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Overview of Group CSR Reporting

We introduce the Tokio Marine Group Overview of Group CSR Reporting and CSR communication tools.

About the Group’s CSR Report

Tokio Marine Group began publishing the Environmental Report in 2000. Along with the creation of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance through the merger of Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire in October 2004, from 2005 Tokio Marine Group has been publishing the CSR Report, which summarizes the Group’s CSR activities. In 2012, we changed the name of this report to the Sustainability Report and from the perspective of conserving paper resources and enhancing convenience, we discontinued the printed version and began publishing web-based and PDF versions.

In 2015 we revamped our home page and created the Tokio Marine Holdings Corporate Website (CSR page) and the “Sustainability Report website” as part of efforts to communicate CSR information in an easier-to-understand manner and on a timely basis through multiple devices, including smartphones and tablet devices.

Tokio Marine Group is working to enhance communications with stakeholders toward a secure, safe and sustainable future. For this reason, Tokio Marine Group believes that familiarizing numerous stakeholders with its CSR efforts and collaborating and cooperating with them is important. Therefore, we regard the CSR Report as absolutely essential in undertaking the Group’s business operations and are disclosing information through this report.

Overall Image of the Tokio Marine Group CSR Reporting

Tokio Marine Group’s Principal CSR Communication Tools

Tool Content Main readers Date of publication (scheduled) Types of media
Web-based PDF Booklet
Sustainability Report Provides details of Tokio Marine Group’s approach to CSR and related strategies using relevant data All readers Japanese: September Web-based PDF  
English: November Web-based PDF  
CSR Booklet Reports on the latest CSR topics in an easy-to-understand format General readers (general public) Japanese: June   PDF Booklet
English: October   PDF  
Integrated Annual Report Concisely describes how Group financial information relates to CSR and non-financial information while presenting medium- to long-term corporate initiatives concerning value creation Investors Japanese: end of August   PDF Booklet
English: end of August   PDF Booklet