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Working Together with Agents to Improve Quality

To provide safety and security that truly is based on customers’ points of view, Tokio Marine Group endeavors to build partnerships based on trust and together improve the operational quality through smooth communication with agents.

The Role of Agents in Tokio Marine Group

In auto, life and other insurance, the role of agents in Tokio Marine Group is to protect customers from risks by providing various kinds of insurance products and services as intermediaries between customers and the insurance company in the Group. Agents are carrying out a broad range of consulting activities such as introducing optimal insurance tailored to the needs of each customer and quickly providing support to deliver security to customers in the event of disasters or accidents.

For agents to be indispensable persons truly relied upon by customers, each Tokio Marine Group company has been proceeding with initiatives directed toward its agents such as various kinds of training, establishment of administrative procedures and IT systems and business administration management support.

Working Together with Agents on Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Operations

Tokio Marine & Nichido defines Anshin (“Reassuring”) Quality Standards as specific quality standards that are indispensable for the products and services provided to customers and works together with agents to improve quality. In addition, with regard to an agent commission system, we conduct assessments in terms of quality, growth (scale, revenue increase rate, claims ratio) and partnership (including consulting capability, quality of agent business administration and claims service response capability). By doing so, we have established a system that supports agents that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers and by always remaining their first choice. Going forward, we will promote reforms toward a new business model utilizing tablet devices and smartphones to realize an even more comfortable experience for customers. We, as a group of insurance companies, will work hand-in-hand with our agents to deliver quality to all customers and gain higher recognition from customers.

Nisshin Fire has also established its Customer Trust Standards for agent operations concerning contract procedures, product presentations and response to customers involved in accidents or other incidents, as well as proceeding with initiatives accordingly to ensure that all its agents across Japan provide customers with the same, high level of services. Additionally, Nisshin Fire drastically revamped its agent commission system, which previously determined agents’ commissions by considering the level of contribution and other relevant factors in addition to the size of premiums written. Under the new system, the company conducts an evaluation of the level of achievement of operations as an agent in terms of providing services and support for customers to decide agents’ commissions. In this respect, the company has shifted its focus from scale to function and from quantity to quality, thereby adopting an agent commission system more based on the customer’s perspective and aimed at raising the quality of insurance sales.

Sharing Information with Agents

TNet top screen

Tokio Marine & Nichido is developing the agent’s ICT system TNet* in order to readily provide functions that are related to insurance administrative procedures as well as product information and sales tools that are necessary for agents as they respond to customers. In April 2012, TNet, which previously could only be accessed from the personal computers of agent offices, was given multi-device compatibility. As a result, it is now accessible from tablet and other devices, allowing agents to conduct business anywhere, at any time. Additionally, as a means of enhancing the quality of customer response, we mutually share the records of responses between customers and agents and between customers and customer centers. We will continuously endeavor to enhance communication between agents and Tokio Marine & Nichido through ongoing efforts to refine TNet with the ultimate goal of providing services that will bring greater customer satisfaction.

  • *
    TNet is an online agent system provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido with the intent of supporting agents in enhancing the quality of insurance business operations and increasing operational efficiency.

Business Administration Support for Agents

With a view to increasing the quality of insurance solicitation and ensuring to provide value to customers, which are also required under the Insurance Business Act revised on May 29, 2016, Tokio Marine & Nichido proactively assists its agents in building systems necessary to protect customers as an organization as a whole. In fiscal 2016, we provided the Value Delivery Process Management (Value PRO) Manual, a business administration support tool, to operators of agents. This manual specifies standard business processes to deliver to customers the value unique to full-time agents at every customer contact point, not only at policy renewal. This includes providing a wide variety of information on life and non-life insurance products and services and ensuring reliable claims services in times of need. The manual also describes keys to successful organizational management for instilling these standard processes. Tokio Marine & Nichido will continue to do everything in its power to support the business administration of its agents in order to provide an even higher level higher of value to customers.