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Relations with Customers -Quality Improvement Initiatives

Tokio Marine Group's Approach to Quality Improvement

Tokio Marine Group has earned high regard from its customers by providing products and services that are ahead of the times in accordance with the Group's Corporate Philosophy: "Through the provision of the highest quality products and services, Tokio Marine Group aims to deliver safety and security to all its customers." From a medium- to long-term viewpoint, it is conceivable that social and economic changes such as the declining birthrate and aging population and global warming inside and outside Japan could give rise to new risks. In response to the diversifying needs of both individual and corporate customers in connection with such changes, Tokio Marine Group will combine the capabilities of all Group companies and will do its best to provide new products and services that anticipate the changing times and extend beyond the framework of conventional insurance products and services in areas such as the financial, medical and consulting fields.

Anshin ("Reassuring") Quality and Business Renovation Project

Tokio Marine & Nichido defines Anshin Quality as specific quality standards that are indispensable for the products and services the company provides to customers and is promoting an array of initiatives to realize this.

Specifically, we are promoting the Business Renovation Project throughout the Company to integrate the improvement of the quality of products and services with enhancement of the comfort of the business processes in which we provide those products and services to customers.

This project is aimed at changing the way our employees and agents do business in all processes from the signing of contracts to payment of claims to make those processes more comfortable for customers.

In line with this objective, we are creating a framework that facilitates customer-friendly processes by making drastic revisions to provide simple and easy-to-understand products to customers, easy-to-operate systems for agents and quick administrative procedures in response to customers’ needs. At the same time, we are steadily reforming business processes by initiating such arrangements as the cashless payment of premiums and early notices of renewal.

Going forward, we will work to provide a more comfortable experience for customers by changing to a new business model that utilizes tablet devices and smartphones to achieve growth by securing stable product quality and improving quality.

Image of quality improvement that Tokio Marine & Nichido is aiming for

Ensuring Customers Have a Clear Understanding of Insurance Products

Tokio Marine & Nichido is pursuing the concepts of "easy-to-understand" based on customer feedback, including opinions. Accordingly, the company devised rules for creating forms that make customers feel at ease in order to make significant improvements to forms that customers can understand (fill out) without explanation. Forms that have been created from March 2007 onwards are based on these rules.

Examples of Initiatives with the Next-Generation Model

In April 2012, Tokio Marine & Nichido adopted a next-generation model using tablet computers and other devices as part of its efforts to enhance comfort and convenience for customers. For Super Insurance, auto insurance and fire insurance, our main products for individual customers, we introduced "Raku Raku Tetsuzuki (Quick and Easy Online Procedures)," which allows customers to request a premium estimate, view product descriptions and apply for insurance on their tablet computers or other devices. (We plan to make online procedures available in October 2013 for enrollment in life insurance and by the end of fiscal 2013 for personal injury insurance.) The use of tablet computers and other electronic devices allows us to provide easy-to-understand product descriptions with videos and electronic pamphlets. We have also introduced "Your Enrollment at a Glance," which enables customers to visually check their family's insurance enrollment status on their tablet computers or other electronic devices.

Screen image of "Raku Raku Tetsuzuki" contract procedure

Providing Anshin Quality of Claims Services to Customers

Tokio Marine & Nichido designates specific quality standards that are indispensable for products and services provided to customers in terms of "Anshin Quality," and the company and agents have been making concerted efforts to thoroughly promote initiatives toward the realization of Anshin Quality. When we receive accident notices, we utilize a system that verifies whether such an accident is covered under any other contracts that will allow payment for that accident, thereby providing claimants with information about the payment of claims. Specifically, in terms of auto insurance, we have introduced a system that has various criteria according to which we cannot close the file until after we have paid all incidental claims without any omission. By means of this system and various types of training, we are now confident in making appropriate payment of claims to customers.

  • Information regarding details of coverage and a list of possible claims payable are sent to customers upon receipt of the notification of an accident, and personnel in charge provide information on the amount of claims payable in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • When insurance claims are paid, personnel in charge will explain in an easy-to-understand manner while also sending a statement of claims payable that not only verifies the amount but also provides a detailed breakdown.
  • When insurance claims cannot be paid, we inform customers of the reason both verbally and in written form in an easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, inquiries and claims from customers are accepted via an exclusive toll-free telephone line. Assistance from external specialists such as lawyers is also available via the Re-examination Request System.*

*Re-examination Request System (Tokio Marine & Nichido)

In cases where customers do not agree with the decision made by the claims service bases that are involved with the payment of insurance claims, the Re-examination Request System can be used upon request by customers (including policyholders and insured persons). Under the Re-examination Request System, the Claims Service Re-Examination Committee, which is a closed-door committee comprised of external specialists (doctors and lawyers), re-examines the decision made by the claims service base responsible for the case using re-examination request documents and materials submitted by relevant parties. The results are subsequently reported to customers who requested the re-examination in written form.

Resolution Capabilities of Team Expert

The true value of an insurance company is put to the test when a customer is involved in an accident. We consider it our mission to provide the highest quality claims services in such an eventuality. In auto insurance, this requires that our highly specialized and experienced staff members resolve claims using a team approach aimed at a smooth resolution.

At Tokio Marine & Nichido, our experienced claims service staff of approximately 8,300 people puts together optimal teams with our network of highly specialized experts including approximately 1,500 adjusters, approximately 455 lawyers and approximately 100 consulting physicians throughout Japan to provide the resolution capabilities of Team Expert. This allows us to protect our customers in the event of an accident. In addition to our reliable and extensive network of 240 service bases nationwide, we satisfy 93.9% of customers who use their insurance by exercising our sophisticated negotiating power backed by our industry dominance with more than around 2.72 million accident settlements per year.

Shared Value for Caring for Customers as Our First Priority

At Tokio Marine & Nichido, although it is not tangible, we believe that giving careful consideration to customers first and foremost is a component of product quality of claims services. To this end, a booklet entitled "Kokorokara (From Our Hearts)" is distributed to all members engaged in claims services, including new employees who join the company each year. The booklet summarizes the values on which we place importance, including the shared ideas of all members involved with claims services for customers, working in harmony with colleagues and in pursuit of expertise. We hope to continuously hand down our purpose, pride and sincerity in claims services from a customer standpoint as part of our DNA.

"Kokorokara" booklet cover page and inside text

- "We want to make our field of specialization the cultivation of our human values. There is no end to the cultivation of human values."

- "Face to face with a person who needs your help, as a fellow human being, what does your heart tell you? Everything starts from here. I want to help because he needs my help. This strength of emotion, is our raison d'etre."

Further Enhancing Customer Reassurance

We are making efforts to eliminate customer anxiety through such means as Tokio Marine & Nichido Medical Service's free medical advice service, highly specialized services provided by each Group company and accurate advice offered by affiliated lawyers, doctors and other experts.

Claims Service System in Japan (As of July 2013)

  Tokio Marine & Nichido Nisshin Fire
Number of service bases 240 88
Claims service staff and adjusters Approx. 9,800
(As of July 2012)
Lawyers 455 51
Consultant doctors Approx. 100 12
Tax accountants/Accountants Approx. 65 -
Number of automobile accident settlements (Annual) Approx. 2.72 million Approx. 0.21 million
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