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Message from the President

Tokio Marine Group aims to be a "Good Company"
that can continue to sustainably provide value to its stakeholders

Tokio Marine Group launched the Mid-Term Business Plan "To Be a Good Company 2017" in April 2015. The phrase "To Be a Good Company" expresses our strong commitment to work to earn our customers’’ trust and to be there for them in their moment of need.

Looking back over the past 137 years, it was not necessarily a smooth journey of continued success. There were times when we faced crises and catastrophes but it was always the power of our people that allowed us to overcome these challenges. Still today, the power of our Group’s people, people who have been empowered and enabled to act for the benefit of customers and society, is indispensable for realizing our vision to be a “Good Company”. We will continue to strengthen the Group’s competitiveness by fostering a corporate culture that develops our human resources and leverages the value created by the diversity of our people working across the globe.

Over recent years, Tokio Marine Group has expanded domestic life and international insurance businesses as the growth drivers of the Group, while working on transformation of the business structures of domestic non-life insurance business. In October 2015, we completed the acquisition of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc., a top tier U.S. specialty insurance group, which we expect to strengthen the group business platform to further enhance global risk diversification and deliver sustainable profit growth.

Meanwhile, looking at the mid-to-long-term, we expect that our business environment will change due to various factors such as demographic shifts in Japan, technological advancements such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, and global warming.

In order to be continuously selected by customers and markets worldwide even in such dynamic environments, we need to exert our potential to the maximum extent utilizing the Group’s entire strengths. This April we newly established Group CEO and Group Chief Officer positions aiming to fully realize synergies and ensure further integration and alignment in group decision making. We believe that these changes in our group management framework will lead to realizing Tokio Marine Group’s long term vision to be “a global insurance group that delivers sustainable growth by providing safety and security to customers worldwide”. While continuously working on the enhancement of management structure and corporate governance that support our globalized business, we will also continue to focus on the development of intrinsically motivated employees who we regard as a vital growth driver of the Group.

I would like to thank our shareholders and stakeholders for your continued support of Tokio Marine Group.

June 2016

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Group CEO (Group Chief Executive Officer)