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Kiln Group Limited

A holding company overseeing the entire European insurance operations of the Group

In January 2014, Tokio Marine Group integrated Tokio Marine Europe Insurance Limited (currentry named Tokio Marine Kiln Insurance Llimited (TMKI)), which operates primary insurance business in the region, and Kiln Group Limited (currentry named Tokio Marine Kiln Syndicates Llimited (TMKS)), which is one of the leading insurance groups in the Lloyd's market, in order to reorganize its European operations. By implementing a common strategy for the European insurance market, the Group will further pursue growth of the European insurance business.

Overview of TMKS
Kiln is an insurance group that has one of the largest underwriting capacities in the Lloyd's market and is well-known for its outstanding underwriting expertise.

Overview of TMKI
TMEI is an insurance company that operates in the UK, Germany, France and other European countries offering corporate insurance products to the Company markets.

Company Information

(As of January 1, 2014)

Company Name Tokio Marine Kiln Group Limited
Date of Establishment July 11, 1994
Common Stock £ 1,010 thousand
Total Assets £ 1,358 millon (As of December 31, 2013)
Location of Headquarters (Relocated on November 10, 2014)
20 Fenchurch Street London EC3M 3BY, UK
URL http://www.tokiomarinekiln.com/

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