance policies and other relevant documents that are sent to all policyholders once a year.

Nisshin Fire strives to identify customer needs through various surveys, for example, on staff response during the contracting process and accident response services and works together with its agents to enhance the quality of its services to bring even greater satisfaction to customers.

Structure for Listening to Customer Feedback

Tokio Marine & Nichido

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life

  • *
    An internal cross-sectional committee of the Board of Directors composed of full-time directors and general managers and established for the purpose of utilizing feedback from customers to improve operational quality

Nissin Fire

Fiscal 2016 Number of Customer Feedback Comments

Tokio Marine & Nichido

(Number of Comments)

Customer Feedback Categories Representative Examples 2016
Apr.- Jun.
Jul.- Sep.
Oct.- Dec.
Jan.- Mar.
Fiscal 2016
Dissatisfied Products and services
Policy and pamphlet related Policy and pamphlet details difficult to understand 421 327 444 464 1,656
Products and services related Requests for improving products and services, Others 1,590 1,537 1,268 1,564 5,959
Subtotal: Products and services 2,011 1,864 1,712 2,028 7,615
Enrollment: Contract procedures
Contract renewal procedures Delays in sending renewal information, Others 1,164 961 1,039 1,316 4,480
Explanation of contract details Insufficient explanation of contract details, Others 427 392 300 312 1,431
Subtotal 1,591 1,353 1,339 1,628 5,911
Enrollment: Contract management
Policy deficiencies Errors in listed policy details 500 507 477 179 1,663
Non-arrival of policy Delay in sending of policy 92 96 110 80 378
Modification procedures Delay in modification procedures, Others 1,575 1,463 1,530 1,401 5,969
Account transfers Unable to make account transfers, Others 329 306 360 272 1,267
Subtotal 2,496 2,372 2,477 1,932 9,277
Enrollment: Response and etiquette
Response and etiquette Telephone response and visitation etiquette 1,022 801 975 927 3,725
Enrollment: Others
Matters concerning enrollment not corresponding to the above 103 117 45 19 284
Subtotal: Enrollment total 5,212 4,643 4,836 4,506 19,197
Insurance claims payments: Insurance claims payments
Contacting and responses Delay in being contacted by staff, insufficient explanation of procedures 2,488 2,525 2,484 2,156 9,653
Payment amount Insufficient explanation about insurance claims payments 1,099 1,060 1,101 1,039 4,299
Advisability of payment Advisability of payment 1,136 1,276 1,294 1,312 5,018
Subtotal 4,723 4,861 4,879 4,507 18,970
Insurance claims payment: Response and etiquette
Response and etiquette Telephone response and visitation etiquette 793 770 885 828 3,276
Insurance claims payments: Others
Matters concerning payment not corresponding to the above 91 83 77 35 286
Subtotal: Total for insurance claims payments 5,607 5,714 5,841 5,370 22,532
Matters concerning personal information 165 113 194 167 639
Others 76 120 142 105 443
Dissatisfied Total 13,071 12,454 12,725 12,176 50,426
Requests 568 547 640 634 2,389
Recommendations 869 877 1,008 883 3,637
Total 14,508 13,878 14,373 13,693 56,452

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life

(List of Points of Dissatisfaction Only)

Item Principal Details of Feedback Number of Comments Received (Comments) Percent of
New contract related Dissatisfied with explanations and with presentments on insurance policy at time of enrollment, others 5,464 21.2
Receipt related Dissatisfied with insurance premium payment methods and modification procedures, others 2,783 10.8
Protection related Dissatisfied with contract details modifications, policyholder loans, cancellation procedures, others 6,484 25.1
Insurance claims and benefits related Dissatisfied with payment procedures for insurance claims, benefits, maturity proceeds, others 4,219 16.4
Others Dissatisfied with after-service, etiquette and telephone response, others 6,825 26.5
Total 25,775 100.0

Nissin Fire

(List of Points of Dissatisfaction Only)

FY2015 FY2016
1. Contracting and soliciting activities
(1) Product details (coverage, others) 15 13
(2) Contracting procedures (incomplete, delays, others) 280 205
(3) Soliciting activities (not thoroughly confirming with customers their needs and purposes, others) 112 99
(4) Insufficient or erroneous explanation about policy details, conditions and others 464 384
(5) Enrollment (conditions, restrictions, others) 13 21
(6) Error in insurance premium calculation 26 40
(7) Staff interaction with customers 105 64
(8) Contents of forms and other documents (application forms, invoices, leaflets, others) 33 31
(9) Other 106 74
Subtotal 1,154 931
2. Management and protection of contracts, collection of premiums
(1) Insurance policies not reaching customers or errors in policies 98 60
(2) Availability of payment in installments or account transfer 88 86
(3) Procedures for changing policies 334 266
(4) Procedures for canceling policies 244 235
(5) Processing of maturity repayment (processing delay, amount repaid, others) 7 5
(6) Staff interaction with customers 22 25
(7) Other 137 112
Subtotal 930 789
3. Insurance claims
(1) Amount of insurance claims paid 298 215
(2) Delay in response and method of response 804 629
(3) Advisability of payment 42 30
(4) Staff interaction with customers 520 349
(5) Other 5 2
Subtotal 1,669 1,225
4. Other (including complaints on the handling of personal information) 35 25
Total 3,788 2,970

Tokio Marine & Nichido: Level of Satisfaction (Fiscal 2016 Auto Insurance)

Overall Level of Satisfaction regarding Products and Services

Satisfied:84.7% / Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied:12.9% / Dissatisfied:2.4%

Overall Level of Satisfaction regarding Contract Procedures

Satisfied:84.6% / Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied:13.3% / Dissatisfied:2.1%

Level of Satisfaction regarding Overall Claims Services

Very Satisfied:46.7% / Satisfied:40.3% / Somewhat
satisfied:6.0% / Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied:3.5% / Somewhat dissatisfied:1.4% / Dissatisfied 0.9% / Very dissatisfied:1.2%

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life: Level of Customer Satisfaction (Fiscal 2016)

To what extent are you satisfied by the enrollment of life insurance of Tokio Marine & Nichido Life?

Very Satisfied:18% / Satisfied:46% / Neutral:33% / Dissatisfied:2% / Very dissatisfied:1%

Nissin Fire: Level of Satisfaction (Fiscal 2016)

Overall Level of Satisfaction regarding Accident Response Services

Auto Insurance

Very Satisfied:49.9% / Satisfied:42.1% / Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied:4.8% / Dissatisfied:1.3% / Very dissatisfied: 1.1% / No response:0.7%

Fire and Accident Insurance

Very Satisfied:51.4% / Satisfied:42.4% / Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied:4.0% / Dissatisfied:0.9% / Very dissatisfied:0.7% / No response:0.6%

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY): Level of Customer Satisfaction (Fiscal 2016)


Main Examples of Items That Have Been Developed and Improved Based on Customer Feedback (Fiscal 2016)

Tokio Marine & Nichido

Customer Feedback

The coverage of One Day Auto Insurance ends at 12 a.m. For a midnight drive, I need to buy the policy for two days. This feels unfair, and I would like you to change it so that a premium for one day covers 24 hours starting from the time of contract.


We revamped the product and now offer coverage for 24 hours from the time at which insurance liability starts. The new scheme applies to the policy used on and after April 1, 2017.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life

Customer Feedback

I made an inquiry about how to pay my premium and was instructed to pay it through a bank transfer. I was not able to visit a bank during its business hours and had trouble finding a way to make a bank transfer. I would like you to provide an option to pay premiums at convenience stores or other locations that are open 24 hours a day.


In May 2016, we started providing an option to pay most of the premiums at convenience stores and through the Pay-easy service, allowing customers to pay premiums anytime in a day and any day in a year.

Nisshin Fire

Customer Feedback

Your auto insurance leaflet is hard to read as it entirely uses light colors and small fonts.


We adopted the concept of universal design and revised our leaflet’s overall design to make it friendly to everyone. (This design received an “Easy-to-Understand” prize in the UCDA Award 2016 hosted by the Universal Communication Design Association.)