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Message from the President

We aim to be a company that plays an important role in society, a “Good Company”. Through continuous group effort, we will strive to be recognized as such by all of
our stakeholders now and for the next 100 years.

Tokio Marine Group has been implementing many key initiatives to realize our long-term vision: “to be a global insurance group that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers worldwide – our timeless endeavor to be a Good Company now and for the next 100 years”. The phrase “Good Company” means that we will provide value to our customers and society by being there for them in their times of need. By executing on this commitment we will earn customer trust and this will enable us to improve our corporate value over many years and be regarded as a Good Company.

In the current mid-term business plan from FY2015 to FY2017, we have been working to enhance our ability to deliver sustainable growth and increase ROE as well as enhance our corporate value under the following four main pillars of this strategy; “Enhancement” “Evolution” “Expansion” and “Excellence”

“Enhancement” – Until now we have been promoting collaboration between non-life and life to provide our customers in Japan with a combined product known as Super Insurance and we will continue to reinforce our consulting capabilities, whilst always working to improve the desirability of our products and the combined approach of non-life and life protections.

“Evolution” – The rate of change in the world is beyond everybody’s initial expectations be it AI or autonomous cars. Even under these circumstances, we are working to become “the best choice” for our customers worldwide. For example, in April 2017, to address this need and ensure a society in which customers can use cars with a sense of safety and security we introduced the first additional coverage in Japan for accidents while using autonomous driving systems. In addition, we provide Drive Agent, a service which uses advanced telematics. We also deliver products and services that address the changing environment and customer needs in life insurance, including the development of Aruku Hoken the first of its kind in the industry which uses wearable devices.

“Expansion” – In the past few years we have continued disciplined investment in opportunities for growth around the world whilst always ensuring the diversity of risk to stabilize profit. In October 2015, we acquired HCC, a specialty insurer, which helped us build a well-balanced business portfolio that delivers growth potential and stable profit growth.

“Excellence” – We have worked to enhance our profitability and capital efficiency while maintaining soundness by improving the risk portfolio with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at the center of Group management. Also, more than a year has passed since we changed the Group management system in April 2016 with the aim of leading the Group to demonstrate its comprehensive strength, and already we have seen many benefits. For example, we have been calling upon our group-wide expertise and identified what the best approach to the issues would be, and we have been actively promoting R&D. Through promoting the aligned group management model, we will further create group synergies, strengthen our group management, and deepen our sharing of corporate values. This is in addition to the strengthening of the business foundation and our strategic approach to global talent and diversity.

By achieving the plan’s growth strategies, we hit record profits for FY2016. FY2017 will be the final year of the current mid-term business plan and we will continue to work together as a unified insurance group that will be there to support our customers in their time of need and deliver on the commitment within our plans.

I ask for the continued support of our shareholders, together with all of our stakeholders as we work to further raise our corporate value and continue on with our vision “To Be a Good Company”.

June 2017

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Group CEO (Group Chief Executive Officer)