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CSR Promotion Structure and Initiatives for Permeating CSR within the Group~Building a Foundation for Promoting CSR

Tokio Marine Holdings has established a dedicated CSR Division (CSR Division, Strategy and Synergy Department) to identify material CSR issues and to formulate and implement Group CSR strategies. The division supports the CSR activities of each Group company through dialogue and cooperation with CSR key persons appointed to promote CSR within the divisions in charge of CSR at the respective Group companies.

Tokio Marine Group regularly convenes the CSR Board, comprising the president of Tokio Marine Holdings (board chairman) and presidents of major domestic Group companies, as well as the CSR Key Persons Conference, which consists of Tokio Marine Holdings and Group companies’ CSR divisions. These bodies evaluate various types of CSR initiatives and discuss response measures for CSR issues (important issues to be shared by each Group company) for the entire Group. Tokio Marine Holdings also convenes CSR Dialogues with external experts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and non-profit organizations (NPOs). The dialogues give us opportunities to hear outside opinions about our awareness and approaches concerning the Group’s CSR issues. These opinions and other ideas are then reflected in our CSR strategy and our approach to each individual CSR issue.

The Company’s Board of Directors receives reports on the CSR activities of the entire Group while formulating the Overall Group CSR Strategy (medium-term plan and single fiscal-year plans). CSR promotion officers at each Group company play a leading role in promoting and handling common issues to be addressed by the entire Group as well as in implementing CSR activities based on the characteristics of each business and local communities.

Tokio Marine Group CSR Promotion Structure

CSR Management System

In Tokio Marine Group, the departments handling each respective function are responsible for implementing initiatives for each CSR issue. The management systems for each ISO 26000 core subject and issue are listed within each section of this report.

ISO 26000 Core Issues and Issues Management Elements Reference
Human rights Due diligence/Human rights risk situations/Avoidance of complicity/Discrimination and vulnerable groups Approach regarding impact Respect for Human Rights, Fundamental Policy
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter, Respect for Human Rights
Fundamental Policy
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Management System concerning Respect for Human Rights and Initiatives
Complaint handling mechanism Respect for Human Rights in the Group, Hotline System
Specific steps Respect for Human Rights
Labour practices Employment and employment relationships/Conditions of work and social protection/Social dialogue/Health and safety at work/Human development and training in the workplace Approach regarding impact Promoting Health and Productivity Management
Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources
Management methods Policies/Commitment Five Spirits of Developing Human Resources
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources
Complaint handling mechanism Fair Personnel Affairs, Raising Employee Satisfaction Levels
Specific steps Promoting Health and Productivity Management, Developing and Utilizing Diverse Human Resources
The environment Prevention of pollution/Sustainable resource use Approach regarding impact Core Theme 2: Protecting the Earth
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Tokio Marine Group Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Policy and Stance
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Management Structure under an Environmental Management System (EMS)
Complaint handling mechanism ISO 14001, Green Assist
Specific steps Promoting Health and Productivity Management
Climate change mitigation and adaptation Approach regarding impact Core Theme 2: Protecting the Earth
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Management Structure under an Environmental Management System (EMS)
Complaint handling mechanism ISO 14001, Green Assist
Specific steps Making Society Resilient to Natural Disasters
Preventing Global Warming by Promoting the Development of Clean Energy
Biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats Approach regarding impact Tokio Marine Group’s Vision for Biodiversity
Management methods Policies/Commitment Preservation of Biodiversity
Tokio Marine Group’s Vision for Biodiversity
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Management Structure under an Environmental Management System (EMS)
Complaint handling mechanism ISO 14001, Green Assist
Specific steps Promotion of Environmental Management, Preserving Biodiversity through Products and Services
Fair operating practices Anti-corruption/Responsible political involvement/Fair competition/Respect for property rights Approach regarding impact Internal Control
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter, Declaration of Commitment to Compliance, Tokio Marine Group Code of Conduct
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Tokio Marine Group Compliance System
Complaint handling mechanism Hotline System (Internal Whistleblower System)
Specific steps Compliance, Risk Management
Promoting social responsibility in the value chain Approach regarding impact CSR in the Value Chain
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Tokio Marine & Nichido Group Principle of Transactions
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Value Chain Management
Complaint handling mechanism Response to Customer Feedback
Specific steps CSR in the Value Chain
Consumer issues Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution/Education and awareness Approach regarding impact Improving Quality from the Customer’s Perspective
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Quality Improvement Initiatives
Response to Customer Feedback
Working Together with Agents to Improve Quality
Complaint handling mechanism Response to Customer Feedback
Specific steps Compliance, Improving Quality from the Customer’s Perspective, Promoting Health and Productivity Management
Consumer data protection and privacy Approach regarding impact Information Security
Management methods Policies/Commitment Privacy Policy
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Consumer Data Protection, Privacy Policy, Information Security
Complaint handling mechanism Response to Customer Feedback
Specific steps Information Security
Sustainable consumption Approach regarding impact Sustainable Consumption Management System
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Sustainable Consumption Management System
Complaint handling mechanism Response to Customer Feedback
Specific steps Eliminating Poverty in Society
Community involvement and development Community involvement Approach regarding impact
Management methods Policies/Commitment Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter
Goals and targets Plans and Results of CSR Initiatives
Responsibilities and management resources Tokio Marine Group CSR Promotion Structure
Complaint handling mechanism Response to Customer Feedback
Specific steps Building a Secure Society by Leveraging Traffic Technology Innovation
Building a Secure Society by Responding to Varying Lifestyles and Changes in Society, Building a Society Based on Health and Longevity to Ensure Peace of Mind
Nurturing Generations Responsible for the Future
Building a Society in Which the Elderly Can Live with Peace of Mind
Building a Society in which Persons with Disabilities Can Take on Active Roles

System for Sustainable Consumption

Tokio Marine Group developed microinsurance and weather insurance for low-income earners in those developing countries with vulnerability to climate change, natural disasters, illnesses and accidents. Also, Tokio Marine Group supplies products and services that support the building and introduction of renewable energy facilities and also operates the Green Gift Project. Under this project, when customers choose Web-based insurance contracts on our website Tokio Marine & Nichido donates funds corresponding to a portion of the value of the reduction in paper used to support environmental protection activities in Japan and overseas. The organizational structures for undertaking these initiatives are as follows.

Initiatives Company
Microinsurance and weather insurance (India) IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Co., Ltd.
Products and services that support the building and introduction of renewable energy facilities Tokio Marine & Nichido (Sales Development Department, Sales Department)
Green Gift Project Tokio Marine & Nichido (Sales Planning Department, CSR Department)

Initiatives to Permeate CSR within the Group

Enhancing CSR Communication

Tokio Marine Holdings and Tokio Marine & Nichido hold CSR Communication Meetings for exchanging opinions targeting employees of domestic and overseas Group companies and Tokio Marine & Nichido. These meetings seek to spread and deepen employees’ understanding of CSR and firmly implement CSR initiatives continuously and reflect the Group’s CSR policies in the measures and initiatives of Group companies and the branch offices of Tokio Marine & Nichido. These meetings enable the sharing of information and the straightforward exchange of opinions on Tokio Marine Group’s CSR initiatives and CSR activities conducted in respective companies and workplaces. Through these meetings, we have received comments from participants such as “Understanding the significance and purpose of CSR activities and ‘CSR through our core businesses’ has led to increased motivation.” As a new initiative from fiscal 2015, we commenced the CSR Key Persons (CSRKP) Seminar for Group companies and CSRKP Seminar at branch offices of Tokio Marine & Nichido. These meetings aim to share information and exchange opinions on the most recent CSR trends for the purpose of promoting CSR across the Group and raising corporate value. In August 2016, we invited Keisuke Ota, secretariat-director of Global Compact Network Japan, and Naoko Morizane, General Manager, CSR Promotion and Social Contributions Office, Corporate Communications Division of NEC Corporation (NEC), to participate in this meeting. After listening to lectures about the frontlines of global CSR and initiatives at NEC for creating societal value, participants deepened their understanding of CSR via group discussions and a Q&A session.

In February 2017, we invited Nobuyasu Tanaka, secretariat director-general of Alterna Research. After listening to lectures about the latest trends in CSR/CSV (creating shared value) and expectations toward global companies, participants deepened their understanding through a Q&A session.

To help resolve societal issues and perpetually raise the Group’s corporate value, we will continuously hold these meetings and seminars in the future and ensure these improve the CSR mindsets and skill levels of employees.

CSR Training

Tokio Marine & Nichido conducts CSR training through e-Learning for all employees once a year to promote understanding and sharing of the philosophy behind the company’s CSR activities. In addition to affirmation of the CSR Charter, the training includes topics such as confirmation of environmental burden reduction targets and the environmental management system and confirmation of the company’s community and social contribution initiatives. Key persons in each workplace promote participation in the training.

Community and Social Contribution Activities with the Participation of All Employees

Tokio Marine Group has set the three core CSR themes of “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” and is implementing different local community and social contribution activities around the world that emphasize voluntary participation by employees and tie-ups and collaboration with NPOs and other groups.

In addition to aiming to conduct ongoing local community and social contribution activities at each workplace and Group company, we have designated October and November as CSR Month every year with the aim of promoting employee-driven CSR activities. Many employees take part in a variety of local community and social contribution programs during this period in different parts of the world.

Toward a Safe, Secure and Sustaninable Future/Providing Safety and Security/Protecting the Earth/Supporting People

Support Systems and Donations

All Tokio Marine Group companies encourage the proactive participation of their employees in local community and social contribution activities by introducing them to activities in which they may be able to participate or by creating a volunteer leave system or an award program to recognize employees’ active efforts in local community and social contribution activities.

Overview of Support Systems/Programs and Fiscal 2016 Results (Tokio Marine & Nichido)

Matching gift system A system in which the company makes a donation matching the amount voluntarily donated by employees (21 cases totaling 896,872 yen)
Volunteer leave/leave of absence system A system to support employees for their volunteer time (used by 81 employees)
  • Volunteer leave
    A system in which employees are permitted to take leave limited to 10 days per year to participate in volunteer activities that include relief efforts in a disaster and support for social welfare institutions or groups relating to persons with disabilities, the elderly and children’s welfare facilities, etc.
  • Volunteer leave of absence
    A system in which employees are permitted to take leave for a period of over six months and up to two years in principle to participate in a volunteer program recognized by the company, particularly actions with a high degree of social contribution in a social welfare institute, etc.
Share Happiness Club A donation program operated by employee volunteers
In fiscal 2016, a total of 14,324,000 yen donated by 5,244 employees was distributed to the following organizations:
  • Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV) <Providing Safety and Security (emergency disaster assistance)>
  • Watari Greenbelt Project <Providing Safety and Security (Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake)>
  • International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME) <Protecting the Earth (cleaning up trash washed ashore along coastlines)>
  • Japan Deafblind Association <Supporting People (supporting persons with disabilities)>
  • Childline Support Center Japan <Supporting People (supporting children)>
  • Kotsuiji wo shien suru kai (Supporting Orphans from Automobile Accidents) <Supporting People (supporting children)>
  • ASHINAGA <Supporting People (supporting children)>
  • Japan Marrow Donor Program <Supporting People (support for incurable diseases)>
  • Association for Aid and Relief, Japan <Supporting People (humanitarian assistance)>
  • Japan Inclusive Football Federation <Supporting People (supporting persons with disabilities)>
CSR Month A month for strengthening initiatives for proactively carrying out local community and social contribution activities across the entire Tokio Marine Group (October-November)
Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR We commend excellent initiatives at Group companies and at Tokio Marine & Nichido branch offices that lead to the resolution of issues in communities and to the generation of corporate value. (For details, please refer to the “Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR” on this page.)

Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR

To promote the fostering of a corporate culture in which each employee engages in CSR as his/her own issue and ensure this contributes to the community and helps create corporate value, in fiscal 2015 Tokio Marine Group expanded Tokio Marine & Nichido’s award system to the entire Group and established the Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR. In April and May 2017, a total of 20 outstanding initiatives implemented in fiscal 2016 at Group companies and Tokio Marine & Nichido’s branch offices were commended.

<Award Winners>

E. design Insurance Co., Ltd
The company systematically implemented initiatives with the participation of all employees. Of particular note, the company invigorated communications with hearing-impaired employees through efforts that included continuing the activities of the Sign Language Department and introducing a UD Talk voice recognition app.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Facilities, Inc.
The company implemented building cleaning guidance in Vietnam as part of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s technical training program for foreign nationals. Additionally, the company fostered a culture for participating in community social contribution activities, such as serving as volunteers for dispensing water at the Hokkaido Marathon.

Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand) PCL
TMITH’s employees, agents and local community residents participated in a project for maintaining dams as well as in tree-planting activities in northern Thailand as part of efforts to preserve water resources and reduce natural disasters. Through such activities, TMITH is contributing to the establishment of an independent foundation for people’s livelihoods, such as by enabling local residents themselves to learn about environmental protection and to implement eco-tourism.

ONE Toyama
This activity is undertaken by teams from Tokio Marine & Nichido’s Toyama Branch, Toyama Claims Service Section of the Hokuriku Claims Service Department, and Takaoka Claims Service Section; Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Insurance’s Tokai/Hokuriku Sales Support Department of the Toyama Life Insurance Branch; and Tokio Marine & Nichido Partners Management’s Tokai Hokuriku and Toyama Branches. This activity involves contributing to local communities in a variety of formats that include providing “Earthquake Insurance ‘Osusume’ 100% Effort” that raises interest in earthquake risk.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Kansai Government Sector & Financial Institutions Department
This department advanced toward CSV that leads to sales of personal liability insurance and earthquake insurance through new initiatives such as “Bicycle Safety Class” and “Earthquake Educational Flyers” that utilize partnership agreements with local governments.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Tokai/Hokuriku Business Support Department, Mikawa Branch, Aichi Minami Branch, Nagoya Production Dept. 1, Nagoya Claims Service Dept. 2, Tokai Claims Service Dept. 2
In response to the frequent occurrence of automobile thefts and home burglaries in Aichi Prefecture, Tokio Marine & Nichido, in collaboration with the Aichi prefectural police and the General Insurance Association of Japan, created leaflets on crime prevention measures and held crime prevention seminars for agents and invited prefectural police to give lectures at these seminars.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Kyushu Automobile Industry Production Department
This department formed a cross-departmental CSR team. The department continuously carried out activities such as volunteer and support activities for disaster-stricken regions and supported CSR activities of dealers based on the slogan “Give shape to our gratitude! Provide ‘support’ as individuals and as a company.”

Okayama Area/Tokio Marine & Nichido Okayama Branch/Heartful Committee
Since the launch of the Heartful Committee in 2004, agents and employees from non-life and life insurance have worked as one and held repeated discussions and continually implemented a variety of social contribution activities. Contributions have also been made to area strategies and regional revitalization, which includes establishing a comprehensive partnership agreement with Okayama Prefecture.

First Insurance Company of Hawaii (Hawaii)
For 10 consecutive years, employees have participated in Hawaii Meals on Wheels, which makes home deliveries of lunches to the elderly and infirm.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Consulting
Based on the theme “Invigorate CSR Activities,” the company carries out multiple company-wide activities with each employee participating in an average two activities per year. These activities include providing classes for which employees are dispatched to schools, participating in Clean Walk, creating friendship bracelets, holding campaigns for delivering picture books and providing support in disaster-stricken regions.

Tokio Marine Kiln (United Kingdom)
The company sells insurance for indemnifying against the risk of drones and other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The use of UAS helps reduce the environmental burden compared with when using ordinary aircraft operated with aviation fuel. By promoting the use of UAS, this company is creating environmental value.

Safety National Casualty Corporation (US)
This company has installed solar panels, a reservoir for collecting rainwater and artificial beehives to protect the ecosystem. Also, the company has installed water dispensers as substitutes for PET bottles on all floors throughout the company and distributes personalized “My Cutlery” (knives and forks) to employees.

Tokio Marine Philharmonic Orchestra
Based on the concept of “Benefitting society through music,” this orchestra performs regular concerts as charity concerts. It also continues to give volunteer performances at senior citizen’s facilities and carry out fund collection activities through salon concerts.

Kiyoto Tsuji of Tokio Marine & Nichido Automobile Industry Marketing Department, Automobile Industry Production Group (affiliation in fiscal 2016)
Mr. Tsuji implemented activities for visiting farming villages in Myanmar and Laos to directly deliver used children’s clothing he collected by making appeals at workplaces and in local communities.

<Special Awards>

Tokio Marine & Nichido Tokyo Metropolitan Region Claims Service Department and “CSR 11”
This department formed “CSR 11” to oversee and lead CSR that is dispersed throughout the region. While disseminating news that creates excitement, “CSR 11” is steadily promoting initiatives at each base that include implementing eco-friendly cap campaigns, supporting disaster-stricken regions and holding Disaster Prevention Lessons.

Chiba Area Four Departments (Tokio Marine & Nichido Chiba Branch, Keiyo Branch, Chiba Automobile Industry Production Department and East Kanto Claims Service Department)
These departments are carrying out community-based initiatives in Chiba, which will also serve as a venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. These initiatives include watching wheelchair rugby matches and jointly participating as volunteers at the Chiba Aqualine Marathon.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Nagoya Automobile Industry Production Dept. 3
In cooperation with agents, the department donates 20 yen as a reconstruction relief donation for each contracted earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami rider for automobile insurance. The department strives to foster awareness by holding workshops on disasters, disseminating bits and pieces of knowledge and distributing button badges and mobile phone cards.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Yokohama Bayside Branch
This branch is implementing activities with the aim of being a “branch that is thoughtful, makes contributions and that is chosen both inside and outside the company.” The branch made particular efforts to improve fuel efficiency of company-owned vehicles, disseminate news on improving fuel efficiency (safety education) and reduce the environmental footprint.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Assistance
This company implemented the “Senior Citizens Safety Confirmation Service ‘Regular Phone Calls’” in collaboration with Shinagawa Ward and the Shinagawa Ward Council on Social Welfare. In this manner, the company carried out community-based activities utilizing phone response skills cultivated through its core call center business.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service and its Medical Call Business Office
This company provides consultation support for persons with concerns about dementia. Also, nurses and other healthcare professionals participated in the Walk & Run Festival, an event in which the company participates in every year. The company also loaned medical equipment for the festival.

<Good CSR Initiatives at Overseas Group Companies>

We received numerous entries from overseas Group companies for the most recent Tokio Marine Group CEO Recognition for CSR. Here we introduce these initiatives.

6 Good Initiatives from Americas

Tokio Marine America (TMA)
Park East High School Support Program

TMA is establishing a strong partnership with Park East High School in Harlem, New York. In 2016, TMA New York supported the high school’s annual Thanksgiving luncheon by providing donations and volunteers to serve the food to the children and their families. TMA also donated basketballs, laptops, backpacks and school supplies for students.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY)
Dress for Success by Women’s Leadership Series

In 2016, PHLY’s Women’s Leadership Series, an initiative focused on women’s leadership and development, partnered with the national non-profit organization “Dress for Success” to organize a nationwide clothing drive to collect gently used professional attire benefitting underprivileged women who are looking to secure employment.

Delphi Capital Management (DCM) Charity through “Donors Choose”
The ultimate goal of Delphi’s CSR is creating social value by encouraging each and every individual in the group to engage in relevant social issues on his or her own volition. Specifically, we endeavor to do this by allowing each individual to direct a small monetary donation at their discretion. In an effort to support education and giving at DCM, each employee was given $250 to donate to any project(s) available at Donors can choose to pay a portion of any of the thousands of projects listed on their site. Over 95% of employees participated in this event.

Reliance Standard (RSLI)
Walk to End Childhood Cancer

Reliance Standard and Matrix Absence Management joined together to become a National Bronze Sponsor of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and participated in their annual Walk to End Childhood Cancer. Almost 650 employees, friends and family walked in and/or donated toward events across 15 markets nationwide in September 2016. Together through everyone’s efforts, more than $31,000 was raised for the cause, easily surpassing the goal of $25,000.

Tokio Marine HCC (HCC)
TMHCC 100 Charity Event

The concept of TMHCC 100 Charity Event was that 100 employees and friends would walk, run or jog 100km and each would raise £100,000 for charities. HCC’s CSR Committee refined the idea so that any participant would be able to undertake the 25km, 50km, or the full 100km distances to enable broader participation. As a result, 100 employees, family and friends, participated in two events that enabled the completion of the Thames Path Challenge.

Tokio Marine Seguradora (TMSR)
Supporting AACD through Teleton

AACD is a non-profit association in Brazil that aims to create a society in which children and teenagers as well as adults with physical disabilities can play actives roles. TMSR has supported AACD for five years. In 2016 TMSR participated in the Teleton Campaign, which is a way of fundraising, with several private companies as partners and a TV program.

8 Good Initiatives from Asia

Tokio Marine Asia (TMAsia)
Energy Conservation Education Tour with Underprivileged Children

On December 9, 2016, a total of 28 staff volunteers from Tokio Marine Insurance Group in Singapore comprising TM Asia, TMLS and TMiS, together with the Whispering Hearts Student Care Centre, a community services centre that provides social services to low-income families in Singapore, carried out a volunteer activity that took underprivileged children on an educational journey to learn more about energy conservation.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore (TMLS)
Mangrove Planting reforestation exercise

Recognizing the important role that mangrove forests play in mitigating climate change, TMLS led a mangrove-planting reforestation exercise at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR) on January 20, 2016.

Tokio Marine Insurance Indonesia (TMI)
Together We Can

TMI is developing various scholarship programs. TMI started its first program in 1997 and up to 2016 TMI has granted undergraduate scholarships to three students majoring in Insurance Management and also to two students majoring in Actuary Management.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia (TMLM)
Mangrove Planting in Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

The year 2016 is the second year of this mangrove planting activity undertaken with the collaboration of Malaysian Nature Society that aims to contribute to local environmental rehabilitation and biological diversity conservation efforts. Also, this initiative is useful in promoting environmental education and awareness among staff. In collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society, TMLM engaged in mangrove planting at Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Thailand (TMLTH)
TMLTH Pook Pinto Kao

“TMLTH Pook Pinto Kao” was initiated in 2016 by a small group of approximately 14 staff who wish for their good health. They discovered that many people suffer from sickness because of food poisoning and frequently heard that “You are what you eat.” Accordingly, staff started searching for organizations that provide good food and door-to-door delivery service. Finally, staff found “Pook Pinto Kao,” an organization where TMLTH directly buys rice, which is a staple food for Thai people, from farmers.

Malayan Insurance Company (MICO)
The Street Education Project

The objective of Malayan Insurance’s CSR program is to raise social consciousness for the benefit of the communities where MICO operates our businesses. The company’s Street Education Project (SEP) was started in 2000 as a community project to uplift the living standards of children from poor families. In fiscal 2016, its 16th year, the project continued to assist urban poor children and their families based on the recognition of the value of education.

Tokio Marine China (TMNCH)
Disaster Prevention Lessons

TMNCH carries out “Disaster Prevention Lessons” for elementary and junior high school students as a CSR initiative based on the desire to leverage its expertise in the non-life insurance business for the benefit of society. By teaching children how to protect themselves from disasters, TMNCH aims to raise awareness of societies where there are people who are not always adequately prepared for emergencies.

Tokio Marine Hong Kong (TMHK)
Various CSR initiatives such as Earth Day Program
With strong support from the Managing Director, management team and colleagues, the CSR Committee organized several events in 2016. Among these are Earth Day for environmental protection, initiatives for elderly care and support for underprivileged children in collaboration with Hans Andersen Club.

2 Good Initiatives from Australia and Bermuda

Tokio Marine Management Australia (TMMA)
Children Supporting Program

Sydney staff of TMMA collaborated with one of Australia’s leading community organizations, Youth Off The Streets (YOTS), and participated in three volunteer days of activities with YOTS. Taking a “hands-on” approach, TMMA staff repaired and provided much-needed maintenance to a school for at-risk youth and a shelter for victims of domestic violence, both managed by YOTS.

Tokio Millennium Re (TMR)
Tokio Youth Mountain Bike Series

In 2007, Bermuda-based TMR established the Tokio Youth Mountain Bike Series (MBS) and in 2016 MBS marked its 10th year. This event features a series of fun races and activities for children. TMR partners with a local cycling shop and the Bermuda Bicycle Association with the aim of introducing primary school-aged children to cycling as a way to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.