Corporate Strategy

Tokio Marine Group aims to be a global insurance group that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers worldwide based on our corporate philosophy, "With customer trust as the foundation for all its activities".
We would like to introduce our Mid-Term Business Plan, "To Be a Good Company 2020", which commenced in FY2018.

May 25, 2018
IR Conference for New Mid-Term Business Plan, "To Be a Good Company 2020"


For outlook (update) of FY2020 target, please refer to FY2018 IR Conference for New Mid-Term Business Plan released in May. 25, 2018.

Domestic Life Business

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life: Concepts of the Mid-Term Business Plan

With an eye to the possibility of long-term environmental change, Tokio Marine & Nichido Life aims for sustainable profit growth with further advancing risk management while promoting innovation in products, sales and business processes.

Realize sustainable profit growthDevelop innovative products by proactively capitalizing on changes in environment ・Advance living protection products to meet emerging needs ・Provide new value by using new technology ・Develop products that meet diverse asset accumulation needs and longevity risk Advance ability to deliver safety for customers ・Cultivate potential life insurance customer market with the integrated business model for life and non-life by leveraging the Group’s customer base ・Further strengthen sales platform by supporting management of agents who will become the core of growth Enhancement of business process that generates growth ・Enhance efficiency and quality of business process by using new technology ・Generate strategic growth fund for future growth by implementing business process enhancement / Risk control that supports sound growth/ Group’s comprehensive capability / R&D / Develop human resources / Spreading Group culture “To Be a Good Company” throughout the organization

Main KPIs

New policies ANP (billions of yen) / 2017 102.1 / 2018 Projections 104.2 / 2020 Plans CAGR +1% or more
Business unit profits (billions of yen) / 2017 Year end MCEV*1 1,248.7  Business unit profits*2 99.0 / 2018 Projections 1,284.0 35.0 / 2020 Plans MCEV Growth Rate CAGR +4% or more (Increase in MCEV) 1,417.0 83.0
  • *1:
    Figures of FY2017 are after payment of shareholder's dividends. Figures of FY2018 Projections and FY2020 Plans are before payment of shareholder’s dividends
  • *2:
    Figures before payment of shareholder’s dividends