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Corporate Governance

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. (“the Company”) is committed to the continuous enhancement of corporate value by fulfilling its responsibilities to shareholders, customers, society, employees and other stakeholders as set forth in the “Tokio Marine Group Corporate Philosophy.”

For this purpose, the Company hereby establishes a sound and transparent corporate governance system and, as a holding company, recognizes the importance of appropriate control over its Group companies and has formulated the “Tokio Marine Holdings Fundamental Corporate Governance Policy.”

In this Policy, the Company defines the rights of shareholders and securing fairness, and the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc.

Corporate Governance Code

In March 2015, “The Council of Experts Concerning the Corporate Governance Code” (Chairman: Kazuhito Ikeo, Professor of Economics and Finance, Keio University), for which the Financial Services Agency and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. serve as joint secretariat, confirmed and announced “Japan’s Corporate Governance Code [Final Proposal]~Seeking Sustainable Corporate Growth and Increased Corporate Value over the Mid- to Long-Term~” based on the Japan Revitalization Strategy (Revised in 2014, Cabinet decision in June 2014). In response, the Corporate Governance Code, which consists of the content of this original draft proposal for this Code, was formulated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other financial securities exchanges. Application of the Corporate Governance Code began in June 2015.

Corporate governance is a mechanism for companies to carry out transparent, fair, timely and decisive decision-making, with due attention to the needs and perspectives of shareholders and also customers, employees and local communities. The Corporate Governance Code encourages individual companies’ self-motivated actions so as to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term and aims to promote the development and success of companies, investors and the Japanese economy as a whole.

Reference: Japan’s Corporate Governance Code Principle 2.3 Sustainability Issues, Including Social and Environmental Matters
Companies should take appropriate measures to address sustainability issues, including social and environmental matters.

The Company complies with all 73 principles of the above Corporate Governance Code, beginning with Principle 2.3, and submits the Corporate Governance Report (as of June 2017). The Company will continue to make efforts to enhance its corporate governance.