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Tokio Marine Seguradora S.A.

Tokio Marine Seguradora, our subsidiary since July 7, 2005, is a top-ranked insurance company in retail and corporate insurance market in Brazil.

Aiming to Become Brazil's Most Trusted Insurer

Tokio Marine Seguradora sells both life and non-life insurance policies, including its core automobile policies. The company sells its policies with an extensive network of brokers and branches covering all over Brazil. By providing quality insurance services that make the company Brazil's most trusted insurer, this company aims to establish the most sophisticated business model of any insurance company in Brazil.

Company Information

(As of December 31, 2013)

Company Name Tokio Marine Seguradora S.A.
Date of Establishment June 23, 1937
Common Stock 496 million Real
Total Assets 3,968 million Real
Location of Headquarters Rua Sampaio Viana, 44, CEP:04004-000
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
URL http://www.tokiomarine.com.br/
(Portuguese only : link to website)
Tokio Marine Seguradora (Portuguese only : link to website)

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