Quality Improvement Initiatives

Tokio Marine Group continuously promotes the enhancement of quality from a customer standpoint in accordance with the Group’s Corporate Philosophy: “Through the provision of the highest quality products and services, Tokio Marine Group aims to deliver safety and security to all its customers.”

Tokio Marine Group’s Approach to Quality Improvement

Tokio Marine Group has earned high regard from its customers by providing products and services that are ahead of the times in accordance with the Group’s Corporate Philosophy: “Through the provision of the highest quality products and services, Tokio Marine Group aims to deliver safety and security to all its customers.” In the medium to long term, changes in living and business environments resulting from frequent natural disasters, demographic shifts and technological innovation in the world will generate many new opportunities and risks. In response to the diversifying needs of both individual and corporate customers in connection with such new opportunities and risks, Tokio Marine Group will combine the capabilities of all Group companies and will do its best to provide new products and services that anticipate the changing times and extend beyond the framework of conventional insurance products and services in areas such as the financial, medical and consulting fields.

Anshin (“Reassuring”) Quality

Tokio Marine & Nichido defines Anshin Quality in order to ensure things naturally expected of us by customers are achieved or executed by anyone at the company, at anytime and anywhere.

Based on this Anshin Quality approach, the company has formulated its Anshin Quality Standards as essential quality standards for each series of business processes, including solicitation, claims payment, contract management and product development. Tokio Marine & Nichido is strongly committed to ensuring Anshin Quality and to never providing to customers products or services that do not satisfy these standards.

Examples of Initiatives with Next-Generation Model

In April 2012, Tokio Marine & Nichido rolled out an initiative called the Next-Generation Model, which utilizes tablet devices to enhance comfort and convenience for customers. For Super Insurance, auto insurance, fire insurance, accident insurance and life insurance—our main products for individual customers—we introduced the paperless Raku Raku Tetsuzuki (Quick and Easy Online Procedures), which allows customers to request a premium estimate, view product descriptions and apply for insurance on their tablet and other devices. These procedures enable us to provide easy-to-understand product descriptions with videos and electronic pamphlets. We have also introduced “Your Enrollment at a Glance,” which enables customers to visually check their family’s insurance enrollment status on their tablet and other devices.

This Next-Generation Model initiative received a 2014 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Minister’s Award in recognition of its contribution to informatization of the economic society. It also won the top IT Overall Award at the 31st Information Technology Award 2013 sponsored by the Japan Institute of Information Technology. In the future as well, Tokio Marine & Nichido will strive to further enhance comfort and convenience for customers through the Next-Generation Model initiative.

Screen image of Raku Raku Tetsuzuki contract procedures

Providing Information That Enables Customers to Make Claims without Any Omissions

Guidebook on receiving insurance
claims payments and insurance benefits

To ensure that customers request insurance claims payments and insurance benefits without any omissions, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life provides information to customers regarding insurance claims payments and insurance benefits when they enter into an insurance contract during the contract validity period and when requesting insurance claims payments and insurance benefits. Additionally, through such means as our website and TV commercials, we ask customers to contact Tokio Marine & Nichido Life if they have any uncertainties about receiving insurance claims payments and insurance benefits.

Raising the Quality of Call Centers

Tokio Marine Group’s call center departments implement a variety of initiatives for the purpose of raising the quality of customer responses throughout the Group’s call centers. In addition to mutually refining customer response skills by holding a “telephone response contest,” we strive to maintain and upgrade the quality of customer responses based on the Contact Center Standard for Tokio marine* (CCST).

Looking ahead, we will work to provide safety and security by striving to make caring responses from the customer’s perspective and enhancing the quality of our customer responses at all Group call centers.

  • *
    An operational standard formulated by Tokio Marine Group specifically for call centers

Providing Anshin Quality of Claims Services to Customers

Tokio Marine & Nichido believes that our value as an insurance company is tested when an accident occurs. To prepare ourselves for such an emergency, we define Anshin Quality as specific quality standards that are indispensable for the products and services provided to customers and, together with agents, have been making full, concerted efforts toward the realization of Anshin Quality. Also in terms of claims services, we seek feedback broadly from customers and constantly endeavor to improve quality based on such feedback while repeating the cycle of implementation, verification and improvement.

As one example, we have implemented the following operational improvements based on the evaluation results and opinions we gather through a customer survey, which is conducted after insurance claims are paid to policyholders of our auto insurance, who have been involved in an accident.

  • Information regarding details of coverage and a list of available coverages (insurance claims) are sent to customers upon receipt of the notification of an accident, and personnel in charge provide information on the amount of claims payable in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • When insurance claims are paid, personnel in charge will explain in an easy-to-understand manner while also sending a statement of claims payable that not only verifies the amount but also provides a detailed breakdown.
  • When insurance claims cannot be paid, we inform customers of the reason both verbally and in written form in an easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, inquiries and claims from customers are accepted via an exclusive toll-free telephone line. Assistance from external specialists such as lawyers is also available via the Re-examination Request System*.
* Re-examination Request System (Tokio Marine & Nichido)

A system for customers (including policyholders and insured persons) to request re-examination when they disagree with the decision not to pay insurance claims made by claims service bases in accordance with policy details. When requested by a customer, the Claims Service Re-examination Committee, which is a closed-door committee comprised of external specialists (doctors and lawyers), re-examines the decision made by the claims service base responsible for the case using re-examination request documents and materials submitted by relevant parties. The results are subsequently reported in written form to the customer who requested the re-examination. However, this system does not apply to cases that are outside the activity scope of the committee, which is to make a decision from a legal or medical viewpoint. For details, please contact the responsible claims service base.

To provide high quality claims services in case of an emergency to deliver safety and security to customers by leveraging our high level of expertise, we are making various related efforts on top of nurturing the enhancement of the resolution capabilities of employees. In the following sections, we divide the process of claims services into five steps (receiving loss reports, initial response, loss adjustment, reporting progress and payment of insurance claims) and describe our efforts in each.

Receiving Loss Reports

Receiving a loss report from a customer is our first customer contact point in claims services. We work to eliminate anxieties held by a customer who just had an accident by asking whether or not he/she was injured and what exactly happened and simultaneously giving considerate and appropriate advice.

Initial Response

After receiving a loss report, we confirm how the customer wishes to proceed with the accident response and provide a detailed description of the process from the beginning to the final resolution. It is only after we consult with the customer that we will contact the parties and others concerned. We try to relieve the customer’s anxiety by reporting back to him/her the results of contacting these parties.

Loss Adjustment

This step involves checking the status of a car or building damaged by the accident. At the same time, we scrutinize details of necessary repairs and estimated repair costs to confirm an adequate loss amount and explain it to the customer in an easy-to-understand manner.

Reporting Progress

To eliminate the customer’s anxiety and provide a higher sense of security, we make sure to report the progress in a manner and at the timing matched to the customer’s needs.

Payment of Insurance Claims

We calculate payable insurance claims and explain the details of these claims to the customer in an easy-to-understand manner. We then work to swiftly go through the payment procedures after confirming with the customer if he/she wants to file a claim. We also utilize a system to check for other applicable policies and inform the possible payment of other insurance claims, if any, to the customer. For auto insurance, in particular, we have in place a system that does not allow us to close the case until the payment of all payable insurance claims is made. By means of this system and various types of training, we ensure to make an appropriate payment of claims to customers.

Moreover, we constantly strive to improve the quality of our customer response over the telephone through employee training and by conducting a survey on its telephone responses by an external survey company. Efforts are geared toward ensuring all responsible personnel always make a considerate and honest response to customers.

Resolution Capabilities of Team Experts

We consider it our mission to provide the high quality claims services when a customer is involved in an accident. In auto insurance, smooth claim settlement requires a team approach in which highly specialized and experienced staff members work as a team toward the same goal.

At Tokio Marine & Nichido, our experienced claims service staff of approximately 9,000 people team up with our nationwide network of highly specialized experts including approximately 1,500 adjusters, 530 lawyers and 100 consulting physicians to provide the resolution capabilities of Team Experts. This allows us to protect our customers in the event of an accident. In addition to our reliable and extensive network of 244 service bases nationwide, we satisfy 93.0% of our customers who have filed claims under their insurance by exercising our sophisticated negotiating power backed by our industry dominance with more than around 2.65 million accident settlements per year.

Shared Value for Caring for Customers as Our First Priority

Tokio Marine & Nichido believes that putting customers first and foremost translates into the quality of claims services, which are intangible and not readily perceivable. Accordingly, we distribute a booklet entitled Kokorokara (“From Our Hearts”) to all members engaged in claims services, including new employees who join the company each year. The booklet summarizes the values on which we place importance, including the shared ideas of all members involved with claims services for customers, working in harmony with colleagues and in pursuit of expertise. We hope to continuously hand down our purpose, pride and sincerity in claims services from a customer standpoint as part of our DNA.

Kokorokara booklet cover page and inside text

  • ”Our ceaseless pursuit for expertise is really a quest for better human qualities, and this quest never ends.”
  • ”Face to face with a person who needs your help, as a fellow human being, what does your heart tell you? Everything starts from here. I want to help because a person needs my help. This strength of emotion is our raison d’etre.”

Providing Greater Security to Customers

We are making efforts to eliminate customer anxiety through such means as Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service’s free medical advice service, highly specialized services provided by each Group company and accurate advice offered by affiliated lawyers, doctors and other experts.

Claims Service System in Japan (As of July 2017)

  Tokio Marine & Nichido Nisshin Fire
Number of service bases 244 107
Claims service staff and adjusters Approx. 10,500* Approx. 1,000
Lawyers Approx. 520 Approx. 50
Consultant physicians Approx. 100 Approx. 12
Tax accountants/Accountants 70
Number of automobile accident settlements (Annual) Approx. 2.65 million Approx. 0.18 million
  • *
    As of July 2016