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Education and Training Systems for Agents

In order to meet customer expectations and earn their trust so that customers are able to consult us about insurance with peace of mind, we support the development of professional human resources through a qualifications system and training programs.

Original Learning Program

In order to foster salespersons capable of providing meticulous and excellent services to customers, Tokio Marine & Nichido offers a learning program that covers a broad range of operational knowledge on product details, claim services, compliance and other business-related topics. A course on basic products knowledge, in particular, is provided as a mandatory course, which salespersons must take before they engage in product sales. Salespersons can take each course through various means, including our online agent system (TNet).

Initiatives for Improving Qualities and Abilities Required of Non-Life Insurance Salespersons

Operated by Tokio Marine & Nichido

Original Learning Program
  • Offering a broad range of courses:
    • Anshin Quality, compliance
    • Products knowledge
    • Claims services
    • Operation of the agent online system (TNet)
    • Operation of tablet devices under the Next-Generation Model
    • Agent back office operations
  • Available through the agent online system (TNet)

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Training College

Antore Hiroba website

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life provides the Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Training College training program for life insurance agents to develop professional insurance salespersons. In this program, for roughly six months agency salespersons and the company’s responsible employees take part together in group training and Web-based training, in which the most advanced training program has been adopted, while also carrying out practical activities on the front lines of business. With regard to these practical activities, the company provides the latest programs for supporting the sales activities of participants, such as the adoption of Antore Hiroba, a website where participants can exchange information with each other. Also, the company gives salespersons opportunities to continue helping each other to improve their skills after the completion of their training, including follow-up training at branch offices.

Agent Trainee System

In April 2016, Tokio Marine & Nichido created an early-stage human resources development system for employees newly hired by agents by significantly revamping the existing trainee system for the development of exclusive professional agents for the first time in 50 years. Under the new system, agents’ new employees are temporarily transferred as trainees to Tokio Marine & Nichido for a maximum of two years to gain solicitation skills. The goal is to enable them to assume the role of a professional salesperson highly specialized in his or her area of expertise at corporate agents. The program can also be utilized as a broader supportive measure to help agents grow, as it has expanded its scope to include part-time agents in the auto, real estate and financial fields. In April 2017, the company further upgraded this growth supportive measure by adding a system to pay an additional commission to the agency if its salesperson temporarily transferred to the company achieved a certain level of sales and a training program to educate new graduate hires on business etiquette. As of March 31, 2017, 777 persons are joining the new system, while 275 persons are participating in the original exclusive professional agent development system.

Nisshin Fire also operates the Risk Advisor Employee System, a similar trainee system to develop exclusive professional agents. The system is designed to acquire various knowledge and practical work experience that are necessary for selling insurance while being engaged in soliciting contracts and related work for a certain period.